2020 Clay County 4-H County Events Competition

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Clay County Extension

2463 Florida 16

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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Clay County 4-H members are encouraged to participate in County Events. This is a great opportunity to show off your speaking skills, your talents or talk about your interests. Open to all Clay County 4-H members. The divisions are: Public Speaking, Illustrated Talk, Demonstrations, Fashion Revue and Share the Fun. This event will take place on Saturday, February 29th starting at 10:00 am. You will be judged based on your age group and category. The deadline to register will be Friday, February 21st

For detailed rules, please see below:

2020 Clay County 4-H Events Competition

Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020-10:00 am

Entry Deadline: Friday, February 21, 2020

Registration opens January 6, 2020

County Events is open to all Clay County 4-H members in all age groups, cloverbuds to seniors. Cloverbuds (5-7 year olds), Juniors (8-10 year olds), Intermediates (11-13 year olds) and Seniors

(14-18 year olds). While cloverbuds may participate, they will not receive a score or ribbon placing.

Demonstrations or Illustrated Talks:

A demonstration or illustrated talk is a “show and tell” type of presentation. This presentation uses posters and visual aids to share information or ideas with others. They should fall under one of the following categories:

Animals Communication and Expressive Arts Citizenship and Leadership Family and Consumer Sciences Healthy Living Nature and Outdoors

Plants and Gardening Science and Technology

Regardless of category entered, the following regulations apply:

  • No living vertebrates (i.e. fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, or mammals) may be brought to district or state level events.
  • Demonstrations or illustrated talks must be between 3-12 minutes for juniors and intermediates, and 5-12 minutes for seniors.
  • A team demonstration is one in which two team members participate both in speaking and presentation. No more than two members per team and they must be in the same age category.
  • Participants must provide all equipment and supplies for their presentations.
  • Competitors are responsible for all aspects of their preparations and set-up of their presentations.

Public Speaking:

This program is designed to give 4-H’ers experience in the preparation and delivery of a 4-H related speech. This contest requires 4-H’ers to recognize, organize, and present information on a given topic. The timed speech must be orderly and thorough. 4-H’ers must acquire the ability to speak convincingly in public, expressing ideas effectively with poise and confidence.

Categories: General Public Speaking, Horse Public Speaking, 4-H Creed Cloverbud, 4-H Creed 8-9 yrs. (who have never participated in public speaking)

General Regulations

  • Speech must be original and specifically related to 4-H in a demonstrable way. The entire speech does not necessarily have to feature 4-H, but every contestant must, at some point in his/her speech, mention 4-H and its relationship to the material being presented. Contestants who break this rule will be subject to penalization by the judges
  • Speech must have been specifically prepared for, as part of, the 4-H Public Speaking Contest.
  • Speeches by senior 4-H’ers should be no less than 5 and no more than 7 minutes in length.
  • Speeches by junior and intermediate 4-H’ers should be no less than 3 and no more than 7 minutes in length.
  • Contestants whose speeches ignore the outlined time specifications and reference to 4-H will be subject to penalization as outlined on the score sheet.
  • Individual participation only, no team speeches will be allowed.

Share the Fun

The 4-H Share the Fun Program is designed to help 4-H’ers discover their talents, develop them, and have opportunities to share those gifts with others. It is part of the 4-H Recreation Program and is conducted at County, District, and State levels. The objective of the Share-the-Fun Program is to enhance the following areas: appreciation of talent, leadership, confidence, interest in special training, and the ability to discover opportunities for wholesome recreation.

Act Classifications:

  • Instrumental – Musical instruments of all types
  • Vocal – Singing numbers
  • Dance – all dance, baton and acrobatic routines
  • Dramatic and Novelty – skits, stunts, pantomimes, monologues, puppetry, ventriloquism, impersonations, etc.
  • General – acts which include two or more of the above classifications

Act Size and Length:

  • Acts may be presented by individuals or groups
  • Group acts should be limited to a maximum of 5 participants
  • The time for each act can range from 3-5 minutes. Participants will have a one minute warning and then the act will be called at 5 minutes.

