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Are you ready to spend 21 days in August devoted to your personal Brand?
If you answered YES to these questions, the 21-Day Personal Branding Challenge is the perfect solution for you!

What is the 21-Day Personal Branding Challenge?

When you sign up for the 21-Day Personal Branding Challenge, you are committing to improving your personal brand by completing 21 tasks. Pick any 21 days in the month of August to accomplish your tasks, do t feel compelled to still keep to my choice of the first 21days as long as you are done by the 31st. The idea is to complete one task per day, but feel free to do more if your schedule allows.

When you register for this FREE event, you will get access to:

  • List of 50+ personal branding activities that you can choose from for your challenge

  • Special calendar for the month of August so you can plan out your month (challengers who plan ahead typically have the most success!)

  • A private Facebook group where you can get advice and support from me throughout the month (plus you can network with the other challengers)

What are the results you should expect from the challenge?

  • Personal branding clarity

  • Clarity and understanding on who you serve

  • Structured, month-long, laser focus on your brand and business

  • Personal Branding tasks that you would not have thought of on your own

  • Understanding your successes and failures so you can make you even better

  • Accountability to do what needs to get done for your Personal Brand

  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs who are “just like you” and in the same position with their brands/businesses

  • Propel your brand/business to the next level.

Who would benefit from this challenge?

• Entrepreneurs,small business owners and anyone trying to build a brand to attract new clients

• Professionals who are looking to expand their career

• Future college graduates looking to get a leg up on their personal brands before graduation

What types of tasks do I need to complete?

I will provide you with a list of 50+ personal branding activities, but remember, you only need to complete 21 of them. Most of these activities only take a few minutes of your time, but they are so important for personal branding. Your unique selling proposition, Personal development, Visual Identity, Marketing Collateral, Networking, Social Media, Your Website etc

You'll get the comprehensive list of these tasks and more when you register for the challenge.

August has 31 days. Why only a 21-day challenge?
First of all it's my gift to you. My birthday comes up on the 21st of August and it is some sort of journey with you to that day. :)

I also want the 21-Day Personal Branding Challenge to be manageable. I know I would have a hard time keeping up with a 30-day challenge, especially with busy weekends and the holidays, and I am assuming most of you would too.
Of course, you're welcome to accomplish more than 21 tasks!

How much is it?

None. Like I said it is my birthday gift to you. The challenge is completely free, and I am not trying to sell you anything.

Register Now by requesting to join the private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1085109738291914/

Also Leave your emails via private messaging so i can email the package to you before the 1st of August..

So am looking forward to spending these amazing moments with you!!!!

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