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27th World Congress on Nursing Care (CSE)

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27th World Congress on Nursing Care

About Conference
ConferenceSeries Ltd is overwhelmed to announce the commencement of “27th World Congress on Nursing Care” during April 1-3, 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. The upcoming conference will be organized around the theme “Advanced Technologies and Best Practices in Nursing and Integrated Care”.

ConferenceSeries Ltd organizes a conference series of 1000+ Global Events inclusive of 1000+ Conferences, 500+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and publishes 700+ Open access Journals which contains over 50000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

Nursing Care Congress 2019 aims to discover advances in health practice, management and education in relation to health disparities as well as a breadth of other topics. A nursing Care Professionals has a special set of competence and ability. Not only can they diagnose patients and finally provide medication, but they also serve in leadership and consulting roles. NCS’s are prominent and impact health care across the board, from reducing medical complications to improving patient satisfaction.

The Nursing Care Conference is a platform for nursing students, faculty, deans, researchers, and leaders to collaborate on topics affecting nursing education. Attendees can: Take advantage of opportunities to learn about Nursing Care Conference from a variety of oral and poster presentations. Meet and network with nurses ranging from students to deans, faculty, and researchers. Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with nurses from around the world. Attend prominent plenary sessions about relevant issues affecting nursing care.

Nurse Care Congress 2019 involves of the theoretical and practical training provided to nurses with the purpose to prepare them for their duties as nursing care professionals. This education is provided to nursing students by experienced nurses and other medical professionals who have qualified or experienced for educational tasks. Most countries offer nurse education courses that can be relevant to general nursing or to specialized areas including mental health nursing, pediatric nursing and post-operatory nursing. Courses leading to autonomous registration as a nurse typically last four years. Nurse Care also provides post-qualification courses in specialist subjects within nursing.

2018 Highlights:

300+ Participation (70 Industry: 30 Academia)
5+ Keynote Speakers
50+ Plenary Speakers
20+ Exhibitors
14 Innovative Educational Sessions
5+ Workshops
B2B Meetings

​Target Audience:

Nursing Lecturers
Healthcare Industries
Directors of Association and Societies
Researchers, Training Institutes

Why Attend?

Benefit from updates and insights on the latest government nursing strategy, as well as suggestions for ensuring best practice and improving outcomes.
Connect with over 200 high quality delegates who are involved in nursing care in all levels of the NHS, problem solve shared challenges and learn from the extensive experience of others.
Attend a variety of informative seminars, engaging interactive presentations, and keynote panel discussions with key policy makers and experts in nursing care.
Quiz experts from across the NHS to gain exclusive insights into the latest nursing strategy, changing methodology and effective best practice.

Sessions & Tracks

The 27th World Congress on Nursing Care will exhibit the products and services from commercial and non-commercial organizations like Hospitals, Clinical Trial Sites, Management Consultants, Doctors, Chemists, Nurses, Business delegates and Equipment Manufacturers.

Nursing Care Congress 2019 Conference is a multidisciplinary program with expansive cooperation with individuals from around the world concentrated on finding out about Nursing Research and its advances. This is your best chance to achieve the biggest gathering of members in our Nursing conference from the scholarly world, inquire about substances, medicinal gatherings, related affiliations, social orders and furthermore from government organizations, Hospitals and Nursing research.

Meet your target market with individuals from around the globe concentrated on finding out about Nursing, this is your single best chance to achieve the biggest array of members in our Nursing conference. Direct showings, disperse data, meet with flow and potential Scientists, make a sprinkle with another examination, and get name acknowledgment at this 3-day Nursing Event. Incredibly famous speakers, the latest methods, strategies, and the most up to date refreshes in Nursing Education fields are signs of this meeting.

Track 1: Nursing Care Practice

Nurse Care Practitioners (NCP) are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who are skilled and instructed to indulge health elevation and maintenance through the analysis and treatment of intense illness and habitual condition. Present International Council of nurses, a nurse care practitioner/advanced practice enrolled nurse is nurse who has captured the insight base, decision-making skills, and clinical skill for increased practice over that of an enrolled nurse. The aspect of which would be decisive by the background in which he or she is recommended to practice nurse care practitioner, manage intense and habitual medical conditions, through history and physical exam and the ordering of diagnosed tests and medical treatments. Nursing care practice are experienced to diagnose medical problems, order treatments, perform excellent procedures, impose medications, and make benchmark for a wide range of intense and habitual medical condition their extension of practice.

