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2019 San Antonio Post Election Voting Has Ended

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
2019 San Antonio Post Election Voting Has Ended
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To be eligible to vote in this election, you MUST be a current SAME AND San Antonio Post member as shown on the current membership rosters available at the Post website.


In the ballot, you will be asked to select the candidate of your choice for each of the five (5) available positions. You can also choose to identify WRITE-IN candidate(s) for position(s). If you do so, select "WRITE-IN" for the position in the drop-down menu, then enter the name of the individual in the box where it says WRITE-IN candidate for that position.

Please be sure when entering any WRITE-IN candidate(s) that they are: (1) members of the Post; (2) interested in serving in the position; (3) and have the time to serve in the position.

The next section provides you with a summary of this year's candidates - scroll down the page to learn more about each of them.


Here are your candidates for this year’s Post Elections:

For 2020 Vice President/2021 President-Elect


David Pratt: David is a Program Manager at Parsons for Air Force Design and Construction Services, responsible for program operations, contract sales growth and task order management. He has been a member of the San Antonio Post since 2006 and has been involved at many different levels of the Post and SAME over the past 13 years including: Post Special Projects Coordinator; Post Young Member Director; Post K-12 Program Coordinator; SAME Engineering & Construction Camp Mentor; Vice Chair, Programs, SAME Young Member Council; Scholarship Director, SAME Engineering & Construction Camps; and Post Professional Development Director. David is also a SAME Young Medal Medal Winner. He appreciates all that the Post has done for him and wants to serve and pay forward all of those benefits back to the Post and its members.

For 2020 Treasurer


Sam Hutchins IV, F.SAME: Sam works for City of San Antonio and manages the Transportation and Capital Improvements project management software and schedulers. He also builds databases and models in support of the department. Sam has served as our Post Treasurer since 2002 and serves as a Post Golf Committee volunteer helping make our Post Education & Mentoring Fund Golf Tournament a huge success each year. Sam is a member of SAME’s Academy of Fellows.

For 2020 Secretary


Sarah Fowlkes: Sarah works for AmaTerra Environmental and handles the marketing efforts for the company. She also travels to conferences and meetings as the company's representative. She is currently serving as the Post Secretary. Sarah has also served the past two years on the Post’s Small Business Committee and worked the sponsorships and running of the one-on-one sessions for our Small Business Market Research Fair. She also helped out with the Post’s Young Member Committee and the UT and UTSA Student Chapters. Sarah is a graduate of the 2018 Post Leadership Lab. She wants to continue her service with our amazing Post.

For 2020-21 Director, Leadership & Mentoring


1. Lt Col Elisa Hammer, USAF: Elisa is Bioenvironmental Engineer, Chief of Environmental Health (EH) programs, at the USAF Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA) where she will develop policy for the Surgeon General’s (SG) EH programs. She will also be the liaison between the AF Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) and the USAF SG. She has held a variety of Post-level and SAME positions including: Vice President Tularosa Basin Post from 2017-2019; volunteer in Post STEM activities; member of SAME Environmental Community of Interest (COI); and member of the SAME “Environmental Health” Task Force with she hopes to grow into its own COI. She would like to play an active role in the Post and contribute her time and talent to other members in a way that is value-added to all as well as herself. Jones

2. Derrick Jones: Derrick is Junior Architect with HFS Company and produces working drawings of sections, floor plans, elevations and architectural details. He creates facilities plan through various feasibility studies and value engineering analysis. Derrick also works with major clients from the government sector including the VA and DOD. He is a graduate of the Texas A&M Bush School of Public Service Emerging Leader Program. Derrick believes the major part of living is to make this World better than we found it. In doing so, in service we have that opportunity to make things better. This is matter of true courage…to be committed in time… to pour your experiences and thoughts into a task, someone’s life or a profession.

For 2020-21 Director, Relationships


1. LTC (Sel) Toby Flinn, USAR: Toby is Operations Manager for Pape-Dawson Engineering, Transportation Division and provides operational and engineering expertise to the Transportation Division through design, project management, scheduling, and personnel management. In the Army Reserves, LTC (Sel) Flinn is the Operations Officer for the Forward Engineer Support Team located in Denver Colorado, with units located in San Antonio. He is committed to the architecture/engineer/construction industry having served in a wide variety of positions in both the private and military sector (his time is 50/50 between the sectors). Toby is also a San Antonio native and wishes to help shape the future of this unique city in terms of infrastructure, business, and communities. He is also a SAME Toulmin Medal Winner for his article on Expeditionary Engineering in the TME in 2014.Moes

2. Steve Moes: Steve does Business Development for LEO A DALY Company. He has served in a number of Post-level and SAME positions including: President of the Anchorage Post; Vice President of the Robins AFB Post for two years; Chairman, SAME Cybersecurity Committee; Chairman, SAME Utility Cybersecurity Sub-committee; and lead for the military transition session at this year’s Post Small Business Market Research Fair. Steve wants to become more involved with our Post.


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