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2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & IoT

About AI & IoT 2019

Artificial Intelligence | Robotics | Blockchain | Security and Surveillance | Smart Health | Operational Intelligence | Future Transportation | Internet of Things | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Cybersecurity | Crop UAVs | Cryptography | Digital Transformation | IoT in Energy | Cognitive Intelligence | Smart Cities | Robots in Space | Technology Innovation

Conference Series llc Ltd warmly invites the Leaders, Researchers, Societies, Organizations, Students from the arena of AI, Robotics & IoT to join us for the 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Internet of Things 2019 (AI & IoT 2019) during July 16-17, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. AI & IoT 2019 will be a platform to Integrate & Motivate participants through Keynote Session, Paper Presentations, Exhibition, Workshop, Poster Presentation, Symposium, and Panel Discussion.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics &Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest trending technology in many fields especially in industries like Manufacturing, Automation, Healthcare, Energy, Transport, Defence, Space, Data Mining, Elder Care etc. AI & IoT 2019 will provide a spectrum of opportunity to expand knowledge and share new concepts amongst the Technologist, Professionals, Industrialists, Researchers, Innovators, and students from research area of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet of Things

The 2nd edition of the AI & IoT Conference will move forward with the theme: “Embracing the Future Together” as we believe we can build a team which will share the same vision. . Experts will share their research experiences and engage in many interactive discussions at the event, whereas learners will get a first-hand chance to discuss their vision with the eminent speaker. So, the AI & IoT 2019 will also act as a bridge between the learners and learning.

The AI & IoT Conference in Amsterdam will be also be common platform to experience B2B Meetings, Panel Discussions, Q&A sessions, Industry expert interactions, Roundtable meetings, Best Poster awards, Best Oral presentation awards, Young Researcher Forums (YRF), e-Poster presentations, Video presentations by the experts from both Industry & Academic.

So be a part of the team which shares the same vision and provides a prism of possibilities for the future. Join us in Amsterdam for AI & IoT 2019.

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Who will Join AI & IoT 2019

The AI & IoT 2019 will serve as a hub for participants from all over the globe from various sectors with one vision. The participants will utilize the scope of extending their skills, work on basic and significant applications by attending the summit.

However, the key audience sector for AI & IoT 2019 includes-

· Researchers

· Scientists

· City planners

· Future Policy Makers

· Smart Innovators

· Space Science Engineers

· Mechanical Engineers

· Electrical Engineers

· Computer Science Engineers

· Robotic Technologist

· Design Engineers

· Law Professionals

· Gaming professionals

· Automation Industry Leaders

· Health Care Service Providers

· Defence Research Professionals

· Automation Industry Leaders

· Managers & Business Intelligence Experts

· Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives

· Professionals in the media sector

· Professors

· Students

Artificial Intelligence Conferences | Robotics Meetings | IoT Conferences | Amsterdam Meetings | Netherlands Conferences | Europe Meetings | Engineering Conferences | Technology Summits | Conference Series

Why to Join AI & IoT 2019

AI & IoT 2019 conference aims to brings together Experts, Leading Researchers, Scholars, Scientists, Professors from fields of Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and other related areas to interact and exchange thoughts about the state of the art technologies related to Artificial intelligence, Robotics & Internet-related things. The conference will also provide an insightful understanding of the issues arising out of the Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics and the future concern and remedies from that. AI & IoT 2019 will provide an Opportunity to interact with Eminent Scientists, Researchers, Business Leaders, and Experts from all over the world. The little effort put by the AI & IoT conference 2019 will help in taking a giant step in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Internet of Things.

· Meet the Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things & Robotics experts & Technocrats from 25+ countries around the globe

· Evaluate your current research and share your ideas with technical experts on AI, Robotics & IoT.

