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UTS Building 11

81 Broadway

Ultimo, NSW 2007


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"Hackathons are not only for programmers or ‘hackers’, they’re an experience which everyone should be going through." - Angela Bee Chan, founder of Hackathons Australia, UTS alumni, and competitor in the 2014 UTS hackathon

UTS Programmers' Society and UTS Robotics Society are proud to announce the Code2Learn Stuvac Hackathon, which is sponsored by WiseTech Global, to encourage UTS students in cultivating their interest in Information Technology and Engineering.

Design and build a solution within 29 hours for a chance to win cash prizes from a pool of $8,000. You can be an entrepreneur, a software developer, a hardware developer, and/or a UX designer. The solution can range from a web application to an electronic device. Use this opportunity during Stuvac to network with mentors from WiseTech Global, collaborate with fellow UTS students, and build new skills (psst, it'll look really good on your resume).

There are two events for the Code2Learn Stuvac Hackathon.

1. Information Session
Thursday 19 April 2018
From 6:30PM to 9PM
Building 10, Aerial UTS Function Centre

2. Competition
Saturday and Sunday 21-22 April 2018
From 9AM to 7:30PM the next day
Building 11

You will be in a team of 3-6 people, which you can form and finalise at the Information Session that's held on the Thursday before the overnight Competition.

There will be food and drinks at the Information Session and at the Competition. The Competition will include caffeinated drinks.

A judging panel selected by the Programmers' Society and Robotics Society will judge the Submissions based on criteria that will be provided and communicated at the Information Session. The theme of your solution will also be revealed at the Information Session.

Judges will determine an overall winner, second place and third place.

1st Prize: $5,000
2nd Prize: $2,000
3rd Prize: $1,000

By registering, you accept the 2018 Code2Learn Terms & Conditions. (Amendments to the Eligibility section, where participants of age 17 or older can attend instead of age 18 or older, will be put up and need to be re-signed at the Information Session)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? (Revised on Tuesday, April 17)

Participants have to be aged 17 years or older who are legal residents of Australia and current students of UTS, including full-time, part-time, international and/or local students enrolled at UTS and are current members of the Programmers’ Society or Robotics Society. You can join as a member of either society through the Activate UTS website.

Please bring your UTS Student ID to show us upon event sign-in. If you are 18 or over and are intending to drink alcohol, also bring along ID such as driver's license or passport so security can check your date of birth.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

It's best to use public transport to get to UTS Building 10 for the Information Session and UTS Building 11 for the overnight Competition. Please arrange your travel home; it is not advised to drive home after the Competition unless you did not stay overnight and had a good night's sleep.

What can I bring to the event?

Yourself, your UTS Student ID, your portable devices such as laptop and mobile phone, adapters and chargers. If your team is considering a hardware solution, bring your own platforms such as Arduino and Raspberri Pi. If you're planning to stay overnight, it's advised to bring toiletries and a change of clothes. Details on the location of nearby showers on campus will be added as soon as they're confirmed.

Do I have to stay overnight?

No, you can go home to sleep in your own bed and return to the Competition the next day. However, it's advised you work with your team on your unavailabilities.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Send an email to media@progsoc.org with the subject line that starts with 'Code2Learn' or 'Hackathon'.

What's the refund policy?

Registration for the 2018 Code2Learn Stuvac Hackathon is free. However, you have to be a current member of either the UTS Programmers' Society or UTS Robotics Society, yearly membership fee for students to either society is $5. The amount of food and drinks at the Code2Learn Stuvac Hackathon will definitely cover your membership fee.

You can cancel your registration but please do so as quickly as possible. Having accurate attendance details is crucial for the UTS Programmers' Society and Robotics Society to run high-quality events.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Bring your UTS Student ID instead. Make sure the name on your UTS Student ID matches with the name you put on your registration form.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes. It is highly encouraged! Please keep it updated or cancel your registration depending on your situation.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Please make it match to ensure the event sign-in goes as smoothly as possible on the day. 29 hours isn't a long timeframe, let's make use of all the hours.

What's the problem that we have to solve? What's the theme for our solution?

The theme for the hackathon has not been released yet, we will reveal it at the Information Session. Although, keep your eyes out for any clues that we may release closer to the Information Session.

Can I attend the information session but not participate in the competition?

No, the information session is for competitors who are looking for other competitors and/or a mentor to work with during the competition. Having observers would detract this goal.
But you can attend the presentation session on Sunday from 3PM to 7:30PM where the teams present their solutions to the theme that will be officially announced at the information session. Contact us if this is your intention.

I'm not a current UTS student. Can I still attend the hackathon?

Unfortunately, the Stuvac Hackathon is only open to current UTS students due to the theme of the solution. Check out other hackathons you can possibly attend in NSW by going over to the Hackathons Australia website.

Can I still work on the team solution during my commute home/back to the competition building?

Yes, participants are allowed to work on the solution during their commute home or back to the building. However, be advised that you may miss the free food and the general atmosphere of the overnight competition if you stay at home.

Is it required to have the entire team at the presentation?

We'd need to be aware if the entire team is not there beforehand or it might be interpreted as lack of participation by one of the team members. Nevertheless, no presentation = no possibility of winning.

Any tips for first-timers?

- Learn git/version control if you haven't done it before.

- Decide on a tech stack BEFORE the competition.

- Remember to use the available mentors at the competition for idea bouncing, design help, etc. They'll be wearing black t-shirts with the orange Code2Learn logo at the front -- it'll be easy to spot them. If one mentor cannot help, they'll call over another mentor that may.

- As a team, better to overcommunicate than fear about communicating too much and causing misunderstandings that suck up time.

- Cliche, but have fun! You already took a big step in undertaking your first hackathon. Now persevere to the end and reap the results.

If we're building a website, can we use Wordpress or Squarespace?

Yes! You're allowed to use third-party solutions for the wheel in your contraption. Don’t try to reinvent a wheel or gear in your contraption when you only have 29 hours to build the contraption prototype.

UTS ProgSoc is a proud Community Partner of Hackathons Australia

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Date and Time


UTS Building 11

81 Broadway

Ultimo, NSW 2007


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