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2020 Workshop Sampler Weekend - New Ideas for Your Toolbox

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Move Dance Space

1980 Youngfield Street

Lakewood, CO 80215

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A weekend with 6 local Colorado teachers offering a sampling of new ideas to add to your toolbox.

About this Event

Molly McClellan and Phoenix are excited to offer the Workshop Sampler Weekend for the 8th year.

Come out and enjoy 6 workshops with Colorado instructors. Gain new ideas for your toolbox in dance.

2020 January Workshops -- January 18th and 19th

Workshop Location: Move Dance Space at 1980 Youngfield St - Lakewood, CO 80215

Time: 10:15am - 4:45pm (1 hour lunch) --- Check in 15 mins prior to your workshop.

Pricing & Packages for Workshops Only (Show Tickets Separate):

Oct 31st-Nov 15th: Full Weekend $125

Nov 16th - Dec 26th: Full Weekend $135 & One Day $75

Dec 27th - Jan 14th: Individual Workshops $35/each, One Day $85, Weekend $150

Jan 15th to Doors: Individual $45/each, One Day $100, Weekend $170 No refunds on purchases.Packages cannot be shared or split between attendees.Transfers to other attendees need to be updated with Phoenix and Molly.


Saturday 10:15am - 12:00pm Loaded Soul – Twisted Funk with Donna Mejia

AKA " I Eat Beats for Breakfast”. Some would define power as the ability to produce large and dramatic movements of virtuosic prowess. I define power as the ability to channel tremendous force but not be removed from one’s center; the strength to metaphorically “swallow the hurricane.” This requires steadiness in one’s core, nuance, a grounded way of moving through space, and, above all, courage to face forces stronger than one’s self. In this transnational fusion dance class, we are going to take the thickest, hardest and crunchiest beats I could locate and translate them into our dancing bodies. Some big moves are on the menu, but I aim to also build intricacy and rhythmic clarity in our movement through remixed hip work. With music and hardcore beats as a guide, drill practice is about to get juicy. Please note that this workshop will utilize music with adult lyrics and themes. (This is the “R” rated version of Donna Mejia). Come ready to play hard.

About Donna: Donna Mejia (Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Dance, CU Boulder Theatre and Dance Department) is a choreographer, scholar, instructor, and performer specializing in contemporary dance, traditions of the African and Arab Diaspora, and emerging fusion traditions in Transnational Electronica. This genre provides a rich arena for the study of cultural imperialism, gender representation and electronic/digital globalization. Donna is also an authorized instructor of the Brazilian Silvestre Modern Dance Technique and is a lauded representative of this esoteric study of dance after 30 years of practice.


(LUNCH 12-1pm)

Saturday 1:00pm - 2:45pm The Drum Calls - Drills & Construction with Phoenix

When the drum calls, dancers respond. Drum routines are not all pop, lock and shimmy. Deviate from the expected to add slinky and slithery surprises with turns and twists. Create your own drum routine with varying intensity and quality of movement. The workshop will include drills as a part of the warm up along with fun combination ideas to help you create your own drum routine or add new ideas to an existing one.

About Phoenix: Dynamic and dramatic, Phoenix is an acclaimed belly dance artist with a stage presence that is as unique as it is diverse. Based in Colorado, she performs and teaches nationally while directing the Sharaqa Shimmers Performance Troupe and teaching regular classes in Denver metro area. Also, Phoenix produces events in the Denver area with the band Yallah!. Phoenix’s signature style is a pastiche of Egyptian and Turkish cabaret, spiritual dance, and tribal style. Known as a theatrical performer, she excels in presenting various types of fusion, with performances ranging from progressive and modern to dark Gothic pieces, light-hearted comedy acts and show-stopping sword performances. A master at Isis Wings, in 2008 she produced and starred in her internationally acclaimed instructional DVD Isis Wings With Phoenix. Phoenix’s interest in the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of dance are another thing that sets her apart. She’s creator and publisher of Dancing From Within, a popular and innovative deck of belly dance class cards. This deck, based on her holistic knowledge and teaching methods, focuses on physical and emotional development for dancers, using the chakras, elements, movement and technique, and has been lauded as a great tool for students, teachers or troupes. Her precise technique and rich musicality as well as her deep understanding of body mechanics has made her a superlative instructor. In addition to training in dance, she is an RN specialized in neurological and spinal injury rehabilitation. Phoenix brings her knowledge of safe body alignment and theatrical expression together to create an opportunity for each student to define their own personal style. Her passion for this beautiful form of self-expression is evident in every move she makes.


Saturday 3:00pm - 4:45pm Turkish-Rom Karshilama with Eva Cernik

Done as folkdance at Romani family celebrations and in clubs throughout Turkey, both for fun! & performance.Feel the Turkish Roma's unique take on 9/8 rhythm, characteristic variations, accenting, and footwork (quite different in feeling from 9/8 styling commonly used by American dancers), and some of that famous (and some infamous) gesturing done in the "heavy" style so much enjoyed by dancers of Sulukule, Istanbul.

