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Diets don’t work. This does.

If you’re like me, you learned a long time ago that diets don’t work. Yet, for some reason, we keep buying the idea of new diets. And we keep buying new diets.

Let’s face it. Every diet out there will help you drop weight fast.

The problem is: the second you go off your diet, you gain back the weight.

What’s worse (and you know it): you gain even MORE weight!

Diets don’t work. We all know that. So, what does work?

Changing your habits work. We all know that too.

But to change your habits, you have to change the way you react to change.

That’s the rub. That’s the problem behind the problem.

People don’t like change.

Change is uncertain. Change is scary.

Change is a kind of death.

Even clinging to the things in your life that you don’t want:

  • addiction to food and drink
  • global joint inflammation
  • heart palpitations
  • brain fog
  • confusion
  • exhaustion
  • frustration
  • hopelessness
  • inertia

…almost seem preferable to change, to the unknown.

Almost. But not quite.

Behind the door of change is everything you’ve ever wanted.

  • Energy
  • clarity
  • drive
  • purpose
  • health
  • strength
  • stamina
  • vitality
  • glow
  • appreciation
  • feeling good about yourself

At this point, you may be asking yourself: “Wait. Isn’t this a pitch about a weight loss program?”

Yes and no.

During the 28-day rapid reset challenge, if you need to and you stick to the plan, in all likelihood, you will lose 10-20 pounds (5-9 kilograms).

  • It is enough to fit into that holiday outfit you’ve been dreading to try on.
  • It’s enough to increase your energy by an order of magnitude.
  • It’s enough to get rid of the nagging pain in your joints.
  • It’s enough to not be so unbelievably hungry at mealtime.
  • It’s enough to raise your spirits.
  • It’s enough to believe there is hope for you.

It’s not the whole road. But it is a reset you need.

It is enough to sustain change.

Change is not easy.

If it were easy, we’d all be in the shape we’d like to be in.

That’s why we all need help to change.

That’s what this program is really about.

So, what does this weight loss challenge look like?

  • I’ll be your personal doctor this month. I’ll keep you on track.
  • You will develop and achieve realistic, doable goals.
  • You will adopt a delicious, physician-approved, low sugar meal plan.
  • Your body mass index (BMI) assessment is recorded before and after. You will see the results.
  • You’ll be assigned the same app I use with my personal patients, into which you can upload your fitness and lifestyle data from your wearable.
  • We will track your lifestyle and elimination.
  • If you have special allergies, we can easily incorporate substitutions.
  • You’ll get yummy, easy recipes to make.
  • Your shopping lists ready to go. No guessing what to buy and what not to buy.
  • No additional supplements (a vegan protein powder is recommended for vegetarians).

What will each week day look like?

  • You’ll be a member of a private, members-only Facebook group.
  • 5-minute journaling. We meet every day to fill out our journals, get charged up for the day ahead, discuss challenges, and ask questions.
  • Hot seat attention. You’ll get a turn at the seat to share your struggles and successes and get focused attention from the group.
  • Support and encouragement from the members and me so that we can all rise to our challenge together!
  • We’ll learn about ourselves and figure out how to carry forward without sliding backward.

Let’s not kid ourselves. There’s every chance that, after this challenge, you will slip backward into old habits.

However, there is less of a chance of that when you meet people who are on your side, when you are not trying to do this alone, when you have a chance to get the voices of doubt and frustration out of your head and onto the table where we can all put them into perspective.

When you are part of a group of like-minded people with the same motivation, your chances of sliding backward are far less.

When you are guided by a licensed wellness health practitioner (me) who is frankly very good at controlling unhelpful urges, your chances of developing healthy habits increases dramatically.

Here’s the truth. I want to help you find a way to help yourself stay on point at a no-brainer price point.

This program is as close to concierge service as you’re going to get without the concierge price.

I will be with you 5 days a week live and available for quick email questions 24/7 EVERY SINGLE DAY for a whole 28 days.

A lot can happen in 15 minutes on any given day.

Imagine what could happen to your life in 28 days.

Normally, if I were to see you in my office this often on an individual basis, the bill would run into the thousands for this kind of personalized assessment and attention.

Because we are going to do this together, virtually, in a group, I am able to bring down the price to a point in which its just obvious that this is what to do.

We’ll be starting the 28-day weight loss challenge September 1st.

The price is just $197.

What kind of strategies will you learn?

  • You’ll learn why you’ve had such a hard time quitting habits that are hurting you.
  • You’ll learn how healthy, fit people think and eat.
  • You’ll learn how to read a label and understand what you’re reading.
  • You’ll learn how to pick the most nutritionally-dense foods in a supermarket.
  • You will learn how to discipline yourself.
  • You’ll learn how to get clear on how to achieve your goals (and not just weight loss goals).
  • You’ll find out how to have the heart and strength to change.
  • You’ll learn how to relate to and help others just like you.
  • You’ll learn how to make friends with people who will help, not discourage, you.
  • You’ll learn how to trust yourself to do the right things for yourself and your family.

You can see, can’t you, why this program is so life changing.

Is it about weight loss? Yes and no.

It’s about changing the way you feel about change.

It’s about getting you strong enough to stand on your own and fight for the life you really want…while losing 10-20 pounds in a month if that is what you need to do.


I want to make this as obvious as possible for you.

How did you spend your last $197

  • Was it on two meals in a restaurant?
  • Was it on a month’s worth of cigarettes and/or alcohol?
  • Was it on groceries that did nothing to help you reach your goals?
  • Was it on copays and deductibles to the doctor to figure out why you hurt all the time?
  • Was it on a few pieces of clothing you had to buy because you’re getting too big?
  • Was it on a few goal outfits that are hanging in your closet waiting for you to fit into them?
  • Was it on fitness programs that you are not using to their full potential?

I’m trying to show you that $197 can have no value, negative value, or all the value in the world.

This may not be the program for you.

You may not be ready to spend this $197 to help yourself. In which case, I honor and respect your choices.

However, understand that you do have choices.

This could be the most important purchase you make this year.

This could be the smallest choice that makes the biggest change in your life.

ITo recap: what you will be getting with your $197:

  • Concierge-level access to me, an experienced, licensed, board-certified wellness physician and expert weight-maintainer, to keep you safely on track.

  • Realistic, achievable goals

  • A safe, easy, yummy, turnkey meal plan

  • Personalized body mass index (BMI) assessment and reassessment after 28 days

  • Access to the same technology that I use for my personal patients

  • Integration with your current fitness trackers so that I can help you interpret the results

  • You’ll get yummy, allergy-sensitive recipes for your repertoire

  • Pre-arranged shopping lists so you don’t have to guess what to buy

  • Membership to our private 28-day Facebook group

  • Facebook lives with me every weekday to keep you on point

  • Group attention to your personal struggle

  • Belief in yourself that you can achieve your deepest desires and goals

  • Habits that, if you embrace them, will change your life for the better


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Online -- Join from Everywhere!

66 Glenbrook Road


Stamford, Connecticut 06902

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