Fashion Revue

For all Categories

  • The outfit must be created, coordinated and modeled by the 4-H member participant
  • Outfits are subject to review for modesty and appropriate attire. Formal wear may be strapless or have spaghetti straps. No backless dresses, excessive visible cleavage, visible undergarments, lingerie or swim suits. Please follow 4-H dress code.
  • Each participant may only enter one category.
  • Interview, Before and After photos of the participant wearing the garment, and Modeling are required for all participants at each level of competition



• To showcase the member’s sewing skills and their ability to coordinate an outfit.

• Garment(s) must be sewn by the 4-H member.

• As skill levels range from beginning to advanced, entries in the Personally Sewn category will also vary. The entry might be a one-piece dress or it might be three coordinated pieces. A beginning member might even sew one garment and purchase another, for example a sewn jumper worn with a purchased blouse.

• The entry form would state which garment(s) are sewn.

• A sewn costume would be considered Personally Sewn category.

There is no separate category for wool or cotton. If the outfit is sewn, regardless of fabric content, it is Personally Sewn.


• The member designs and sews a wearable garment from previously used materials. The completed garment is different from its original use.

• This category focuses on creativity as well as sewing skills.

• The original garment is not yardage like a bedspread or sheet, but an actual garment. It might even be two or more original garments. Additional fabric and trim may be added to complete the new garment.

• The new garment must show at least 50% change in construction. This means it can’t just be a t-shirt dress cut in half to construct a tank top and elastic-waist skirt. It could be a pair of jeans made into a skirt and apron with calico fabric and trim added. It could be a large dress made into

a skirt to fit a smaller person with the dress collar cut down to fit onto a new blouse. It could be 2 old shirts re-made into shorts and a light jacket with trim from a man’s tie. It could be an old prom dress made into a new blouse with dress pants cut down from a pair of men’s slacks. Be creative!

• Photos must be included with garments being worn by member BEFORE and AFTER alterations.


• The member must be a 1st year clothing/textile participant without prior sewing experience.

• Member must submit only ONE garment. The garment may be paired with other

• Participant will choose one of the aforementioned categories and follow all rules and regulations within, but will only be judged in the 1st Year Sewer category.

4. Members may model only one outfit.

5. Members must submit a commentary.

6. Members will be judged while wearing their outfits; and must model in order to be eligible

for award recognition.

7. The same outfit must be worn at all levels of the Fashion Revue competition (County,

District, and State).


4-H County Events Entry Form

Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020-10:00 am

Entry deadline: Friday, Feb. 21, 2020

Member Name: _____________________________________________________

Age (as of 9/1/7): ________________ Division: Cloverbud Jr. Int. Sr.

4-H Club: __________________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________

Please check the event(s) in which you will participate:

Public Speaking

General Public Speaking

Horse Public Speaking

4-H Cloverbud Presentation or Creed

4-H Creed 8-9 yrs. (who has not participated in public speaking)

Demonstrations / Illustrated Talks

Title of Demonstration/Talk: ________________________________________

Category:  Animals  Communication and Expressive Arts

 Nature and Outdoors  Citizenship and Leadership

 Healthy Living  Family and Consumer Sciences

 Science and Technology  Plants and Gardening

Will this be a PowerPoint Presentation? Yes No

Team demonstration? Yes No

If team demonstration, name of partner:_____________________________

Share the Fun

Name of Selection/Title of Act: _______________________________________

Type of Talent: ____________________________________________________

Equipment needed, if any: ___________________________________________

(ex. Microphone, cd player)

If a group act, list names of group members: ______________________________


Fashion Revue

Personally Sewn Repurposed 1st Year Sewer

Description of Entry: ________________________________________________


If you have any questions, please contact Julia at Jgordie@ufl.edu at the Clay County 4-H office at 904-284-6355.

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Date and Time


Clay County Extension

2463 Florida 16

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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