2023 Mardi Gras Balcony Party Zestival 3

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2023 Mardi Gras Balcony Party Zestival 3

You could be throwing beads to this crowd and viewing the parades from our balcony. Get above the jam-packed madness and prepare to party!

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Jockusch Building 2025 Strand Street Galveston, TX 77550

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  • 5 hours 59 minutes
  • Mobile eTicket

Get ready for The Premier, The Absolute Best balcony party on the Strand! Our parties are known as Zestivals and are hosted by Z Krewe of Galveston! We have one of the largest balconies available. The party price includes:

  • A full open bar with premium liquor, beer, wine, water, coffee, and soft drinks,
  • DJ and dancing,
  • Lunch, Dinner and all-day snacks,
  • Entrance to the Strand,
  • Guaranteed time on the balcony,
  • Clean restrooms (no porta-potties),
  • Beads for sale.

Security is on the premises, and you can come and go from the party to explore the Strand as you wish.

Party hours are from 6 pm through 12:00 midnight.

Beads - You can save time and effort by purchasing throw beads and receiving them when you check into the party. You can purchase the Big Daddy Bead Bag at a savings of 30%. This bag includes 25 dozen beads, 2 bead bags and a select Krewe Theme bead. No ticketing fee will be added to the bead purchase; your total cost for the bead bag is $79.95. You are encouraged to bring a box or bag, with a lock, to hold your beads and keep them from being thrown by someone else; however, secure storage for your beads will be available.

Tickets – each night is a separate party. Your ticket includes the entrance to the Strand area of downtown and entry to the party.

Coming for the weekend? The cost of the 2/17/23 Friday night party is normally $100. With the purchase of a Saturday night party, you can also purchase a Friday night party ticket for 20% off.

Costumes - We are celebrating Renaissance Festivals this year and you are welcome to dress up in any costume related to the renaissance fairs. That can include anything from Renaissance, Steampunk, Pirate, to Fantasy. For this party, we are celebrating Pirates!

Please note: You MUST BE 21 to attend this party. IDs will be checked. Specific Questions? See the FAQs or E-mail us at zkrewe@gmail.com for more information.


Are there group discounts available?

There are no group discounts.

Is there security for beads at the party?

There will be a place available to keep your beads; however, that does not preclude possible bead theft. It is strongly encouraged to bring a box or bag with a lock, such as a suitcase, to hold your throwing beads.  The Krewe is not responsible for beads left unattended and unsecured.    Due to the number of people at the party, sometimes beads may "walk-away".  The only way to know they will be safe is to place them in a locking container or storage.

Does my ticket include entry to the fenced Strand Area during Mardi Gras?

Yes, entry to the Strand is included in the price of your ticket.  You will receive a separate e-mail with your Strand Entry tickets attached.  You should receive this e-mail within a few days after purchase of your party tickets.   You must include a valid e-mail address, when purchasing tickets, in order to receive this entry pass.  Tickets are sent to the person's e-mail making the ticket purchase.  The purchaser can forward these entry tickets to another person, if necessary.

Does my ticket allow entry to the Strand area during all days of Mardi Gras?

No, your ticket is only good for the day of the party.  To access the Strand area for any other day, you will need to buy a separate entry ticket.

Why must I provide my e-mail address?

You will be sent an additional e-mail that will allow you free entry to the Strand on the date of the party.  You should receive this e-mail within a few days of purchasing your party tickets.  Without a valid e-mail address, you will not receive this pass and will have to pay the entrance fee in order to attend the balcony party.

 Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes, you must be 21 to attend this event.

What is included in the full bar?

The bar will include beer, wine, a choice of liquors and mixers, soft drinks and water.   The price of bar drinks is included with the party and there is no additional charge.  On Saturday parties, there will be premium liquor for the asking and at no additional charge.

Is there elevator access to the party?

No, the building is a historic building in downtown Galveston. The access to the second floor where the party is located is via a staircase. Please consider if you use a walking aid or other assistance with stairs.

Will I be able to see the parades from the balcony?

Yes, all parades held in the downtown district and those that start on the Seawall will be passing directly in front of our balcony.   There will be no rotation on the balcony during the times the parades are in progress.  In other words, all party goers are allowed on the balcony to view the parades.

Will I be able to get to the balcony rail to throw beads to the crowd?

Yes.  We now have a wonderful location with a lot of balcony space.  If the balcony does get crowded, we have a rotation plan to assure you get time on the balcony.  Note that during times when the parade is passing, there will be no restrictions to the balcony.  If the rotation plan is in place, we ask that you respect other people's time and remove yourself from the balcony when your rotation time is complete.  Under the rotation plan, you should be able to throw beads from the balcony at least once every hour.

Can I throw beads during the parade?

No.  People and bands in the parade are not looking for beads and they may be hurt by someone throwing beads at them or damage may occur to instruments.  You will be thrown beads by those in the parade, so this is a good time to try to catch them!

What are my parking options for event?

The party is located at the corner of the Strand and 21st Street.  There is a public parking garage located two blocks from the party at 21st and Market.

 What can I bring into the event?

You are allowed to bring throw beads.  It is recommended you bring a locking container (like a suitcase) to hold the beads.   You cannot bring alcohol to the party; however, a full bar including wine, beer and liquor is included at the party for no additional charge.

Are there special rules related to conduct on the balcony?

Yes.  We do not allow any flashing or vulgar expressions made to the crowd from the balcony.   It is also not allowed to toss drinks off the balcony or throw something in such a manner as to purposely injure someone in the street.  Guests who exhibit this behavior will be escorted from the party by security. 

 How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Send an e-mail to zkrewe@gmail.com.

What is Z Krewe?

Z Krewe is a 501-(c)(3) Mardi Gras Krewe.  We hold Mardi Gras events throughout the Galveston area and are involved in supporting local charities and organizations with volunteer time and and profit from our activities.  For a list of our charitable activities and donations, please see our web-site at www.zkrewe.org.

Is Z Krewe accepting new memberships?

Yes.  We are accepting new membership applications.  Z Krewe membership include parties such as a Big Daddy / Big Momma party, a formal Ball held at the Tremont Hotel's Davidson Ball Room and 5 balcony parties during the two weeks of Mardi Gras.  We are also active all year with monthly Krewe meetings, other social activities and supporting other charitable organizations in the Galveston-Houston area.

If interested in membership, just write us at zkrewe@gmail.com or you are welcome as our guest to a monthly Krewe meeting held the first Tuesday of each month at Las Haciendas Mexican Restaurant at the corner of NASA Parkway and I-45 (Gulf Freeway), Houston Texas.