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2017 South Alabama REAL TALK Mental Wellness Conference Series

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Goodwill Easter Seals

2440 Gordon Smith Drive

Mobile, AL 36617

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2017 South Alabama Mental Wellness Conference Series

These four 1/2-day plenary conferences focus on the mental health and mental wellness issues—REAL TALK, REAL ISSUES, REAL PEOPLE of Mobile and Baldwin Counties! Topics include mental health, mental illness, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gun violence, child abuse, elder abuse, homelessness, suicide, crime, violence, ethnic relations, and the relationships of law enforcement, fire-rescue, education, healthcare, nonprofit agencies, faith-based, and government—and the economic impact within and on our communities.

Visit us at Twitter: @ALMentalWellness Facebook: www.facebook.com/SouthAlabamaMentalWellness

Registration: 8:00 a.m. Conference starts promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Registration Form Request: RealtalkMWAL@gmail.com—Check only.

Fee: $25/conference; $80/4 conferences; pre-registration required.

Continental Breakfast included

Exhibitor Space: $75/conference: $225/4 conferences; pre-payment required

General Information/Speakers: Sher Graham, 251.404.3924

Strategic Partnerships: Mike Young, 251.623.2030

Exhibitor Space: Meosha Rayford, 251.709.7608

Volunteers: Kathy Lazzari, 251.979.9697

Registration: Connie Ewing, 251.709.3044

***Additional charge for CE credits. Email RealTalkMWAL@gmail.com or call (251) 404-3924 for more info.


Conference #1 - April 26, 2017 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Goodwill Easter Seals, 2440 Gordon Smith Drive, Mobile, AL 36617

Theme: Time for Truth: Real Stories Shared

Description: Communication is a two-way process. One of the major issues identified is the lack of communication and coordination of services between all entities that do not allow for a workable plan to provide quality services for consumers in South Alabama. Community agencies are not working together, but develop their own programs independently of each other. Six (6) individuals from different sectors of professional service and those whose lives were impacted by the incident will tell their stories related to mental wellness of South Alabama communities including mental health, mental illness, crime, violence, domestic/child abuse, elder abuse, substance and alcohol abuse, homelessness, the stigma challenge, the impact on their lives as well as strategies they choose to overcome the challenges, the lessons they've learned and their support systems.

Conference #2 - June 29, 2017 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Baldwin County (venue TBA)

Theme: Family, Kids and Community Resources (Baldwin)

Description: The second major issue identified related to resources - current resources and how the collaborate and work with all other agenices (or not), knowledge of how to find resources and service area, and methods to imrprove the quality of services provided to the family unit. South Alabama has some health care services; yet the family does not seem to have adequate resources to use these services. Information betwen providers is minimal; case management paperwork is not up-to-date, and the ability to locate services through some type of one-stop process is not fully utilized. Six community stakeholders in government, education, counseling, nonprofit service provider, direct services and resource management will discuss their challenges in finding a plan that will allow for the family consumer to use community resources that will help their family become stronger and more supportive


Conference #3 - August 10, 2017 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Goodwill Easter Seals, 2440 Gordon Smith Drive, Mobile, AL 36617

Theme: Best Practices, Planning and Successful Collaboration

Description: Collaboration of services, within a community and within a region are not as effective as they should be. Six individuals and community leaders will share their stories of challenge in providing services, developing and maintaining partnerships with other agencies and service ptroviders, and the economic factors that impede the process. Dr. Loren Hill, ‎Department Chair at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Greater Los Angeles Area , will be our Inspirational Influencer speaker, and discuss best practices and planning techniques that can create a sustainable collaboration. It is our hope that conference 3 will serve as the foundation to strengthen the communication, collaboration and partnerships between agencies and individuals on both sides of the bridge, and to develop new methods of economic funding that will provide for the sustainability and expansion of mental health services.


Conference #4 - November 9, 2017 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Baldwin County (venue TBA)

Theme: Policy Strategies for Action-Oriented Legislation

Description: Action-oriented legisiation that provides for an integrative mental health concept in services between all the entities is the fourth identified challenge that South Alabama faces. The goal of the South Alabama Mental Wellness Conference is to generate one action item that is presented to our local and state legislatiors with a proposed plan of action to gain their support in the 2018 legislative session. It is imperative that each consumer in South Alabama change their paridigm perspective of mental wellness that will allow for families and kids to receive consistent, on-going treatment and support from the community. It takes the entire street, neighborhood, school, church, business, and government entity to work together to provide a healtier and safer community on both sides of the bridge.

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Goodwill Easter Seals

2440 Gordon Smith Drive

Mobile, AL 36617

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