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2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Drug Discovery


On the behalf of AAC and its organizers, we would like to invite you to our upcoming 2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Drug Discovery during June 06-07, 2019 at London, UK and takes the great pleasure in welcoming all of you to a new era of logical gatherings and scientific conferences.

Pharma Chemistry 2019 directs to gather the Researchers, Principal investigators, Pharmacists, Industrial Experts, Academicians and healthcare industry, Business Delegates, Scientists and students across the ore to provide an international forum for the transmission of original research results, novel ideas, and practical development experiences. Our International conference provides the opportunity not only to make a phase to exchange estimations of the enormous social occasion of individuals, yet also endeavor to spread concentrated and research advances.

We hope that you will grasp this academic occasion to revitalize the enduring connections and flash with new peers, inspiring experts and speakers around the globe about new advances in the field of medical and pharmaceutical to improve health and treatment and additional innovations.

Pharmaceutical chemistry 2019, extends its warm welcome you all which acts as a pavement for the research areas in Pharmaceutical and Chemistry. The Pharmaceutical chemistry initiates with the theme: “Recent Advancements, Innovations and future approaches in the fields of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Drug Discovery Process”. The experts and scientific professionals can use this opportunity to explore the research challenges & current trends and unleashes the advanced strategies in the innovations of Pharma and Chemistry. Our aim is to advance, promote and serve the physical sciences for the benefit of humanity and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international co-operation between scientists, engineers, and industry by bringing together the world-class renowned personalities to discuss the latest developments and innovations at one common platform.


Drug Discovery
Drug Design and Delivery
Drug Metabolism
New Drug Therapies
Pharmaceutical innovation
Drug Biotransformation
Molecular mechanism of toxicity
Synthetic medicinal chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Anti-Cancer drugs
Molecular Pharmacology

This Pharmaceutical Chemistry Conference, 2019 is a uniquely composed group meeting and would lay a stage for connecting various specialists, directors, professors, faculties, Delegates, students, experts and research fellows around the world reputed research institutes, universities, and companies, agencies, association & societies to exchange and gather all the novel innovations and developmental techniques. It also provides a professional area to discuss, present and learn about Spectroscopy, Chemical biology, Computational chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Drug design and development, Chromatography, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Analytical Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Industry, Physical Pharmacy, Emerging oncology drugs in pharma, Drug Delivery Techniques, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Supramolecular and Surface Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Drug development and Designing, Drug Delivery techniques.


The Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 2019 is the opportunity of the magical floor to explore and exchange recent innovative ideas and products. This makes the entire world to make knowledge about the desired product in the market according to the consumer's demand. Pharma Chemistry Conference also unites people who have an enthusiasm for various fields of pharma and Chemistry. It also addresses the challenges in making an attempt to get deal with new partners, research scholars, clients and industry dealers from various countries. The main aim of pharma chemistry conference is it survives as a platform to share the ample of knowledge. This is also another chance to make your best moments in London.

Scientific Session

Session on Biopharmaceutical and Biologic Drugs

The biological medical product indulges in manufacturing or extraction or semi synthesizing the pharmaceutical drug product from biological sources. The biologic drug is manufactured in all the living system such as plant cells or animal cells, or microorganism. Most of these biologics are produced with the help of Recombinant DNA technology. To get ample knowledge of the methods used other than Recombinant DNA Technology.

Session on Drug Designing Methodologies

Drug design helps us in following the accuracy because the estimation of ligand-receptor binding affinity is done perfectly. However, Moore’s Law coupled with recent developments in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) driven computing has made it possible to achieve accurate results in reasonable time frames. To adequately sample a suitable thermodynamic path and intermediate states is done using the molecular dynamics by performing the chemical calculations. These counts are performed catalytically utilizing sub-atomic elements to enough example an appropriate thermodynamic way and intermediate states. However, to explore the updated research in Designing according to the desired product in demand.

Session on Drug Discovery and Development

The drug is designed and manufactured with the correct ratio of the components is only to achieve the desired target of delivering it to the corresponding patients with the fewer side effects which are taken care by the pharmaceutical industries by developing their drug discovery protocols. The innovative ideas on the streams like immunogenicity, biorecognition, pharmacokinetics, non-specified toxicity, pharmacodynamics and efficacy of drugs are also being generated.

Session on Drug Formulation / Pharmaceutical Formulation

The final medicinal product is nothing but the pharmaceutical formulation which is produced by the combination of different chemical substances, including active drug. For orally administered drugs, the tablet or capsule is incorporated with the drug. The dosage of the drug is important in the production of the targeted drug, this process also can be said in one term as Formulation. Formulation plays a major role in manufacturing the product which is acceptable to the patient in all terms. The other key role is played by the process known as pre-formulation which involves in characterization and ingredient of the drug.

Session on Pharmaceutical Analysis

The series of process for identification, determination, quantification, and purification is involved in practical chemistry where the Pharmaceutical Analysis comes under this process. This is mainly used for segregating the components from the mixture and for the determination of the structure of the compounds. The substance can be designed in any of the dosage forms and contains either single or mixture of compounds. The animals, plants, microorganisms, minerals and various synthetic products are used as pharmaceuticals.

Session on Research Studies In Pharmacology

Pharmacology is moving forward in the research field due to the innovations in the vast field like biomedical science, encompassing clinical pharmacology, that is concerned with the effects of drugs/pharmaceuticals and other xenobiotics on living systems, as well as their development and chemical properties. In precise, pharmacology also helps in exchange of information regarding health sciences. The process and the techniques involved in how substance interact with the living organisms to produce a change in function.

