2017 US-China Green Energy Summit

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2017 US-China Green Energy Summit

By US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) 美中绿色能源促进会

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September 11, 2017 · 7pm - September 13, 2017 · 4pm PDT


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The worldwide Energy Transition will be the focus of hot topics at this premier conference, bringing together leaders from three major industries in the US and China, to promote green energy for meeting the global electricity demand while reducing pollution. These prominent and distinguished leaders will include government officials from China and US as well as industry leaders in Electric Power, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Internet Infrastructure. This is a unique conference on global visions and solutions. The theme this year is on rebalancing global objectives and local interests to build a new consensus on green energy development and the holistic integration of the next-generation Internet with the Electric Power Grids, especially the soon-to-be realized Smart Grid and Energy Internet.

全球能源转型是此次绿色能源峰会的焦点话题,请您加入参与和中美两国三大行业的领导人共同讨论,推广绿色能源以满足全球电力需求, 并减少大气污染。在此,中美政府官员将和来自电力行业、可再生能源行业、信息技术行业和互联网行业的领军人物举行跨界会谈,开展一次具有特殊意义的大会。今年的主题是重新平衡全球目标和地方利益, 聚焦全球视野,为实现绿色能源发展,将下一代互联网技术与能源领域特别是智能电网相结合。

Founded in 1995, the Western China Overseas High Tech and High Talents Conference (OHTC, http://www.schkh.com) is co-hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and co-organized by Chengdu Municipal Government and related departments of provincial level. The OHTC is one of China’s most influential gatherings of high tech talents and is the most important platform for western China’s technical exchange and cooperation with foreign talents and high tech industries.

中国西部海外高新科技人才洽谈会(以下简称“海科会”, http://www.schkh.com)从1995年开始举办,是由国务院侨办和四川省人民政府共同主办,成都市政府和省级有关部门承办。海科会已成为中国最具影响力的高科技人才盛会之一,同时也是中国西部与海外人才及高科技领域的科技交流与合作最重要平台。

The 16th OHTC in 2017 will encompass China’s major development strategies, highlight international collaboration of leading-edge technologies, conduct a series of exchanges in technical talents and research programs, and international academic discussions including: introduction of venture capital, holding of OHTC global Chinese innovation and startup competition, encouragement of overseas talents for Sichuan’s innovation and startups; hold “Tian Fu (Sichuan) Forum”, inviting leaders of the Chinese government, ministries and commissions, key leaders of Sichuan province, Nobel prize winners, overseas academicians, and international technical talents for cooperation; hold the 4th Summit and Forum between Nobel prize winners and Chinese and American academicians, to promote interaction and practices of Sichuan and international medical industry; and hold the US-China Green Energy Summit to assist international exchanges with Sichuan in the energy industry.

2017年,第十六届海科会将围绕中国重要发展战略,强调尖端科技的国际合作,进行一系列的科技人才与研究项目的交流以及国际学术讨论。内容主要包括引进风险投资,举办海科杯全球华人创新创业大赛,鼓励海外人才加入四川创业项目,举办 “天府(四川)论坛” ,邀请国务院领导,四川省主要领导,诺贝尔奖得主,海外学者以及国际科技人才参与合作。举办第四届诺贝尔奖得主及中美学者高峰论坛,促进四川和国际医疗领域的沟通合作。举办中美绿色能源高峰论坛协助四川能源领域的国际交流。

More Detail: http://www.ucgec.org/events/2017ucges

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