Sunday Sound Bath

Sunday Sound Bath

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$22 – $33

Melt away anxiety and stress and deeply relax your mind, body, and spirit.

About this event

Set the tone of the new week by joining Sound healer, Chakra healer and Coach Cecilia Cortes on a very special soothing VIRTUAL meditative experience that will deeply relax your body, melt away any stress or anxiety and recharge your energy field.

About Sound Healing:

Sound healing is a powerful ancient method of healing. Even through it looks like we live in a physical world, we don’t really. Everything we see vibrates at a specific frequency. Everything we experience during our life (stress, emotions, anxiety etc) affects our frequency. When we are “out of tune” we start to develop physical pain, discomfort and even disease.

Sound healing works on a cellular level to recalibrate, restore and recharge the energy in and around our cells, bringing them back to a balanced and optimal state. These healing frequencies also stimulate alpha and tetha brain waves, balance the hemispheres of the brain, and promote a sense of ease and inner peace.

A good metaphor is a river. If the river is obstructed by branches, stones, and overall clutter, the water still flows but with a lot more resistance and difficulty. If the river is free of resistance, the water can flow freely and effortlessly. This is what the vibrations of the sound bowls do, they declutter and clean your energy space, allowing your nervous system to reset and relax.

About the session:

Cecilia will guide you on a visual meditation accompanied by healing vibrations. You will embark on a soothing journey within and soon you will find yourself floating into a state of deep relaxation as your anxiety and stress melt away. By the end of the session, you will feel lighter, deeply rested, and extremely peaceful like you just came out of a warm energetic shower and removed all the heaviness that you accumulated in your energy field.

Even though she highly recommends you to join the live session, you will receive the recording so don't worry if you can't join the live session. You are invited to use the recording as part of your daily meditation practice for the week to come!

What to expect:

Cecilia holds these sound Baths on Sunday with the purpose to release all stagnant and heavy energy collected during the week and to step into the new week feeling light, aligned, and energized.

Each time you attend a sound bath you can experience something completely different. It is normal to feel 'physical' sensations and shifts happening in the body as stagnant energy is released. It is also normal to fall asleep and wake up feeling deeply rested. Surrender to the vibrations and let them guide you on a magical journey.

It will be beneficial for you to consider any personal intentions before you join. Reflect on anything that might be coming up asking to be released in the mind-body or heart or maybe there is something you need support with. Whatever your intentions may be all are welcome. Just come with an open mind, and willingness to receive and the vibrations will take care of the rest. Spirit will always meet you where you need to be met even if it's not what you expected :)


~relief from physical pain

~relief from head aches and migraines

~improved sleep

~ reduced stress and anxiety

~renewed sense of well being and joy

~removes toxins from the body

~enhances creativity

~raises your vibrations

~cleanses your energy

How to prepare for a Sound Bath:

1) Find a quiet place where you can make yourself divinely comfortable with cozy blankets, props, pillows for support to allow your bodies to fully release and let go into the earth beneath you. It should feel comfortable and safe.

2) Using headphones or speakers will enhance your experience

3) Bring your favorite crystals light incense and candles to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere

4) Make sure to have a blanket, body temperature tends to drop

5) Have a journal ready if you wish to write down messages or ideas you received during the sound bath

6) Try to avoid having any caffeine a few hours before and after the experience

7) Dress comfortably and be ready to fully relax your mind, body and spirit!

8) Prepare a glass of water, its normal to feel quite thirsty after a sound bath

Cecilia’s Note: It is not necessary,but I highly reccomend you prepare a nest for yourself. What do you think of when you hear the word nest? Or better yet, what do you feel? I think of feeling cocooned, held, warm, cozy, nurtured and healed. When you are preparing your sound healing nest, imagine you are preparing it for your most beloved one. It is not a time to skimp on yourself, you are preparing yourself to being held unconditionally in a divine resting place. The Sound healing nest is a gift to yourself. Remember, you deserve it.

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About the host:

Cecilia is known for her loving presence and ability to make people feel safe, loved, seen and heard and to guide them through deep healing and transformation. Her mission is to guide women back into their power and inner truth. She offers group and 1:1 healing and coaching sessions, weekly restorative sound baths ceremonies and she holds a weekly rise women circle. If you are interested in going deeper in your healing journey, and taking your life to the next step contact her.

Her sound healing certification is from IASH, the International Academy of Sound Healing that she attended in Kalcutta, India.