2019 BostonFIG Fest Digital Showcase Submission

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Submissions for the 2019 BostonFIG Fest Digital Showcase have closed.

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Harvard Athletic Complex

65 North Harvard Street

Boston, MA 02134

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Submissions for the 2019 BostonFIG Fest Digital Showcase have closed.
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Submit your game for consideration in the Digital Showcase!

We're looking for quality, independently-developed, digital games to exhibit at BostonFIG Fest in September 2019!

Please read the full submission guidelines on https://www.bostonfig.com/wp-content/uploads/2019-BostonFig-Digital-Showcase-Registration.pdf first!


Since there is no perfect criteria for what an “indie” game is, we will take submissions on a case-by-case basis and work with studios to determine what games make sense from a community standpoint.

  • Only unpublished games, or games that have been released after October 2018 can be submitted.

  • Games should be independently produced, though publisher funding/distribution is acceptable.

  • Games that were submitted to BostonFIG Fest in any previous year are eligible for submission, but must demonstrate that they have undergone significant changes since the last submission. A brief gameplay video or screenshot(s) of the previous version must be provided for comparison.

  • Games are not produced by a major publisher-owned studio; list of publishers here.

  • Games should include at least one finished, playable level (or have its core system in place so that curators can accurately understand your game's ambitions, mechanics, and gameplay).

  • Game content and other materials are owned solely by the developer/designers or legal permission is obtained to use any other copyrighted material.

  • Come ready to demo on your own hardware (or send someone who can) on September 14, 2019.

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your game, please contact Shae@BostonFIG.com.

Entry Submission Details

Only complete entries that include both a video, playable build, and single category selection will be considered for the showcase.

Video Entry:

  • Includes at least 30 seconds of gameplay that is unedited, so that we can see your game in action. (Except for submissions to Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay, added VO or text is fine, if you need to explain something, but please, NO added music/FX/dialogue not in the game. For Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay games, we request no edits to your gameplay footage.)

  • 2-3 minutes MAXIMUM, uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo with link to watch. Please make sure it is accessible to anyone with the link, even if you would like it not to be public. We will need to share it within the BostonFIG organization.

  • Tell us about your game, and WHY YOUR GAME FITS INTO YOUR CHOSEN CATEGORY.

  • You should also tell us WHY YOU BELIEVE YOUR GAME IS COMPELLING.

  • Use this as an opportunity to introduce us to your game for the first time.

  • This video will NOT be judged on production quality.

If your game cannot fit this format please contact Shae@BostonFIG.com.

Build entry:

  • Please provide a playable build, on as many platforms as you are comfortable with. This build should be easily accessible, either hosted on a server (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), or accessible via provided Steam/PSN/Xbox keys, web links, etc. We will not accept attachments via email. As with your submission video, we will be sharing your build within the BostonFIG organization, so do not strictly limit access to your build.

  • If your game is a mod, or otherwise uses software separate from the game submission to run, you MUST PROVIDE US ACCESS TO THAT SOFTWARE. That may mean Steam keys, or --as may occur for the Experimental Game Design category-- an emulator, or something else.

  • If you are using TestFlight, and therefore cannot provide a link to a build, you will be able to indicate that on the submission form.

  • We will NOT accept source code as a game submission. This is beyond what we ask of curators, and we will turn away submissions that violate this rule.

If you have a more complicated submission process that makes it difficult to download and install your game, please contact Shae@BostonFIG.com with your completed submission receipt along with any relevant information pertaining to your request.

Category Selection:

  • You must choose a category upon submitting your game. Although a game may fit more than one category, we ask that you choose to submit to the one category for which you believe your game is best suited. We are only allowing a game to compete in ONE category. It is not permitted to submit ONE game to more than one category; the second entry will be ignored.

  • If you have multiple games, you are welcome to submit them each, individually, as separate submission entries. You can submit more than one game to the same category, as long as each game has its own submission entry.

Entry Categories

“Compelling Game Mechanics”

Many times while playing games, an experience comes along that seems to iterate on a pre-existing mechanic, creating a unique experience that breathes fresh life into a game genre. Others break the mold entirely with something revolutionary, marching forward to the beat of its own drum. The Compelling Game Mechanics category for the Boston Festival of Indie Games is searching for just that: a game that redefines and revolutionizes gameplay mechanics in such a way that creates a fun player experience and leaves the player coming back for more. If you feel your game has a unique gameplay experience, this category is for you!

