21st China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo, 2019

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China International Exhibition Center

East No.6 of North 3rd Ring Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China

Beijing, Beijing 100100


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21st China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo, 2019

----20th International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo “China Cup” Competition

Date: November 4-6th, 2019

Venue: China International Exhibition Center(Downtown Venue)


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Package Price and Service for China Harbin International Economic & Trade

Fair 2019, China-Asean Exposition 2019, The Silk Road International Expo

2019,Beijing&Shanghai Nutrition and Health Industry Expo,Guizhou Wine Expo

Approved by:

Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China

Sponsored by

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Asia Healthcare &Nutrition Promotive Commission

Asia Economy Trade &Development Center

International Olive Oil Industry Association

Overseas co-organizers:

East Hong Kong International Exhibition Co., Ltd

World Expo Co., Ltd

Italy Connature Company

Argentina Huli XM group

Supported Media:


News papers: China Food Newspaper Health TimesFood Quality, Health This Week

Websites:www.ec21.com http://ccne.mofcom.gov.cn/ http://win.mofcom.gov.cn/en/ www.clocate.com www.tradekey.com www.bvents.com www.chinaexhibition.com www.expopromoter.com www.learnmorechina.com www.connature.com WWW.EXPONET.RU www.google.com www.baidu.com www.world-expo.co.kr www.chinatradingsolutions.com conferenceiq.com www.eventbrite.com www.foreignercn.com www.10times.com www.tradeindia.com www.foodworld.com www.foodreference.com www.conferencehound.com www.tradeshowadvertiser.com www.eventseye.com www.alibaba.com www.made-in-china.com www.globalsource.com www.seexpo.com www.eshow365.com www.foodmate.com www.31huiyi.com www.cnfair.cn www.paneater.cn www.paneater.com http://www.cnena.com/ www.21food.com www.Herbalworld.com www.Sinoexhibitions.com http://www.drinks.ua/



Beijing Nine Dimension Internet Technology CO.,LTD

★About Expo

ChinaBeijing and ShanghaiInternational Nutrition and Health Industry Expo will attract about 500 exhibitors from 38 countries and 32 Chinese provinces or regions. The foreign exhibitors will be up to 115 companies. There are 66 exhibitors from Taiwan region. The exhibition area covered more than 16,000 , it hit records. 23 embassies to China and more than 50,000 (48,000 Chinese, 2,000 foreigners) professional visitors from 27 countries will witness unprecedented event together! Exhibitors covered health food, nutritional food, functional food, leisure food, health drink, slimming beauty product, cosmetics raw material, pharmaceutical material, healthcare medicine, and healthcare product field.

Awards Selection Activity
Customers can participate in CHEC's awards event, the General Assembly Awards "Gold", "Best Brand" award; "Designated Product" award, "Technology Innovation" award; (Please request to the organizing committee)

Sponsorship Benefits:

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, you can enjoy the following benefits from us:

1. Special treatment

2. Propagandize on the opening ceremony

3. Advertisement during the exhibition

4. Invitation of the professional visitors’ advertisement

5. Catalog advertisement

6. Web promotion

7. Media promotion

8. Forum

9. Invitation Ticket advertisement

10. The best booths

About the details, please inquire the organizing committee.

★What kind of buyers will visit the Expo?
1Distributors, agents, resellers, suppliers, trading companies, and health food supply center with good fame and sales network end;

2Professional health food wholesale markets, huge supermarkets, general merchandise markets, pharmaceutical business groups, green and healthcare food chains and shoppes, life nourishing clubs, health management chain institutes, private clubs, community chain supermarkets and 24 hour stores;

3Foreign buyers in China, import-export trading companies, 130 embassy commerce sections, industry associations, 50 provincial Beijing offices, trade unions of national central enterprise system, seniors homes, nursing homes, researchers and high-level executives of science research institutes and nutritional healthcare food enterprises

4Customer service institutions, trading service institutions, gift stores, important group purchase institutions.

★Exhibits Scope:

1. Health Food Zone: 27 kinds of health care products approved by relevant state departments (blue hat products), nutrient supplements

2, high-end nourishing bird's nest area:

Bird's nest products: imported bird's nest, dried bird's nest, bird's nest drinks, instant bird's nest, bird's nest cake, bird's nest cosmetics, bird's nest gelatin products, bird's nest products, bird's nest deep processing products, bird's nest deep processing technology and packaging equipment, etc.

High-end tonics: ginseng, Korean ginseng, American ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum, Maca, saffron, burdock, velvet, Ejiao, Rhodiola, medlar, sea cucumber, shark's fin, ferrets, honey, etc.