About Eva: After extensive training in gymnastics and ballet, at age 19 Eva was first introduced to Bellydance by Anahid Sofian in New York. The following years, she studied in Denver with Naila-Rose, of the original Salimpour school. Then for 13 years, Eva studied intensively with Adnan Sarhan of Baghdad. This training filled her with a deep love for Eastern music and with techniques to practice Dance as a spiritual path. In order to absorb directly from the cultures which have nurtured this dance for centuries, Eva set out on her first trip to the Middle East. To finance her explorations and ongoing studies abroad she worked as an Oriental dancer in London, Paris, Istanbul, and in-troupe in much of Spain, Baghdad, and Cairo. She also traveled in Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco and 14 other countries. Eva’s adventuresome field research and the dance-study tours she produced, were not limited to the night clubs of Cairo and Istanbul, they also extended to the villages where Ghawazi, Turkish Roma, and “folk” dance to traditional acoustic music at their festivals, weddings, and homes. Returning to Egypt 26 times, Eva studied with Khairiya and So'ad Maazin (of a family of dancers recognized for two hundred years throughout Egypt). She also returned to Turkey 12 times. Her studies with Yeşim in Sulukule and Reyhan Tuzsuz, and participation in numerous Turk-Roman festivals have given her the ability to conjure that special feeling for accenting the 9/8 in that unique way of the Turkish Rom. In 1997 Eva was voted "Innovative Dancer of the Year" by the International Academy of Middle East Dance (IAMED), "Favorite Interpretive Artist" in 2002 by Zaghareet Magazine, "Master Instructor" by IBDC in Las Vegas 2007, and accepted a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the Bellydancer of the Universe competition in Long Beach, prompting a three page interview in the July 2009 issue of The Chronicles. Eva continues to teach and perform internationally.


Sunday 10:15am - 12:00pm Embody with Joy Thea

Use movement as a vehicle for self actualization. Students will be taught simple dance practices that aid in discovering the core of your choreographic home, why you tick and what you want to say; both in dance and in life. Bring a journal, pen and your imagination. Wear clothing that will give you complete range of motion. (Think thick sweats/anything that makes you comfortable rolling around on the floor.) This class will be excellent for students looking to level up in their artistry.

About Joy: Joy Thea has been involved in the performance art world since age 7. She fell in love with Raks Sharqi at 15 and quickly discovered that emotive, intentional, living movement; in all of its various groups and subgroups, smoothed out her hard edges and made life worth living. She began teaching fundamentals in 2009 and is currently living and offering workshops in Colorado Springs. Joy is in her tenth year as a Colorado Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Worker. She brings her understanding of the energy and soft tissue systems of the body into focus in her dance classes; giving students the opportunity to fully integrate HOW and WHY they are expressing as they are. Joy was a guest dancer with the Vespertina Dance Project in 2014, guest dancer with Mira Betz in 2015, guest dancer with Baksana Bellydance in 2016 and opened with the The Luddites for Beats Antique in 2015. Joy has been a member of The Luddites troupe since its creation in 2012.


(LUNCH 12pm - 1pm)

Sunday 1:00pm - 2:45pm Tribal Trifles, Sandwiches, and Layers with Molly McClellan

Learn how to add dimension and complexity to your belly dance with layers of isolations! In this workshop we will challenge your body AND mind with drills, exercises, and combos that combine multiple dance movements. We'll show you layers made simple and more challenging variations so you can layer away with delicious confidence! Great for all STYLES of belly dance.

About Molly: Molly McClellan is an internationally acclaimed performer and dance instructor. Molly began studying the art of belly dance in Southern Florida under the instruction of Maja. After moving to New Orleans, she continued her training with Megha Gavin, who was both the director of Devyani and a certified teacher and partner with Carolina Nericcio in the American Tribal Style® (ATS®) format of FatChanceBellyDance®. She now resides in Denver, Colorado where she teaches local classes, performs, and produces shows. Her innovative and highly technical approach to movement has been featured at national festivals andhas made her a sought-after trainer. She has been an instructor at events such as Tribal Fest, Cues and Tattoos, and Jamballah NW. Molly has danced with groups such as “Daughters of Devi”, N.o.madic Tribal Dance, and the internationally touring Beats Antique. She was the co-founder of TribalTique, and is the founder and producer of the Vespertina Dance Project and Kalandaka Tribe. Vespertina Dance Project has also been featured at national dance events for their exciting blend of Modern Tribal Improv (MTI), Tribal Fusion choreography, and frequent collaborations with guest dancers. Her continued dance education includes the General Skills Certification with Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance®, as well as all four phases of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements™ dance program. She is currently a certified Practitioner and Instructor of the Datura method. Molly achieved her Integrated Dance Teacher Certification from Ashley Lopez in 2019. Molly’s classes have a strong foundational use of yoga to strengthen, cross train, and add depth to students’ dance experience. She began her yoga teacher training in Spring of 2007 at CorePower Yoga under the direction and instruction of Lisa Richards. She graduated from the CPY program and became an accredited RYT through Yoga Alliance in 2008.


Sunday 3:00pm - 4:45pm Beautiful Arms, Hands and Frames with Carlyn Pratte

Arms and hands have a tendency to be an afterthought for belly dancers or often you find arms being held in a basic position. Learn graceful arm/hand technique and paths to accentuate your dancing and beautiful frames that highlight your body’s movements. About Carlyn:

Carlyn is a local belly dance instructor and performer with over 12 years of experience. She has had many years of training with Suzanna Del Vecchio, Sadie and other belly dance greats.


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Move Dance Space

1980 Youngfield Street

Lakewood, CO 80215

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