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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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A second annual event. Enjoy a first-class scholastic event from the safety and comfort of your own home. One game per day. G/60+10.

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2021 Virtual Scholastic Chess Exposition

A second annual event, organized and sponsored by Innovative Chess Solutions. Enjoy a first-class scholastic event from the safety and comfort of your own home, with the benefit of serious time for game-play, but the convivence of playing only one game per day, at a time you and your opponent agree, not an inflexible schedule.

Date: March 15-21 (Open) and March 17-21 (other sections)

Online Platform: The tournament will be conducted using the Chess.com online platform. At some point, prior to the tournament, the Organizer will invite all players to its Chess.com club, entitled Innovative Chess Solutions Tournament Hall, to which each registrant will be expected to join. Unlike other online events (including our last virtual tournament), we will not be conducting a single unified Chess.com tournament that players join but, instead, after we release pairings for the day’s games, players will agree on a time to play and one transmits a game challenge to their opponent, according to the below time control and assigned colors, and when they are finished, are responsible for reporting during the Goggle-meet call to a director. In every section, players will play only one game per day.

Sections: Four, Open, U1000, U500, and Unrated.

Rounds and Time Control: Seven rounds (Open); Five rounds (other sections). Swiss system (no elimination). G/60+10.

Qualifications: Players who desire to participate in the Open, U1000, and U500 sections must be members in good standing of the United States of America Chess Federation (USCF) during the entirety of the tournament. USCF membership is not required for the Unrated section. Players may play up (i.e., an 700 rated player may play in the Championship or U1000 sections, but not the U500 section). Admission is limited to scholastic players (12th grade or under), along with those having completed high school, but on the day of the tournament are under seventeen years of age, regardless of geographic location.

Entry fee: $12 by 12/31; $15 by 2/10; $18 by 3/5 and $25 thereafter.

Registration: Online registration may be processed at this website by clicking on tickets. No mail-in registration. All entry fees are refundable if requested within thirty days of tournament commencement, provided that Eventbrite’s commission, which is in addition to the entry fee, is non-refundable. No entries will be accepted after noon on March 14.

Fair Play: In accordance with the recommendations of the USCF Executive Board and Chess.com, during game-play, players will be monitored by being on a Google-meet call; players will be required to maintain their cameras active and visible while playing games. Only the players and our tournament directors/staff will be admitted to the call. In addition, players are bound by honor not to discuss the game with other persons (save their opponent and our tournament directors) until their game has concluded. Additionally, for the avoidance of doubt, players are only required to be on the call when actually playing their games and reporting the result thereof.

Schedule: Pairings and current standings will be released every day at around noon. During weekdays, players may commence their games at any time no sooner than 4:00 pm but no later than 8:00 pm; and on Saturday and Sunday these games must begin no sooner than noon but no later than 3:00 pm. In the case of Sunday, adjournments will not be permitted and results must be received by 5:30 pm.

Byes: Each player is entitled to a maximum of two ½ byes, but not for the final round; such byes must be requested no later than ten o’ clock antemedian on March 17, but first-round byes must be requested at least four hours before the commencement thereof. If in any round, for a section, there is an odd number of players, the player with the lowest rating (but not an Unrated player) that has not been assigned or has requested a bye, will be assigned a one-point bye. All bye requests are irrevocable for prize purposes and, if not allowed a ½ point bye, will be for zero points.

Technical Provisions: During the rounds themselves, players will be advised to mute their computers, as during the call, if necessary, players will be allowed to ask rules and technical questions as may be necessary, and report results. In order to join the call, you (or a parent) will need a Google account (which you will already have if you have an account for another Google service, such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube, etc.); with the day’s pairings, we will provide you with a new link to join the call. No game-play will be permitted to occur via I-pad, phone, or like device, but rather through some form of computer, provided that waivers may be granted, if requested with sufficient notice, in cases of multi-children households without sufficient computers for all their players to participate.

Side-Events: There are no extra or side-events in addition to the tournament itself.

Ratings: These rounds will be paired using the player’s current Chess.com rapid ratings. Your performance during the tournament will affect said Chess.com rating, as well as your USCF regular online rating.

USCF Rules: The entirety of the Official Rules of Chess complied by the United States Chess Federation as of March 15 will apply in all sections of the tournament (including the Unrated section), except as noted here or otherwise announced. They are accessible at: https://new.uschess.org/news/7th-edition-rule-book-chapters-now-available-download-2/

In particular, under those rules, the following conduct is expressly prohibited:-

• Consulting any person, other than your opponent or a TD, about your game, to extend to, but not limited to solicitation of advice;

• Relying on a chess book, notes from a chess coach or any other written material, whether written or electronic, to determine moves;

• Using chess software or other computer programs to aid in selecting or evaluating of moves to any extent whatsoever;

• Exercising notes “made during a game as an aid to memory,” except for notation;

• “Collusion to fix or throw games, whether before or during the game”

• Acts facilitating any of the above or otherwise in violation of the Rules of Chess.

Results: In every instance, all games not completed and reported by midnight would be declared double forfeit, unless the players mutually agree, with the concurrence of the Chief Tournament Director, to consider the game adjourned pursuant to the Official Rules of Chess and to conduct that game during the following morning. When reporting, it shall be sufficient for the loser (or if drawn, both players) to signify the result, if they fail to during the Google-meet call, by post in the appropriate forum topic of the aforesaid Chess.com club, by personal message to any director or email to csbrown.entrepreneur@gmail.com.

Consumption of Food: There is no prohibition on consuming food/drink during the tournament, but players are advised that eating during game-play could negatively impact their playing.

Notation: No notation is required. Chess.com will automatically record the moves of each game.

Prizes: The top quartile (25%) of registered players, including ties, will be awarded 6x8 plaques, personalized with their name. Each player, not receiving a plaque, will receive a medal. Additionally, the top scorer in each section (except Unrated) will receive free entry into our next scholastic chess tournament, subject to entry within fifteen days of its tournament day. No person will be entitled to any prize or medal if they fail to actually complete at least three-fifths of their rounds (including assigned byes) in conformity with the rules and regulations of the tournament. Prizes will be shipped and should arrive within 2-4 weeks after the tournament end.

Affiliate: The affiliate which the rated sections of this tournament will be rated under is Innovative Chess Solutions.

Other Notes: In all games played, once you drop a piece on a legal square, it constitutes your move and cannot be reversed. Sections subject to merger in the unlikely event of low turnout.

Contact: If you would like to receive more information, please email csbrown.entrepreneur@gmail.com. We hope this has been helpful to you, and hopefully, we will see you at our virtual tournament during March 15-21.

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Online Event

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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