3. Healthy food/imported functional food zone: low calorie/low cholesterol food, nutritional supplement fortified food, antioxidant food, organic food, pollen product, bee product, fish oil product, probiotic product, green algae product, chlorophyll product, aloe Products, imported dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition, specialty foods, fortified foods, etc.

4, enzymes and enzymes other products area: enzyme powder, enzyme paste, enzyme ingots, enzyme stock, natural enzymes, noni enzymes, fruit enzymes, compound enzymes; enzyme cosmetics, enzyme skin care products, enzyme soap, enzyme mask and other wash Protecting Japanese products;

5, functional drinks and functional water zone: sports nutrition drinks, vitamin drinks, mineral drinks, low-calorie drinks, herbal and tea drinks, natural fruit and vegetable drinks, vegetable protein drinks, special-purpose solid drinks, functional water, etc.

6, anti-aging area: cosmeceutical, functional beauty freckle acne products, personal care products, weight loss, slimming body, oral liquid, functional cosmetics, collagen, coenzyme Q10, beauty skin care products, natural beauty products, herbal beauty Slimming products, etc.

7. Special medical use formula food area: full nutrition formula food, specific whole nutrition formula food (diabetes, tumor, liver disease, intestine, etc.), non-nutritional formula food, infant formula for special medical use, etc.

8, maternal and child products full area: healthy infant formula milk powder, pregnant women milk powder, pregnant baby products, children's health food, nutritional dairy products, etc.;

9. Traditional Chinese medicine health products area: medicine and food homologous products, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, traditional Chinese medicine health, national special medicines and traditional Chinese herbal medicines, precious Chinese herbal medicines (ginseng / velvet / cordyceps, etc.), Chinese herbal medicines manufacturing packaging machinery and equipment, Chinese medicated oil And ointment health care, Chinese medicine health care service institutions, etc.;

10. Medical and health care products zone: health care equipment, health care genetic testing equipment, healthy sleep products, health smart home products, health and medical rehabilitation equipment, beauty slimming equipment, blood pressure monitors, electronic thermometers, blood glucose meters, functional glasses, vision massage protection Products, household Chinese medicine equipment, moxibustion supplies, health care products, massage fumigation products, home treatment equipment, disinfection and purification products, air purification products, water treatment, water purification and other wading products;

Participation Procedure:

1. Exhibitors must have valid "hygienic license", "business license" and "products approval documents";

2. Exhibitors should firstly contact the organizing committee to choose their ideal booth position, and then fill in the exhibition application form and agreement form. Mail or fax the forms with your signatures to the organizing committee. This contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Faxes or copies are valid.

3. Booth Distribution Principle: Paid first, served first.

4. According to the venue and security needs, the organizer has the right to adjust some confirmed booth.

Price List

I: Booth Price




Raw Space only


Area T(Luxury Booth)



Area T


Area T(Standard Booth)



Area T


Area A(Standard Booth)



Area A



A.10% surcharge for two opening boothB. Facilities9exhibition space,2.5m wallboard, lintel plate, a desk, two chairs, a 220V power socket, two daylight lamps, security and cleaning serviceC. Raw space only (area) Fee includesexhibition space, security and cleaning service; D.36is the baseline to rent as raw space,not including the installation fee, E. Raw Space position is better than Area Luxury Booth Position, Luxury booth position is better than Standard booth position, Area T is better than Area A F. Booth arranges order: paid first, served first.

IIAdvertisement Price

Catalog Cover


Back Cover

Color Page


Catalog Cover

(the second, third page)

Color Pages inside of Catalog

Black and white Pages of Catalog







Invitation Letter



Stair Banner







Balloon (Diameter: 3m)

Banner 15mX1.4m

Lantern (Diameter:5m)

Banner 15mX1.4m

Rome Pillar Banner 20mX10m

Wall Banner




USD1,200 /piece



USD2,700/ piece


III. Forum Price


Within 3 hours(half a day)


Free service:

1.A conference hall for more than 150 people;

2.Power socket, projector, stereo, microphone;

3.Guide in the exhibition center and Ads board position;

4.Broadcasting service and audience organization;


Within 2 hours


Technology communication

Within 1 hour


Attract investment

Within 1 hour


Products Introduction

Within half an hour


Project Manager: Smith Song

Beijing Nine Dimension Internet Technology CO.,LTD

Add: Room 611, Building B2, HongDu Business Center, AnDe Road No.61, DongCheng District, Beijing, P.R.China. 100100
Tel: +86-10-58907132
Mobile: +86-15313128276

Fax: +86-10-57952332
Skype: cowboysmith
Email&MSN: songxq123@hotmail.com


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Date and Time


China International Exhibition Center

East No.6 of North 3rd Ring Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China

Beijing, Beijing 100100


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