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Begin this event anytime that works for your scheudle and download all recordings for your personal use! This particular one kicks off my first 21-day Radiance Sādhanā.

Put simply, sādhanā means dedicated practice. Typically, a modern day sādhanā lasts 21, 30, or 40 days and will inevitably shake you free from your usual routine by creating more resonant habits in your life. For the willing practitioner, participating in sādhanā will, at the very least, create accountability and encourage you to actively show up and stick with your intentions of deeper connection to self.

For less than $3.50 a day, you will receive:

  • Daily practices and/or short awakening poems into your e-mail box
  • 7 Tele-recordings/videos (every three days) offering you meditation, pranayam and yoga practices to deepen and integrate your connection.

You can go at your pace, your schedule and in your time. This is not about connecting with others either, so there will be no Facebook Forum, no shared email list. This is your personal journey to the remembrance of your radiance.. It’s about setting aside time for you – every, single day and then making that a habit you cannot live without. Once you witness the value of this time, and the shift that takes place in this devotion, you will know no other way.

Non-negotiable brilliance.

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