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Good Luck Community Center

8601 Good Luck Road

Lanham, MD 20706

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LIFERS CLUB and our partners have set out to affect positive change in the communities we live in...AGAIN! If you missed the previous years, here's your chase to be a part of one of the most fun days of summer sixteen. And if you did participate last summer, you know what to expect. We have some additions so this year will be bigger and better!


10 AM: Doors Open

11 AM: Player Check-In/Jersey Distribution


12:30: 10 Min Halftime

1:30 PM: MVP Trophy Ceremony

*The game will consist of two 30-minute halves with a running clock. Two timeouts per team per half.

This year, the proceeds will go toward the jump starting of an organization called On Man Time. #OnManTime is a organization focused on creating better leaders in the community and creating a system of support and accountability amongst men in society.

Get involved any way you can. Play! Donate! Attend! or Sponsor!


1) A team is made up of 4 players, with at least 3 females on the field at all times.The offensive team is composed of a center, a quarterback, 4 receivers and a running back. All players are eligible to receive passes.

2) The team designated one person as the captain. The captain is the only person permitted to address the officials and call timeouts.

3) Participants may wear cleats – not required but encouraged!

4) The game is made up of 2 periods of 30 minutes.

5) Time can only be stopped through time-outs and extra point attempts, but not for change of possession. A two-minute warning will be given for each half.

6) Two one-minute time-outs are allowed for each team during each game.

7) If at the end of regulation time, the score is tied, a 5-minute sudden death overtime will ensue.


1) Each offense is allowed 4 downs to advance the ball to midfield or score a touchdown.

2) The ball is considered dead at the point where the flag is legally pulled if the ball carrier’s knees touch the ground, and in all cases where the ball touches the ground.

3) The team that wins the coin flip has the first choice of starting on offense, defense, and choice of goals. The ball shall be put in play on the 10-year line.

4) Sack Count - the quarterback has 8 seconds to get rid of the ball or else it is a sack and a loss of down. [This is the referees’ responsibility to count for the quarterback].

4) Fumbles and interceptions can be advanced.

5) A pass receiver must have one foot in bounds. If pushed by a defender, the official’s judgment shall prevail as to whether or not the receiver would have landed in bounds.

6) All blocks must be made with both feet on the ground, with contact of the opponent between the waist and the shoulders. NO blocking below the waist!!!

7) No Kicking or Punting.

8) If a team has not reached midfield or scored a touchdown by the time it is the 4th down, it is a turnover on downs.

9) A player is down when the belt is pulled off by an opponent. Please do not tape the Velcro together or use any other forms of reinforcement making the belt more difficult to remove than it was intended.

10) When a player scores a touchdown and the official determines the flag belt has been secured illegally, the touchdown is disallowed and the player is disqualified.

11) Defensive rushers must line up 5 yards away from the line of scrimmage.


1) Touchdown: 6 points / Safety: 2 points / Conversions are from 2 yards out; 1 point for a run, 2 points for a pass.


1) No team may be penalized more than half the distance of the goal.

2) If a pass is thrown while the quarterback is beyond of the line of scrimmage or the ball is intentionally grounded, 5 yards and the loss of the down.

3) Illegal delay of game is 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. The ball must be snapped within 20 seconds after being placed down by the referee.

4) Unnecessary roughness is 10 yards from the spot of the foul. Includes tripping or pushing an opponent or illegal use of hands.

5) Leaving the feet in an attempt to block or tackle is 10 yards. If a player consistently leaves his/her feet they will be removed from the game or banned from further competition.

6) Offsides – 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

7) Violation of time-out rule – 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

8) Illegally pulling flag belt in any way to gain advantage including tying, using other foreign materials, or other such acts is illegal – 5 yards from the original line of scrimmage.

**Officials will be present to ensure the safety of the participants.


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Date and Time


Good Luck Community Center

8601 Good Luck Road

Lanham, MD 20706

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