Session on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Tissue Engineering

Recent years have been favorable for both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Most importantly, there is a rise in the number of new drugs which has been approved. It involves chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences. The process of discovering, focusing, and manufacturing the desired product is done by pharmaceutical engineering. Also, the analytical and quality control process is done by pharmaceutical engineering.

Session on Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy

In the Pharmacy profession, the major area or the role is played by the clinical pharmacy. The health science discipline, where the pharmacist provides patient care. This optimizes medication therapy, promotes health and prevents the disease. The optimal patient outcomes are given by the blending care of the specialized therapeutic knowledge, experience, and judgment. They also have an additional responsibility of contributing they are ample knowledge to generations for the advancement and lead a better quality of life.

Session on Radiopharmaceuticals

Radiopharmaceuticals are one of a kind restorative plans containing radioisotopes which are utilized as a part of major clinical regions for finding an additional treatment. The offices and systems for the generation, utilize, and capacity of radiopharmaceuticals are liable to authorizing by national or potentially local specialists. This permitting incorporates consistency both with controls administering pharmaceutical arrangements and with those overseeing radioactive materials. Extra controls may apply for issues, for example, transportation or administering of radiopharmaceuticals.

Session on Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology
The Nanoparticles is usually said to be in size of 10-9 nanometers (nm). At this scale, the unique properties of optical, electrical, and several other properties emerge in the silver and gold nanoparticles. The creation of separated small clusters which are then fused into bulk material like liposomes or into compact liquid or solid matrix materials leads to the production of Nanophase Materials.

Session on Hetero Cyclic Chemistry

The Heterocyclic compound contains one or more heteroatoms in a ring which focuses on aromatic systems. Heterocyclic systems are important building blocks for new materials possessing interesting electronic, mechanical or biological properties. All natural products, pharmaceuticals, agrochemical contain at least one heterocyclic unit. The synthesis, properties, and applications of those heterocyclic compounds can be known by attending the Pharma Chemistry Conference, London, UK.

Session on Advanced Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is a chemistry sub-discipline involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and organic materials, i.e., matter in its various forms that contain carbon atoms. Inorganic basically deals with the synthesis and behavior of inorganic and organometallic compounds. Synthetic organic reactions will be organized into many basic sorts. Some reactions match into over one class. For instance, some substitution reactions follow an addition-elimination pathway. Also about furthermore pathways which are involved in the reactions of organic and inorganic chemistry can be exposed by making your presence in the Pharma Chemistry Conference, London, UK.

Session on Drug Delivery Techniques

Drug Delivery is involved in the process of attaining the achievement of transporting the desired therapeutic effect safely into the body. This transportation involves the pharmaceutical compound. The release of the drug into the desired target takes place from diffusion, degradation, swelling, and affinity-based mechanisms. The whole process is said to be a drug delivery system (DDS), which are based on the combination of molecular biology and bioconjugate chemistry.

Session on Green Chemistry in Pharma Industry

Green Chemistry’s focus is on the sustainability of the environment. Green chemistry is an absolute approach to the way that products are made. Green chemistry usually involves designing chemical products and also reduce the risk of using hazardous substances. The formation of hazardous substances in the pharmaceutical industries can be controlled in prior by real-time monitoring using Analytical methodologies.

Session on Protein and Cellular Engineering and Statistical Mechanics

All Bioengineering devices and components, biomarkers, biosensors, biomaterials, and drugs are created by the molecular design and development of peptide where all this process is done in one hand. The manipulation of the cell takes place either internally as well as externally. Whereas, the Cellular Engineering is said to be as the purposeful manipulation of cells to accomplish tasks outside of their normal function. Statistical mechanics is the merger of classical or quantum mechanics with statistics and averaging methods.

Session on Computational Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Computational chemistry indulges in solving the chemical problems which are raised in the biological component by using the computer simulation. Computational chemists develop and apply computer programs which play the key role in answering the questions in biochemistry. The methods of the computational chemistry range from the approximate to highly accurate value. The structure and properties of molecules and solids are calculated by theoretical chemistry which incorporates into efficient computer programs.

Session on Pharmaceutical Chemistry Novel Aspects

Pharmaceutical chemistry plays a key role in focusing on small organic molecules which encloses the synthetic organic chemistry, computational chemistry, and natural products with the combination of chemical biology, structural biology, and enzymology thereby it targets the drug discovery and drug development during the innovation of new different therapeutic agents. Pharmaceutical Chemistry aims importantly the quality in all the feature of the medicines and fitness to give the best yield of medicinal products for the consumers.

Session on Prospectives of Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry involves in curing and providing remedies for disease, analytical techniques, pharmacology, metabolism, quality assurance, and drug chemistry. There are elements of biomedical analysis, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Medicinal chemistry work is usually done in a lab setting. In the development of the pharmaceutical agents, synthetic organic chemistry and chemical synthesis are involved to give the desired bioactive molecule.

Session on Natural Products Chemistry

The chemical compounds which is found in nature that usually has biological or pharmacological activity apparently used in the discovery of pharmaceutical drug and drug design is Natural Product Chemistry. This is found in immense in any substance which is produced by life. Natural products sometimes have therapeutic benefit as traditional medicines for treating diseases, yielding knowledge to derive active components as lead compounds for drug discovery.

Session on Overview on Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is being developed each day by producing the new pharmaceutical product such as capsules, medications, vaccines in the market to reduce the prevalence of the diseases and to enhance the quality of human life. The industry’s innovative technological development by advancement in research to attain the health care accordingly to the demand of the people of the world. The global market for Pharmaceutical industries is expected that by 2020 to achieve at the maximum of their annual rate of 4.9% to $1.3 trillion.

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