Track 2: Nursing Care Education and Research

Nursing care education is an important part of the dignity programme in adapting students for entry into the nursing trade. Student and teacher concept of the relationship between assessment and learning has remained an under-researched area. Data were collected through a series of focus group examination with groups of nursing students, graduates, and teachers. It was revealed that students’ learning during the clinical practicum was, to a large extent, affected by their awareness of the assessment tasks. As a result, they adopted a surface approach to study and target on preparing for the assessment tasks to the drawback of their learning. Systems for reflecting nursing practices are the ability to consider activity to take part in a procedure of consistent learning. As indicated by one definition it includes "considering the pragmatic qualities and hypotheses which illuminate regular activities, by analyzing rehearse brilliantly and reflexively. Reflective practice can be an important tool in practice-based professional learning settings where people learn from their own professional experiences, rather than from formal learning or knowledge transfer. Educating, assessment and learning and clinical practice furnishes clinical attendants with the hypothetical foundation and down to earth devices important to succeed as a clinical nursing teacher. The hypothesis used to bolster the act of clinical education is displayed in a clear, effortlessly comprehended way.

Track 3: New Technology in Nursing Care Education

Future movements in innovations in nursing, gigantic information especially, will concentrate on the total and change of patient information into imperative finding that can enhance quiet and monetary results. Today, different healthcare associations are looking to the future and considering gamification as an approach to manage develop delegate engagement, joint exertion, and productivity moreover to change their conduct to more prominent business targets. Immense inventive changes in arrangement and social protection are voyaging our bearing. This session involves simulation and personal digital assistants, high fidelity simulation, development of culture supporting risk tasking. By go through this rapid change of technology has come increasing dependence upon the health science society to incorporate different technologies into many professions.

Track 4: Nursing Care Practitioners Updates

Nursing practice or nursing practitioners are registered nursing professionals who are well trained and educated to promote and maintain the health through diagnosis and treatment. They should have knowledge-based skill and decision making to provide better healthcare. Nurses are considered as primary healthcare providers as they are initially provide a need of patient care. This session includes Family Nurse Practitioner , Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Pschyatric nurse practitioner, Neonatal nurse practitioner updates.

Track 5: Nursing Care Informatics

Nursing informatics (NI) is the Virtue that merges nursing science with numerous data organization and demonstrative sciences to group, outline, keep up, and scatter information, insight, mindfulness, foresight in nursing practice. Nursing Informatics , guide nurses, clients, patients, the amateurish human services association, and other colleague in their basic leadership in all execution and vibe to pick up pointed conclusion. This support is skilful using insight group, knowledge advancement, and knowledge mechanization.

Track 6: Nursing Law

Legal Nursing is the medical department based on the legal authorization which provides license to nursing practice according to state and federal laws. In legal nursing there are mainly six ethical principles that arise continually for the nurses who works in the correctional setting with respect for persons Beneficence, No maleficence, Justice, Veracity, Fidelity. They usually do their job in legal issues by recording the professional problems and figured out the medical etymology by consulting them personally. Holding a built up code of morals and behavior, the legal nurses assume an imperative e part in the case procedure by conquering any hindrance amongst medication and the legal framework. Aside from inside the law offices, they can likewise counsel with an extensive variety of associations including insurance agencies, pharmaceutical organizations, clinics and other medicinal related associations. They are registered and licensed individuals who implement their expertise, experience, and specialized education to interpret research and analyze the medical-related issues relevant to a legal case or claim. Examination assumes a noteworthy part in the realm of legitimate attendant person. This session includes Healthcare Law, Ethical Issues in Legal Nursing, Role of Legal Nursing, Legal Nurse in End-of-Life Care, Medical practice and Linked Life Insurance, The Affordable Care Act and it and Involvement of Nurses in Change of Health Policies.

Track 7: Nursing Care Management

Nursing management comprises of the execution of the authority elements of administration and basic leadership inside associations utilizing medical attendants. It incorporates forms normal to all administration like arranging, sorting out, staffing, coordinating and controlling. It is normal for registered nurses to look for extra training to acquire a Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice to get ready for initiative parts inside nursing. Administration positions progressively oblige possibility to hold a propelled degree in nursing.

