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Aurora Sportsmen's Club

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2018 Fall Picnic and Shoot-a-Round

Sunday, September 30th, 1:30-5:00 p.m.

(safety briefing at 2:00pm)

Aurora Sportsmen’s Club in Waterman, IL

(25 min west of Aurora) http://www.aurorasc.org/

Please click on the green REGISTER link at the top right of this page to let us know the exact number of people in your family that will be attending the FREE event. This includes everyone in your family/group. We will collect a $20 donation at the range from anyone that wants to participate in the ballistic activities. (Please bring cash)

After registering, please download the WAIVER FORM below for EACH person attending, complete it and bring the forms with you on the day of the event. Even if you are not participating in the ballistic/shooting event, everyone on ASC property must have a completed waiver form on file.


Once again, we will be hosting our Fall Picnic and Parent Outing at one of the premier shooting ranges in northern Illinois. The Aurora Sportsman’s Club has top-notch facilities and offers something for everyone in shooting sports. Everyone who attended last year had a great time and came away with a smile on their face.

We are expecting about 30 families and a total of 70 people so it will be busy. We will have sub sandwiches for the entire group and we ask that each family bring a little something to share. Nothing too extravagant or fancy as we may have to pack out some of our trash (think backpacking style snacks and leave no trace camping principles-finger food; minimal peels, rinds and packaging; and, just enough to keep us going and energized for the afternoon). If in doubt, I suggest chocolate chip cookies and lemon pound cake (but that’s just me). We will have some sodas and water on hand. If you want to bring extra drinks, water, Gatorade and soft drinks would be the best choice. No adult beverages please (because of the whole gun thing).

Again, the event is FREE for all that want to attend and enjoy the usual potluck picnic and fellowship. We will also offer ballistic activities for anyone interested in shooting semi-auto pistols, rifles, and shotguns. We are asking for a small $20 donation to help us offset the cost of ammo for anyone who wants to throw some lead downrange. We will have coaches and multiple shooting lanes with various types of firearms for all who want to give it a go. Whether you shoot a few rounds, empty the magazine of an AR-15, or you just want to pose for a cool Bonnie and Clyde photo, your street cred with your Cadet will go off the charts.

For those who do not want to do any shooting, there will be a designated safe area with unloaded firearms that you can hold and inspect. This is a great opportunity for those who just want to pick up and learn more about the mechanisms and safe handling of firearms.


1:30pm - Arrive and setup tables, chairs, food, etc.

2:00pm - We will kick off the shooting portion of the event with a safety briefing for the entire group with an NRA instructor and our club host, Nancy Donaldson and then proceed to the "firing line" and dispense lead downrange in a safe and controlled manner. Everyone will be firing at targets safely in the same direction and into a dirt berm.

  • Firearms, ammunition and targets will be provided.

  • Hearing and eye protection will be provided and REQUIRED at all times within 30 feet of the firing line. If you would like to bring your own hearing and eye protection, feel free to do so.

  • Shooters should wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals) and a baseball cap along with shirts/tops to cover parts that would be sensitive to hot brass and buttstocks. Otherwise, dress for the weather and consider bringing personal hand wipes, sunscreen and bug spray.

  • Please bring folding chairs for sure, and camp tables and/or pop up sun shelters if you have them.

  • No Alcohol is allowed on ASC Premises at anytime

  • State of Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) is Recommended but NOT required (see below)

Keep an eye out for updates and more information via email, FaceBook and the WPPC-IL website!


  • Everyone will be required to sign and complete a waiver form to participate in activities on ASC property.

  • ASC has no age limits for open shooting. All persons under age 18 must have parent/guardian permission and must be accompanied by an adult. Children who are allowed to handle firearms must be strong enough to safely operate them, skilled enough to properly aim every shot and mature enough to comply with Range Safety Rules and directions from the instructors.

  • No Alcoholic beverages are allowed on ASC premises at anytime. This includes shooters and non-shooters.

  • Do not bring your own firearms, we will have plenty of guns to shoot.

  • State of Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) is Recommended but NOT required to shoot. The FOID application is a simple process, only $10 and is good for ten years. The application link can be found on the IL State Police website at https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/FOID.aspx

What else can I bring into the event?

- Tables, chairs, pop up canopies, bug spray, sunscreen... plan for warm weather!


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please call Jeff or Bill with any questions or concerns.

Jeff Carello

Bill Ratzer


Jeff Carello



2018 Fall Picnic and Shoot-a-Round at Aurora Sportsmen's Club

7750 Rueff Rd, Waterman, IL 60556