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2018 Ohio Independent Film Festival

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BOP STOP @ The Music Settlement

2920 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113

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The 2018 Ohio Independent Film Festival's "One Night Only" event in which only the top features of any genre and top short films (also of any genre) will be shown at a one night event, held on Saturday, November 3rd.

Friday, November 2nd, we will be hosting a free film mixer/social event at the BOP STOP starting at 7pm. Donations at the door will be much appreciated. Free live music by Brent Kirby.

New this year! Festival attendees get exclusive access to a special "Members Only" area of our website where you can get film recommendations, support projects in development, and even connect with independent filmmakers from all around the world!

FRIDAY November 2 FREE pre-event networking party Food available for purchase from the Bop Stop 7:00p Doors
Entertainment by Brent Kirby at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM

8:30 PM Shorts Block
Foxes Tristan Taylor/USA
In this adult Coming-Of-Age narrative, an African American male struggles to admit his depression to his younger brother who idolizes him.

Repercussion Negin Homayounpour/ Iran
A family is watching a war movie suddenly , they experience the same events

A Feeling for Leaving Dan Boord/Luis Valdovino/USA
Our world from a rearview mirror: visible, mobile, vanishing.

Unknown Contact Silk Bistini/France
Sandra returns to her home in a quiet little suburb. While nothing else works at home, Sandra sees the disturbing silhouette of a man watching his house from the street

SATURDAY, November 3
10:00 AM Doors

10:30 AM Program 1

Staring at the Sun Harry Greenberger/USA Two teenage
Hasidic girls run away from their community and travel across America in search of the freedom they assume must be out there somewhere.

15 minute Intermission

Huckleberry Roger Hill/USA Huckleberry
Love triangles are dangerous. They typically end in pain ... or conquest. Huckleberry 18, transgender, comes from a poor community in the Rust Belt. A region much maligned and challenging, but often misunderstood ... Like himself.

Includes Q&A with Harry Greenberger and Roger Hill.

2:30 PM Program 2

The World is Mine preceded by Only A Movie!

Only a Movie! Teddy Cecil/USA
Guy realizes that life is a terrible movie and searches for a way to rewrite his own ending.

The World is Mine Anne Oren/Germany
In cosplay of the Japanese cyber diva Hatsune Miku, the director moves to Tokyo, seeking an identity in the world of Miku fanatics, where she is drawn into a love affair with one of the fans. Miku is a Vocaloid, a vocal synthesizer software personified by a cute animated character. Her entire persona: lyrics, music and animation – is fan created, and that's her charm. She even performs sold out concerts as a hologram. By transforming herself into a Miku character through cosplay, Oren enters a world of real hardcore fans where fantasy is more real than reality and the differentiation between the two becomes obsolete.

4:30 PM Program 3

Anne & Andy preceded by Fluent, followed by Q&A
Fluent Craig Scott/Netherlands 6:17 need stills
On a midnight walk through Amsterdam, a sober bartender confronts his past when an old flame comes to visit.

Anne & Andy Andrew Palmer/USA
A downward spiral, punk rock love story loosely inspired by Johnny Gruelle's children's book characters, Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy

7:00 PM Program 4

Ohio Shorts followed by Q&A

The Balking Dead John Maslowski/USA
Two animated zombies discuss "The Walking Dead", Norman Reedus and a trip to Starbucks.

5 Days Stacey Malone/USA
“5 Days” is a dramatic musical short film about “Jane” who is a strong independent single woman secure in her life who’s life get flip around when she gets an Unexpected Texted from “Him” about a date on Friday. She reluctantly agrees and we follow Jane’s 5 Day Journey to get ready for “Him” The Chair Zebulon Griffin/USA
A short comedy about an inattentive boyfriend who forms an unhealthy obsession over an antique chair.

Sometimes at Night Jeff Ding/USA
Years after their relationship ended, Jake and Laura unexpectedly run into each other in Cleveland. Both new to the city, they spend the evening wandering through it and reconnecting.

Blind To It Scott Brosius/USA
A family confronts a loved one with an addiction and implores him to see that he is destroying them along with himself.

Caught Up Carl Schlacht/USA
The only way out is to get in deeper.

9:00 Program 5

Crown & Anchor preceded by Miscreant followed by Q&A

Miscreant RockyRamsey/USA

Anderson McCarthy, a young law-school graduate, walks two small town detectives through his life threatening turn
of events while visiting his
Uncle Billy for the very first time.

Crown and Anchor Andrew Rowe/Matt Wells/Michael Rowe/Canada
James Downey is living a disciplined and straight edge lifestyle as a result of growing up with an abusive alcoholic father. His estranged cousin Danny is drowning his own trauma with drugs and booze. When their lives are forced to intersect once more, they each begin to unravel as the past returns with violent and tragic consequences. Featuring a blistering punk/hardcore soundtrack, Crown and Anchor is a slow-burn drama delivered with the intensity of a punch to the gut.

Submissions for the 2019 OIFF will be open in March!

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Date and Time


BOP STOP @ The Music Settlement

2920 Detroit Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113

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