Track 8: Risk Factors in Nursing and Healthcare Professionals

The investigative clarification is planned for the utilization by specialists or specialists and approved nurse practitioner looking after patients with transient ischemic assaults. The survey upheld support of the accompanying, tissue-based meaning of transient ischemic assault (TIA): a fleeting scene of neurological issue prompted by central mind, spinal string, or retinal ischemia, without intense localized necrosis. Patients with TIAs are at abnormal state of danger for early stroke, and their danger might be secured by clinical scale, vessel imaging, and dispersion attractive reverberation imaging. Symptomatic suggestions include: TIA patients ought to experience the neuroimaging assessment inside 24 hours of indication emerging, in inclination with attractive reverberation imaging, alongside dispersion groupings; noninvasive imaging of the cervical vessels ought to be performed and noninvasive imaging of intracranial vessels is sensible. Electrocardiography ought to happen as quickly as time permits after TIA and proceeded with cardiovascular checking.

Track 9: Types OF Nursing

A nursing professional may operate, practise within all branches of nursing health care, including Agency Nursing, surgery, dentistry, Cardiac Care Nurses, Holistic Nurses midwifery, Nurse Anesthesia, Military pharmacy, psychology, Nurse Practitioner nursing or allied health professions. A health professional may also be a public/community health expertise working for the common good of the society and to improve health in all types.

Track 10: Clinical Nursing Care

Clinical nursing care provides direct care to patients in a range of specialties and also provides a comprehensive resource which serve well in nursing instruction as well as clinical action carriers. Clinical nursing care system ranks patient outcomes through executing confirmation-based practice into the daily working of nursing professionals. A clinical Nurse specialist is a enrolled nurse who is identified as a leading member of staff beyond all areas of proceeding but especially in acute care. Clinical Nursing Research (CNR) is a peer-reviewed periodically journal that locate argument of clinical research that are consequential to practicing nurses, providing an universal forum to revitalize analysis among clinical practitioners, strengthen clinical practice by diagnosing probable clinical applications of the latest intellectual research, and propagate research findings of individual interest to practicing nurses.

Track 11: Transitional Nursing Care

The Transitional Care Model is designed to prevent health complications and rehospitalisation of chronically ill, elderly hospital patients by providing them with comprehensive discharge planning and home follow-up, coordinated by a master’s-level “Transitional Care Nurse” who is trained in the care of people with chronic conditions. At the time of hospitalization, the Nurse: (i) conducts a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health status, health behaviours, level of social support, and goals; (ii) develops an individualized plan of care consistent with evidence-based guidelines, in collaboration with the patient and her doctors; and (iii) conducts daily patient visits, focused on optimizing patient health at discharge.

Track 12: Gerontological Nursing

Gerontological nursing is the specialty of nursing pertaining to older adults. Gerontological nurses work in collaboration with older adults, their families, and communities to support healthy aging, maximum functioning, and quality of life. Gerontological nursing care is important to meet the health needs of an aging population. Due to longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates, the proportion of the population that is considered old is increasing. The proportion of older adults is already high and continuing to increase in more developed countries. Gerontological nursing draws on knowledge about complex factors that affect the health of older adults. Older adults are more likely than younger adults to have one or more chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, hearing impairment, or a form of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease. As well, drug metabolism changes with aging, adding to the complexity of health needs. Gerontological nurses work in a variety of settings, including acute care hospitals, rehabilitation, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement homes, community health agencies, and the patient's home. Older adults have been referred to as "the core business of healthcare" by gerontological nursing experts.

Track 13: Improvemnet in Nursing Care

By experience this fast change of innovation has come expanding reliance upon the wellbeing science society to consolidate distinctive advances into numerous callings. It is conceivable that this trustworthiness on innovation in nursing transporter is expanding quickly. The motivation behind this thought is for the improvement of innovation based nursing education and to indicate targets requiring further discourse among medical attendant resources. It is turning out to be certain that nurse educators need to investigate qualities, correspondence, and social procedures when coordinating, judging, contributing and analizing innovative use inside their work place.

