2022-2023 Bastrop County Fall Heifer Validation

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Thank you for purchasing Heifer UINs for the upcoming livestock show season. Fall Heifer Validation will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, starting at 5:00 PM. Exhibitors will receive an informational email with a sign-up for a time slot. Please see the reminders below for the event: What to do before validation: • Exhibitors need to check to see if the brands and tattoos listed on their registration papers are on the heifer in the location listed and are legible BEFORE coming to validation. If they need to be tattooed, please make arrangements with your AST/CEA ahead of time. • Check Heifer Registration papers: Registration papers for heifers must only have 1 exhibitor listed as the owner and the ownership date must be dated July 1, 2020 or before on the papers What to bring to Validation: • Your heifers • Heifer exhibitors will need to bring an ORIGINAL COLOR copy of their registration papers to be scanned on site and returned to the exhibitor. You may email them ahead of time to MLMickelson@ag.tamu.edu, as well • Family email address • Family mailing address • Physical address where your animal is being kept Validation Process: • The committee will verify that your calf has the tattoos/brands listed on your registration papers and check for exhibitor ownership and date • The committee will pull a hair sample • Exhibitors, Parent/Guardian, and AST/CEA will complete sign the following documents: o Carbon copy validation form o 2020-2021 Ethics Policy o Hair Card

2022-2023 Bastrop County Fall Heifer Validation

Bastrop County major show livestock exhibitor’s orders for: Breeding Heifer validation for 2022-2023 major shows

When and where

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Bastrop Area Livestock Show Barn 801 American Legion Drive Bastrop, TX 78602

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About this event

Bastrop County major show livestock exhibitor’s orders for:

  • Breeding Heifer validation for the major shows
  • Only heifers that have not already been validated for major shows, that have changed ownership, or that have changed breed will be required to validate. Once validated, the heifer is eligible until the end of her show career and DOES NOT need to attend major show validation again UNLESS she changes breed or ownership
  • Order what is necessary, the Extension Office does not order extra. Refunds will not be given.
  • Ordering DOES NOT enter a participant into any show.

Validation Information

For dates and details, visit please contact your County Agent or Ag Teacher.

Prior to attending validation

1.  Obtain ORIGINAL registration papers showing:

  • Exhibitor as sole owner
  • Ownership date by November 1st of this year

2. VERIFY identification tattoo/brand on registration paper MATCHES what is physically on heifer. If do not match, options are:

  • Change registration papers to match what is physically on heifer
  • Change heifer (re-brand and/or re-tattoo) to match what is on registration papers
  • Do not validate heifer
  • This refers to identification brands, not ranch holding brands

3. If tattooed, CLEAN heifer’s ears and verify IDENTIFICATION TATTOOS are legible. If not, have heifer re-tattooed. EXCEPTION, do not clean ears if heifer was tattooed within last 7 days.

4. SUBMIT a color copy (scanned or paper) to County Extension Office (Do NOT submit a photograph of registration papers) 

5. Vaccinations/health papers NOT REQUIRED for VALIDATION

At validation the following must be present:

1. Animal being validated

2. Registration papers for Breeding Animals (may be emailed to MLMickelson@ag.tamu.edu ahead of time)

3. Parent/guardian - must be present to sign paperwork.

  • Parents may sign for exhibitor if child cannot attend
  • Parents unable to attend must sign waiver & paperwork before validation
  • Ag Teachers CANNOT sign on behalf of parent