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1111 Moonlight dr

Sedona, AZ 86336

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We come together for 3 days of light body activations at the Sacred Sedona Vortex.

About this Event

A powerful portal to welcome and anchor in a higher vibration within ourselves, society, and all of Mother Earth.

Light Body Activations incorporate variety of meditative, and esoteric modalities, to exalt, invigorate, and support the activation of each chakra, aligning you with the blossoming of your light body.

Day 1

New Year Attunments

Portal Of Light Activation

Group Kemetic Reiki

Timeline Attunment

Overnight Sound Healing

Day 2

2021 Portal Activation

7 Chakra Flow and Tibetan Rights

Empowerment Meditation

Vortex Hike & Energy Meditation

Light Body Attunments

Celestial Gong Ceremony

Quantum Breathwork

Gratitude Circle

Day 3

Quantum Activations

Sunrise Chakra Flow

Vortex Hike & Sound Healing

New Earth Light Grid Building

Crown Chakra Sensory Journey

Wisdom Reflection Circle

Sunset Embodiment Ceremony

*Accomodations Included*

(soul family house, with shared common areas)

The Connection Between the Star Sirius and New Year's Eve

Every New Years Eve at midnight we are in direct alignment with the brightest star in our sky, sirius.

The star Sirius is intimately connected to the tradition of ‘ringing out the old and ringing in the new’ at exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve.

At this magical moment, when Sirius reached it's zenith in the sky, we are showered with a light stream of 5th dimensional energy.


The ancient Egyptians called Sirius ‘Isis’ (Sothis) and built their calendar around the heliacal rising and setting of this magnificent star.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius had a profound effect upon the life cycles of the entire planet, as it was seen as "The Spiritual Sun."

In particular, they felt that Sirius was a light bridge to a higher dimension and oriented the Great Pyramid at Giza to Sirius. The Giza pyramid alignment created a portal to Sirius in which one could travel to a dimension of light, through the alignment of their light body or Ka.


The Sirius system is directly "upstream" of our solar system within the galactic arm of our Milky Way Galaxy (the Orion arm). Sirius has a orbital pattern that takes the star on a course towards Earth at over a thousand miles per hour. By coming directly towards us, Sirius creates an axis of rotation with Earth relative to the stellar background. Because of this, only Sirius exactly matches the length of our solar year, 365.25 days. This exact correlation has led some scientists and astronomers to surmise that Sirius is our Sun's bianary star.


However, the system of Sirius is a binary system itself. This system contains two known stars and was the first binary star system discovered by earth astronomers.

The larger and brighter of the two stars, Sirius A, is three times the mass of our sun, and over ten times as bright. Shining with a brilliant blue-white radiance, Sirius A easily overshadows her darker companion star, Sirius B - a ‘white dwarf’ star, invisible to the naked eye. Sirius B packs the equivalent mass of our sun into an incredibly dense globe only 4 times the diameter of our Earth.

The ‘dark sistar’ to massive Sirius A, Sirius B has an immense impact upon the rotational pattern of Sirius. As a result, it helps to reveal important information in our understanding of the Law of Polarity and how we can manage such intense contrast here on Earth.

Sirius B traces an elliptical orbit around Sirius A, and in their common center of gravity they directly face the Earth like the dial of a clock. In their dual gravitational pull upon one another, Sirius and its companion form a beautiful spiral dance.

As they rotate relative to their respective gravitational fields, Sirius A and Sirius B are observed to twist around each other in a helix-like spiral that has, over the course of its 50 year cycle, mirrored the expansive/contractive design of the Golden Proportion, a geometric pattern that is evident in all natural forms, from the seed-heads of a sunflower to the relative proportions of our own bodies and the motions of hurricanes. 

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, the polarized energies of Sirius wash over us, something mystical and profound is revealed – I.E. POLARITY is, at its essence, GOLDEN PERFECTION...

“Sirius imprints upon us a realignment of our own vibrational patterns, touched by the perfection of the Golden Proportion. If we have gone astray from our original DNA blueprint of balance and harmony - for instance through toxic food, air, thoughts etc. - the Sirian influence reestablishes balance and harmony within our Body/Mind/Soul. Out with the old, in with the new!" - Freya Owlsdottir


The key word to describe Sirius energies is TRANSFORMATION. This is the gift of mastery that Sirius flows into us at the turning of our 365-day solar year.

One of the tools for mastering this gift is the use of Sacred Geometry and the Morphic Fields of perfection. The Morphic Fields contain the blueprint for all physical form in its ultimate and perfect expression. 

This may be why the Egyptians linked Sirius with the light body, as Sirius holds the codex the 7th dimension. These forms will always be there, even if something on earth becomes distorted or even extinct. The Golden Proportion is eternal, and even if our thoughts and actions distort our bodies, our minds, our spirit and our Planet itself - the ideal of perfection is always held available to us if we choose to allow it to return.

It is from this field that we create physical form through the use of imagination and visualization. When you see something as perfect, you are accessing these fields to then activate what you see into physical form. The key to activating the form into being is adding emotion and feeling, specifically Love.


To be in conscious attendance of Sirius's position in midheaven at midnight, empowers us to receive the full love and wisdom of the Spirit Of Sirius.

On December 31 as the blast of energy from Sirius reaches Mother Earth we will tap into this quantum energy stream for the creation of perfect and beautiful expressions on Earth. Holding the vision for a pure new beginning, deep transformational healing, and ascension of the entire .

We gather in celebration of The Great Shift into the 5th Dimension.

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Date and Time



1111 Moonlight dr

Sedona, AZ 86336

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