Track 14: Cancer Nursing Care

A Cancer and tumor nurse gives consideration to malignancy patients and those at danger for getting the malady. They screen physical conditions, recommend pharmaceutical care, and control chemotherapy and different medications. Oncology is a standout amongst the most difficult and compensating fields in nursing and no two days at work are ever the same. Clinical oncology comprises of three essential orders: Medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology. Clinical ramifications and growth nursing care in view of the rates of torment and different indications archived in the writing, changes in clinical practice are expected to lessen the side effect weight of occupants with tumor. In any case, proof based practice norms have yet to be characterized for the particular populace of inhabitants with disease. Essential consideration and malignancy nursing is a consideration conveyance framework that backings proficient nursing rehearse. Inside Primary Nursing, a restorative relationship is set up between an enrolled medical attendant and an individual patient and his or her family.


2019 Upcoming Soon

Day 1 May 21, 2018
8:30-9:00 Registrations
9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony
Keynote Forum
09:30-10:10 Title: Home healthcare nurses – their work and family
Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Kwassui Women’s University, Japan
Title: Lessons from transcultural care: Considering implications for the global nursing crisis, for ourselves
and each other
Catharine Jenkins, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom
Group Photo 10:50-10:55
Networking and Refreshments Break 10:55-11:15 @ Foyer
Session: Midwifery Nursing | Nursing Care Management | Nursing Care Practice | Nursing Care Education and Research
Session Chair: Suteera Pradubwong, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Session Co-Chair: Jintana Singkhornard, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Session Introduction
11:15-11:40 Title: Evidence-based practice competencies among online graduate nursing students
Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, Graceland University School of Nursing, USA
11:40-12:05 Title: Relationship between nurse’s intention to leave work and their family variables
Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Kwassui Women’s University, Japan
Title: The Krsitina Chesterman Memorial Clinic
Darcy Hostetter-Lewis, California State University, USA
Lunch Break 12:30-13:20 @ The Cafe
Title: Evaluation of a Tai Chi Qigong Program in improving the psychological distress in Chinese patient
with heart failure in Hong Kong
Chan Keung-sum, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
Title: Perceived stress and coping strategies of baccalaureate nursing students clinical practicum: A crosssectional
Anson Chui Yan Tang, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
Title: A qualitative study: Perspectives of learning attributes among undergraduate nursing students in
small group work
Mei Fung Florence Wong, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
14:35-15:00 Title: The impacts of infertility on married couples in Hong Kong
Luk Hi Kwan, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
Networking and Refreshments Break 15:00-15:20 @ Foyer
Title: Effects of aging simulation program on attitudes and willingness toward older adults care among
undergraduate nursing students in Hong Kong: A randomized controlled trial
Lam Yuen Yan, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
15:45-16:10 Title: Outcome of quality of life program for persons with CLP&CFD Tawanchai center, Khon Kaen Thailand
Suteera Pradubwong, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Title: The use of isbar3 communication technique for nursing shift handover to improve effective
communication and patient safety: Pilot study
Rina Karmila, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
16:35-17:00 Title : Hope in women with infertility undergoing the assisted reproductive technology: A pilot study
Fang Chan-Chuan, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Panel Discussions