· World-class platform to Exhibit your products, services, innovations & Ideas

· Special Workshop/ Symposium, B2B and interactive sessions with industry Sponsors and Exhibitors

· More than 30 presentations from both Industry and Academic

· One to one interaction with eminent scientists, Industry Leaders, Researchers

· Well organizing program with 5+ hours of networking sessions

· Interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions

· Lively Exhibition area filled with the leading industry solution providers

The topics to be covered in AI and IoT 2019 Conference includes, but are not limited to

· A Brief History of the Internet

· AI Winter and its lessons

· AI, Industry & Intellectual Property

· AI: Educating the Future

· Alan Turing and his test

· Aristotle and Syllogism

· Asimov and laws of Robotics

· Big Data Analysis

· Blockchain

· Cobots

· Cyber Attack

· Cyborg Technology

· Data Mining & Data Journalism

· Disaster Management and Robots

· Dueling Network

· Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

· Evolutionary Computation

· Evolutionary Robotics

· Home Automation & Smart home

· How Robots changing our life

· Human and Robot are better when they team up

· Human-Robot Interaction

· Internet Censorship

· Internet: Making People and Cities Smart

· IoT and Globalisation

· Knowledge-Based Systems

· Landmarks in The Development of Robotics

· Medical Research and Robotics

· Military Robots

· Modern Artificial Intelligence & AI based Aviation System

· Nanorobots

· Natural Language Processing

· Net Neutrality

· Quantum Computing

· Quest for Artificial Intelligence: Dreams and Dreamers

· Roboethics, Robotic Governance, Robot rights

· Robots And 3D Printing

· Robots in Industry

· Robots: Reaching Space

· Smart Agriculture

· Social Robot

· Solving the Climate Change

· The Economic Impact of Robotic Advances

· The Internet of Things and the Importance of Modelling and Simulation

· Time to Expand Our Definition of "Human Being"

· Will Robots Rule Finance?

Scientific Session

Track 01:- Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) begins with dreams. Human-like machines are referred to in many stories and are pictured in sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Starting from the time of ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle people dreamed of automation. We need to celebrate the vision of the dreamers which includes philosophers, Science Historian, writers, scientists, researchers etc. through discussion during this session.

Natural language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes under computer science, computational linguistics and artificial intelligence and is involved with the capability of a computer program to understand human languages. The steps which are associated in Natural Language Processing include Lexical Analysis, Syntactic Analysis, Semantic Analysis, Discourse Integration, Pragmatic Analysis, etc. Helping participants to understand how a computer can be utilized to perform a useful task using various human languages is the main motive of this session.

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence

Cutting-edge Artificial intelligence (AI), is the ability of a computer-controlled robot to accomplish tasks commonly associated with intelligent creatures. Combination of various systems is essential for a promising Artificial Intelligence. The pillars of contemporary Artificial Intelligence include computational intelligence, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Algorithms, and Fuzzy Logic. Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence uses tools and data from the fields like computer science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics, operations research, economics, control theory etc. Various facets of modern Artificial Intelligence and issue associated with it will be discussed in the session.

Role of AI in Industry

In this age of connectivity, Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role in changing the way we look into the world. Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligencecan be used in various industries to enhance productivity and efficiency, reduce operational risks, and improve customer experiences. This plays a vital role in any industry’s next-generation innovation. In Intelligence Automation, we use software or hardware which has the ability to perform things automatically. This session helps to analyze the widespread integration of Automation and Artificial Intelligence and how it is helping the human lives.

Embracing the future AI

The future Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to make over the world. Time since the Turing test was offered, computers have become so intelligent. Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a major economic force. For sure it will be an integral part of the human life in the future. However, an important question remains is that what will happen if the pursuit for strong Artificial Intelligence succeeds and an AI system becomes better than humans. We need to discuss, prepare and prevent such potential outcomes of the future.

Future scope of AI in different field

The past few years are landmark years for advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Recently the giants in technologies like Facebook and Google have created their own labs for Artificial Intelligence to produce robots capable to play video games without any instructions. For definite machines with Artificial Intelligence will overtake the manpower in many fields. Most of the business using machines in completing their works faster, efficient and with low cost. Advantage of AI is works will have done accurately and precisely.