Examples of Games: World of Goo, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, Dishonored 2, The Room, Antichamber, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

This is the Category for You If: …you would like your game to be judged primarily by its mechanics and the implementation of your gameplay experience.

“Innovation in Art and Narrative”

The category for Innovation in Art and Narrative seeks to recognize games and interactive experiences that push the boundaries of telling a story, building a world, and engaging players emotionally, through the creative use of art and narrative. We’re seeking submissions where the art, narrative, or other creative aspects of the game are integral to the experience, or are applied in a novel and interesting way. This is a category for games pushing the boundaries of art and narrative in games.

Examples of Games: Perception, Shrug Island, Vidar, Traitor Nightly, Emily is Away, Inside, Kentucky Route Zero, Undertale, Small Radios Big Televisions.

This is the Category for You If: …you would like your game to be judged primarily by its art, narrative, sound design, and/or other creative efforts.

“Experimental Game Design”

The Experimental Game Design category seeks games that push the boundaries of what we consider to be games. Games that fit in this category may be avant-garde experiences, interactive works that don't follow traditional gameplay loops, or unusual interpretations of --or complete breaks with-- genre.

Innovation is a key factor, and submissions should be trying something new. Remember that every major genre was once considered "experimental." Games in this category may utilize new mechanics, or may blend familiar mechanics in new ways. Or there may be an element that leaves the player thinking about the experience long after playing. We want to see what you can do with game design when opting not to go down safe, well-traveled paths.

Examples of Games: Ennuigi, Passage, Flower, Rez.

This is the Category for You If: … you would like your game to be judged on its risk-taking and genre-bending.

“Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay”

The Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay category seeks games that promote a shared experience with multiple people at its core. This includes both online and local multiplayer games. Local games include traditional, turn-based play by sharing a controller and simultaneous play by having multiple people play using the same controller or multiple controllers at once. We are looking for games that are enticing to bystanders, encouraging those not playing to be a part of the experience. This can include the audience guiding the individual(s) playing, aiding the player(s) by sharing information, cheering for a close match, and anything else that can make a spectator feel invested in the game even if they aren’t the ones directly playing it. Games designed with live streaming in mind that compliment game streaming culture are highly encouraged.

Examples of Games: Towerfall, DayZ, Rocket League, Jackbox Party Pack.

This is the Category for You If: … you would like your game to be judged primarily by its multiplayer experience, both as a player and as a spectator.

“Student Games”

The Student Games category is seeking games from student developers using their time in academia to explore fresh ideas and nurture games that may or may not fit the mold of traditional commercial titles. This game may be the idea you had as a kid that you've still never seen before and now, finally, have the ability to make. It could be the result of the unique and diverse strengths of your student team, working together for the first time. Or maybe in your studies you found something subversive, risky, or strange you wanted to explore that challenges the perception of what a game is. Whatever the case, we want to see creative submissions that get us excited about the future of games!

We don't expect these games to be polished to perfection or bug-free; in fact, it's our hope that you've chosen experimentation over polish, so we'll give a little more leeway to games submitted to this category in that regard. Though of course, if you're able to craft a slick, professional user experience we'll certainly recognize that as well!

This category is only open to current students, at the graduate level or below at time of submission.

Examples of games: Magic Moving Mansion Mania, Felongeist, Yesterday.

This is the Category for You If: ... you are currently a graduate student or below!


By submitting to BostonFIG Fest, you agree to the above stated process and that failure to comply with it can lead to your game being rejected from submission without refund. You also understand that if your game is not accepted into the BostonFIG Fest showcase, your entry fee will not be refunded.

You agree that BostonFIG Fest will not be held responsible for any damages incurred through participation in the showcase and submission process including, but not limited to: audience, media, and judges’ reactions to your game; rejection from the showcase; failure to receive a Figgie; and feedback given by other constituents.

You agree that all game content and other materials are owned solely by you and fellow developers and designers. You agree that you have appropriate permissions from all developers and designers to enter your game into the showcase. You also agree that BostonFIG Fest will not be held liable for any legal disputes that arise from your participation in the showcase and submission process.

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Date and Time


Harvard Athletic Complex

65 North Harvard Street

Boston, MA 02134

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