Playing with Space Harmony:  Meet the Dodecahedron

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Playing with Space Harmony: Meet the Dodecahedron

In this 3-day workshop, participants will explore the dodecahedron in relation to the icosahedron by moving through Laban's scales.

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In his masterful book, The Language of Movement - A Guidebook to Choreutics, Laban synthesizes the principals of Space Harmony and defines a language to describe spatial movement. He uses four of the five platonic geometric solids or "crystals" - tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, and icosahedron - as models to illustrate movement patterns that follow harmonic laws in nature. Though I learned from speaking with people who worked with him that he was exploring the dodecahedron, he references the fifth platonic crystal solid a few times in this book.

Laban has referred to musical harmony, proportions, and sequences as analogous to the movement 'scales' he created. He discusses principals of music harmonics as examples of harmonic laws. The harmonic relationships of musical overtones are related to naturally occurring proportions of the Golden Ratio and the fibonacci number series which mathematically and spatially defines spiraling movement. Inspired by Laban’s work, I became curious about creating a new scale, specifically one that sequenced with Central, Peripheral, and Transverse (CPT) spatial tensions to reflect the spiraling growth in nature. To do this, I applied the progression of the harmonic overtones in music to the Icosahedron's spatial pathways. I built many models and within those models many CPT scales. The culmination of this exploration resulted with a twelve pointed star and the dodecahedron fully suspended within the icosahedron.

This was the beginning of a year long exploration of the dodecahedron through the lens of Space Harmony. This course will share some of those discoveries and explain the harmonic relationship between the outer icosahedron and the inner dodecahedron as developed by Carol Schouboe and Pam Schick. This class will:

• Identify the dodecahedral planes and how they relate to the icosahedral planes as a dual and define terms in regard to the inverse relationship of that duality.

• Show how the corners of the dodecahedral planes and diagonals relate to the body by applying them to corresponding bony land-marks and mid-space regions.

• Apply dodecahedral stresses while practicing some of the Bartenieff Fundamentals.

• Explore complex three dimensional shaping in the dodecahedron.

• Explore affined effort sequences in the dodecahedron using the eight action drives and associated states in relationship to the pentagonal faces.

• Finally, we will put this all together to integrate the dodecahedron and icosahedron when moving through the transversals A & B scales. When synthesizing the proportions of the two spatial forms we will be able to see how the inner dodecahedron supports and stabilizes moving through the outer icosahedron.

Instructor's Bio

Carol Schouboe, CMA, RMT/E, has a private practice as a Movement Therapist and Coach in Seattle, WA. She coached conductors for the University of Washington Graduate School of Music as well as many professional conductors and choirs in Effort/Shape and Spatial dynamics. She has also assisted in the Seattle Laban Certification Program and Integrated Movement Studies Program. She, with colleague Pam Schick, developed the dodecahedron in 1989-90 and presented the work to the Laban Conference at Hampshire College in 1990. Since that time she has taught the Dodecahedron material at Laban Community Gatherings including the Northwest Laban Gathering. She continues to have a great interest in Space Harmony and loves to see it fully in action throughout the world.

Class Dates/Times

October 8, 15, & 22, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm ET

Who Can Join

We invite all those who are professionally certified and those who are not certified (yet), but have a lot of experience.

What You Need To Bring/Have

Prior knowledge of Space Harmony and the Icosahedral Scales, space in which to move, comfortable clothes, and an open mind.



Additional Info

This workshop will be recorded and shared with all registered participants, regardless of whether or not you attend a live class. Recordings will be emailed to you on the Monday following each class. All recordings are available to view only, and are open for viewing for seven (7) days from the date sent.

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