Track 02: Robotics- Step By Step

Although the science of robotics only came about in the 20th century, for thousands of year’s man has been imagining intelligent mechanized systems which can perform human-like works. In the modern era, the term ‘robot’ has been introduced for the first time by Karel Capek in 1921. Today, one can visualize human-sized robots with the ability of near-human thoughts and works, which are being launched into space to complete the next stages of extra-terrestrial and extrasolar research. To move towards the future with robots we need to go through the entire journey and the process of creating the human invented automation system.

Progressive Robotics

Recent technological developments in robotic design empowered the application of various control modalities for improved interactions with humans and free environments. The power, functionality, and ubiquity of computers and the Robots have outshined early predictions about technology’s degree of advancement and practicality in daily life. The ability of the human-like machines has been grown manifold in the recent times, so we need to take a look at progressive Robotics.

Components of Robot

Like the human being, robots are also an integration of many portions. All Robotsconsists of some mechanical, electrical mechanisms along with some computer programming. As more and more robots are designed for specific tasks, machinery is also designed likewise. Robots can be created in many ways, using all manner of resources, however, most robots share a great deal in common. Researchers, students will analyze about the process of creation of robot and what is the future trend in this area during the various talks

Robots & Society

We are now living in the era of smart machines & automation. Robots are playing an extensive and dynamic role in our routine life. It feels like science fiction is starting to become reality. Starting from home to the workplace they are now helping us in every sector. Robots are increasingly coming closer to us as smart technology allows people to control the functions of their home. As technology becomes more advanced, it's clear that the world is changing and there's a good prospect that robots will be functioning in ordinary people's homes within the next decade or so.

Robots: The path Ahead

Now as the robots and human-like machines are reaching everywhere, starting from our home to our work we need to look into the future with them only. However, the advancement in robotic technologies has raised some ethical question involving both human and machine. With the growing deployment of machines, the concern about the future path and magnitude has been increasing.

Is machine learning a part of Artificial Intelligence?

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence which provides system to learn automatically without being programmed explicitly. As we can say machine learning and deep learning are the umbrella projects of artificial intelligence that they are not quite same things but the perception is that they lead to some confusion.

Robots in Defense

As we know Artificial Intelligence is most fast growing and developing technology all over the world. Artificial Intelligence has a bright future in war fields, where we can use robots in risky tasks. Soon Artificial Intelligence machines will do all the things that human can do barely.

Track 03: IoT System of Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the networked interconnection of objects equipped with ubiquitous intelligence, or simply “smart objects”. Several endeavors have been made in the last decade to bring together standard modeling languages with generic simulation frameworks. The applications for internet connected devices are widespread. A growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are designed for human use. This session will how the IoT has been now an inseparable part of our lifestyle and the issues and technologies related to it.

History of Internet :To the point

The Internet is among the few things which have revolutionized the world and communications like nothing before. The inception of the internet begins with the development of the computer. Foundation with the early research in packet switching, the government, industry, and researchers has been partners in evolving and implementing this new technology. The history of the Internet of Things is complex and involves many technological, organizational aspects. Its influence reaches throughout society. Before we look into the deep of the topics, we will discuss the basics of the Internet.

Internet Making People and Cities Smart

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the networked interconnection of objects equipped with ubiquitous intelligence, or simply “smart objects”. Several endeavors have been made in the last decade to bring together standard modeling languages with generic simulation frameworks. The applications for internet connected devices are widespread. A growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are designed for human use. This session will how the IoT has been now an inseparable part of our lifestyle and the issues and technologies related to it.

IoT – Simplifying our Life

The process of globalization has turned the whole world into a global village where each and every one is interconnected and interdependent mainly due to the Internet of Things. To a large extent, the development of future generation will not be possible without the Internet of Things. The emergence of the IoT era brought new hope and promised a better future. The interconnection between the IoT and globalization will be the focus of the session.

