【2nd SFA研討會: 電商新時代|營銷自動化&智慧物流無縫合作 】

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【2nd SFA研討會: 電商新時代|營銷自動化&智慧物流無縫合作 】

【2nd SFA研討會: 電商新時代|營銷自動化&智慧物流無縫合作 】

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Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong) 6/F,KOHO, 75 Hung To Road Hong Kong, KOW Hong Kong

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  • 2 hours
  • Mobile eTicket



發展電子商務絕非能一步達成,了解怎樣把技術應用至貨品生產、採購、物流和銷售至為關鍵🌟!如何運用智慧物流如🤖️人工智能、🔗區塊鏈技術、運輸管理系統 (TMS),實行倉庫自動化、提高訂單透明度等來優化貨運流程,同時節省成本?如何結合數據作數碼營銷,精準接觸潛在客戶,建立對品牌的忠誠度?



How to open an online store or make breakthroughs in e-commerce and deal with a large number of orders😵‍💫? How to target customers for sales? Can D2C (data-driven marketing) get rid of the dependence on dealers? Whether you are a novice or experienced, it is essential to understand the latest technology to gain a firm foothold in the ever-changing e-commerce world👣.

E-commerce = Online store❓In fact, it is necessary to cooperate with marketing and customer service to ensure that you can provide high-quality online shopping and make your store the first choice for customers❤️ With the rise of new technologies, e-commerce has developed such as immersive technology (AI&VR) /AR) shopping experience, coupled with the emerging D2C, as a sales model that directly contacts customers, it can grasp user needs through all channels and provide personalized products and services.

The development of e-commerce cannot be achieved in one step. Understanding how to apply technology to product production, procurement, logistics, and sales is the KEY🌟! Using smart logistics such as 🤖️artificial intelligence can optimize the freight process and save costs. Combining data for digital marketing to accurately contact potential customers, and build brand loyalty is important as well.

💡Three experts will discuss the theme "Marketing Automation & Smart Logistics Cooperation", the content will focus on the technologies required for e-commerce& logistics transformation, and how to fully utilize the advantages of digital marketing to expand the business. ️If you are interested, don't miss the opportunity✨!