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The Post is seeking candidates to run in this year’s Post elections. The positions available are as follows.

  • 2020 Vice President/2021 President-elect: This is a 2-year position. The individual elected to this position will first serve as Vice President under Eric Wilbur, our previously elected 2020 President, then assumes the role of Post President for 2021. Following the individual’s year as President, he/she will be asked to continue to serve as Past Post President on the Board for 2022.

  • 2020 Treasurer: This is a 1-year position (elected/re-elected each year). This individual is the Chief Financial Officer of the Post is overall responsible for all financial matters and accounts.

  • 2020 Secretary: This is also a 1-year position (elected/re-elected each year). This individual is overall responsible for all administrative matters related to Post operations.

  • 2020-21 Director, Leadership & Mentoring (LM): This is a 2-year position. There are 4 elected Directors (two elected/re-elected every year) responsible for the 4 major Post program areas: Professional Growth, Professional Development, Leadership & Mentoring, and Relationships. This Director with the help of other applicable Board/Committee members is overall responsible for:

      • ensures Post Board member attends a Post Leaders Workshop annually and subsequently employs the knowledge gained to enhance Post level volunteer management

      • ensures Post Board of Directors includes Small Business, Young Members and public and private sector representatives; when feasible, a Noncommissioned Officer

      • grows Post member active participation in Society activities

      • conducts an active recruiting campaign in order to grow government, military and public sector civilian segment of Post active membership

      • utilizes SAME Fellows and Post senior leaders in support of Post programs

      • ensures Post funding is utilized for one or more NCOs or Young Members to attend the annual JETC or other education or other training event hosted by a Post or other professional association

      • ensures Post funding is utilized to support the education and professional development of one or more of the following groups in STEM Careers: K-12 Teachers and/or Students, College Students, Young Members or NCOs

  • 2020-21 Director, Relationships (REL): This again is one of the 4 elected Directors (two elected/re-elected every year) explained above. This Director with the help of other applicable Board/Committee members is overall responsible for:

      • ensures two or more meetings provide information on future programs, projects, and contract opportunities for Department of Defense and other Federal, State or local programs relevant to the Post membership

      • maintains effective communications with Post members and stakeholders by maintaining an updated Post website throughout the year through newsletters and other means

      • ensures Post participates in a collaborative event with another professional society that fosters the goals of SAME

      • ensures Post conducts one or more topical issue workshops in support of the Industry-Government Engagement Plan

      • ensures Post supports outreach to wounded warriors and their families, families of deployed engineers, Veterans, or families of fallen warriors

      • ensures Post supports national SAME events (DoD, JETC, SBC, Facilities Management Workshop)

More details on how the Post Board is organized and the relationships and responsibilities of the various elected and appointed Board positions is in the Post Bylaws - see the Post website at

NOTE: When the new SAME 2025 Strategic Plan is published, the Society's goals and focus areas may change. This may result in shifting of responsibilities between the four (4) elected Directors.


To be eligible to be a candidate for our elections, you MUST:

    • Be a current SAME AND San Antonio Post individual member or sustaining/public, academic or non-profit agency member designated representative AND

    • If a Post individual member, have the San Antonio Post as your Post affiliation AND

    • Not be a candidate for or an elected/appointed member of another Post's Board of Direction AND

    • If elected, keep your SAME and San Antonio Post membership current during your term AND

These positions do involve a commitment of time. There are Board meetings, Post meetings and work related to your specific activities/areas of responsibilities, which all together involve several hours each month. If you travel frequently as part of your job, it may hinder you from effectively filling a Board position.


All Post members should consider serving on the Post Board of Direction. We strongly encourage military and other public agency Post members to consider being candidates. The diversity and ideas from your job experience offer great opportunities to improve our operations and to make our activities more relevant to your respective organizations.

To apply simply complete the information in the application above.


Contact the Post POC as indicated at the right

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