IoT the way forward

Surely the future will be much different from the present. Connecting everything through the Internet of Things devices will radically change our world in ways we can ever imagine. Infect it will change the way we think, live and act. However, every change involves many questions which need to be addressed. Greater connectivity through the Internet of Things helps to provide new business and social opportunities but simultaneously demands more responsibility. As the risk is higher, the demand for qualified professionals is also high who can tackle the complex IoT situation.


2019 Upcoming Soon

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 | Day 1 Hall - Rome
08:45-09:15 Registrations
09:15-09:30 Opening Ceremony
Keynote Forum
Title: Hybrid Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Surgery -Phase I: Offl ine Sensors
Ali T. Alouani | Tennessee Technological University | USA
Title: 5G The Next Frontier in Wireless Communications
Falah Ali | University of Sussex | UK
Group Photo, Networking & Refreshment Break 11:00-11:20 @ Le Foyer
Title: Future Robotics and Automation for the Third Millennium
Eduard Babulak | Fellow Member, Royal Society | UK
Session Introduction
Major Sessions: Quest for Artifi cial Intelligence: Dreams and Dreamers | Knowledge Based Systems | Natural
Language Processing | Big Data Analysis | Modern Artifi cial Intelligence | Landmarks in The Development of
Robotics | Evolutionary Robotics | Components of Robot | How Robots Changing Our Life | Robots: Reaching
Space | A Brief History of Internet | Importance of Modelling and Simulation in The Internet of Things(IoT)
Session Chair: Falah Ali, University of Sussex, UK
12:05-12:40 Title: The Way AI & Robotics has changed the Gaming World
Alexander Ipfelkofer | Blizzard Entertainment | France
12:40-1:15 Title: Rockstart- How AI is innovating in healthcare and how to make it work
Kesper Smeets | Rockstart Startups | Netherlands
Lunch Break 01:15-2:15 @ Food and More
02:15-02:50 Title: Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Distributed Deep Learning Frameworks on GPUs
Xiowen Chu | Hong Kong Bapist University | P.R.C
Workshop: Virtual Reality as New Media
Susan Johnston | Select Services Films Inc | USA
Networking & Refreshment 03:50-04:10 @ Le Foyer
Title: Distributed and Decentralized Artifi cial Intelligence and IoE
Kyutae Ahn | Trust farm Mobile Inc. | South Korea
End of Day 1

Tuesday, August 22, 2018 | Day 2 Hall - Rome
08:30-09:15 Registrations
Keynote Forum
Title: Artifi cial Immune System Based Approach to Cyber Attack Detection
Tarek Saadawi | City University of New York | USA
Title: Intelligent spimes - future of the digital fabric of reality
Pasi Hurri | BaseN Corporation | Finland
Networking & Refreshment Break 11:00-11:20 @ Le Foyer
Title: Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies have Revolutionary Impact on Healthcare
Michaelene Holder March | NHS | UK
Session Introduction
Major Sessions: Ethics of Artifi cial Intelligence | Intelligent Automation | The Coming Future of AI | Robots:
Reaching Space | Robots: Saving Our Life | Robots in Industry | Robots: Unsolved Questions | What the Future
Holds? | Internet: Making People and Cities Smart | IoT and Globalization | Cyber Security: Threat & Road Ahead
| Where We Are Heading
Session Chair: Ali T. Alouani | Tennessee Technological University | USA
Title: Apply the MRC/SC Schemes and Belief Propagation Algorithm to TM in the Deployment of
IoT System
Joy Chen | Da-Yeh University | Taiwan
Title: Data Governance in IoT : Organization Preparednes
Sourav Rout | Telenet | Belgium
Lunch Break 01:15-2:15 @ Food and More
Title: Classifi cation of VoIP packets and Network Anomaly Detection using Fuzzy Logic
Hansal Shah | Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University | India
A Video Presentation on AR, AI & Apps
Susan Johnston | Select Services Films | UK
03:25-04:00 Braindates Sessions
Networking & Refreshment 03:55-04:15 @ Le Foyer
Closing Ceremony 04:15-05:00
End of Day 2

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