Day 2 May 22, 2018
Keynote Forum
09:30-10:10 Title: The importance of promoting a global view of healthcare in nursing students
Darcy Hostetter-Lewis, California State University, USA
Session: Types of Nursing Care | Nursing Care Education and Research | Nursing Care Management | Oncology
Session Chair: Elaine Chow, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
Session Introduction
Title: Solution orientated learning to build resilience in mental health nursing students and recently qualified
Carole Germaine & Catharine Jenkins, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom
10:35-11:00 Title: Effectiveness of web-based nursing continuing education on diabetic knowledge of nurses
Ping Ni, Sichuan University, China
Networking and Refreshments Break 11:00-11:20 @ Foyer
11:20-11:45 Title: Experience of electronic nursing documentation in a hospital setting: A qualitative study
Lee Khuan, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Title: Culturally identified constructs, methodology, and evidences of affective expression among
Taiwanese couples
Mei Feng Lin, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Title: Assessing a community-based participatory approach programme for Chinese women intimate
partner violence survivors
Elaine Chow, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong
Title: Oncology nurse’s knowledge and willingness of promoting advanced care planning in Southwest
Meng-Yan Tang, Nursing school of Sichuan University, China
Lunch Break 13:00-13:50 @ The Cafe
13:50-14:15 Title: Study on stressors, coping skills and general well-being of Hong Kong final year nursing students
Lam Chi Chung, Tung Wah College, Hong kong
Title: Intelligence and specific learning disabilities measurement of children with cleft lips and palates age
6-12 years
Jintana Singkhornard, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Title: Development and monitoring the key performance index of the quality of care in patients with cleft
lip/palate, Srinagarind Hospital: Anesthetic unit
Tippawan Muknumporn, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Title: Adaptation mechanisms and coping strategies to the effects of climate variability on maize yield
with focus on Matungulu west, Machakos County Kenya
Richard Kimutai Kerich, Kenyatta University, Kenya
15:30-15:55 Title: Super users of home care for public nursing services in Québec, Canada
Michel Raiche, Sherbrooke Health Expertise Centre, Canada
Networking and Refreshments Break 15:55-16:10 @ Foyer
Poster Judge: Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, Graceland University School of Nursing, USA
NCC-001 Title: Home and Environment survey of children with cleft lips and palates
Duangkaew Rod-Ong, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Title: Evidence triggered for antenatal care of pregnant women with fetal cleft lip / palate at Srinagarind
Jamras Wongkham, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Title: Age-friendly nursing care perceived by professional nurses working in hospital wards, project on
development of age-friendly nursing service system
Roongtiwa Chobchuen, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
NCC-004 Title: Nutritional status of surgical and orthopedic patients: Ward 3A
Pusda Pukdeekumjorn, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
NCC-005 Title: Nutritional status of surgical patients: Burn patients
Urawadee Charoenchai, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
NCC-006 Title: Outcomes of home survey of children with CLP in Khon Kaen Province
Somchit Maneeganondh, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
NCC-007 Title: Enhancement program on caring patients with Mobile Chest Drain (MCD)
Wong Yee Ting, United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong
Title: Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (MINI-CEX) for education and assessment of baccalaureate nursing
student’s clinical competence
Ting-Ru Lin, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Taiwan
NCC-009 Title: Using root cause analysis to protection for patients from falling
Li-Fen Lin, Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital, Taiwan
NCC-010 Title: The perceptions of other health care professionals on the value and roles of clinical nurses
Chang-Ting Tsou, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
Title: Patient safety is not only the responsibility of the nurse- using Root Cause Analysis (RCA)-to explore
the patient's unexpected death
Hsiang-Lei Shin, Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital,Taiwan
NCC-012 Title: Daily physical activity and stress of rural elderly in South Korea
Hyunjung Moon, Far East University Department of Nursing Science, Republic of Korea
NCC-013 Title: The nursing experience of patient with endometrial cancer for loss of femininity
Yi-Hsiu Kuo, Fooyin University, Taiwan
Title: The nursing experience of the assistive technology devices multimedia enhanced self-efficacy in
patient with knee cruciate ligament
Pai Chen Lo, Fooyin University, Taiwan
Title: Enhancement program provided by respiratory ward for nursing staff of medical & geriatric
department in caring patient with Home Non-Invasive Ventilator (HNIV)
Tse Chun Samson, United Christian Hospital, Hongkong
Title: Nursing experience of the health-belief model in a Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM)
patients with ketoacidosis
Chin-Yu Huang, Fooyin University, Taiwan
Title: Development of an complementary and alternative health program to improve learning of
undergraduate nursing students: a preliminary study
Ching-Hsiu Chen, Fooyin University, Taiwan
NCC-018 Title: Nursing experience of a patient with wegener's granulomatosis combined cerebellar Infarction
Chao Chia-Ling, Fooyin University, Taiwan
NCC-019 Title: The relationship between preoperative stoma site marking and stomal complications: A systematic review
Yi-Chuan Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
NCC-020 Title: Confirmatory factor analysis of the social adjustment scale for adolescents with tourette syndrome
Mei-Yin Lee, Mackay Medical College, Taiwan
NCC-021 Title: Translation and validation of the Taiwanese version of the atrial fibrillation severity scale
Pei-Ti Chen, Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management, Taiwan
Panel Discussions
Day 3 May 23, 2018
Netwoking Lunch @ Salon Panorama

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Osaka, Japan 0000


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