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2017 ideastream® Technology + Learning Conference


Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM

2017 ideastream® Technology + Learning Conference

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Single Registration - Be sure to scroll down and review breakout sessions BEFORE CLICKING "Register" or "Show other payment options" link. Nov 8, 2017 $91.00 $0.00

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Breakout Session Times and Descriptions

You will need to choose one topic per breakout session. When you click the "Register" button or the "Show other payment options" link above, you will be able to choose and register your topic(s).  Descriptions for all the sessions are below.


Breakout Session #1 - choose one

Create with CoSpaces: 3D Design and Virtual Reality

Take the virtual reality plunge with CoSpaces! Use this free, online tool for engaging lessons and unique student-created content. From setting up an account to creating a new world, learn how to use this virtual reality creator. Get the basics so you have the confidence to share this platform with your students. Then, see how other teachers use CoSpaces, and start planning how you will use it to enhance student learning. Presenter: Susan Martin/Constellation Schools. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook, laptop. 

Oh my, Oh my, Raspberry Pi!

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit card-sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. With its astounding price ($35!) and flexible capabilities, the Raspberry Pi has the potential to challenge the digital divide and make coding in schools as commonplace as textbooks. Coding teaches students creativity, critical thinking, perseverance, collaboration, and more. In this session, there will be demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on learning with the Raspberry Pi devices. Sonic Pi, Scratch, Minecraft, and programming a "sense hat" through this amazing device will all be covered. Work in small groups to explore. Learn about the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Presenter: Jaime Chanter/Lakewood City School District. Levels: Intermediate. Expertise. Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, Chromebook, or laptop.

Google Keep: Practical Uses for Students and Teachers

Google Keep is more than simply a virtual app for sticky notes; its potential for instructional design, learning, research, and productivity can transform your classroom! In this session, participants will understand the ways and "hacks" of Google Keep, practice the skills learned, explore effective best practices for both students and teachers, and create their own customized uses for the classroom based on the SAMR method. Experience designing instructional challenges and lesson plans using this tool. Presenter: Stephanie DeMichele/ESC of Cuyahoga County. Levels: Intermediate. Middle. High School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Smart Phone, Chromebook, or Laptop.

Using Floorplanner to Empower Students to Design their Learning Space

During this presentation, attendees will learn about the power of involving students with classroom design through the use of the website, Floorplanner. Get students involved in thinking about how their learning environment can promote enhanced learning and teaching. Participants will be exposed to a several ways to start the design process with their students. Then, they will have the opportunity to create a floor plan while exploring various options in Floorplanner to share with students. Finally, the group will interact physically and digitally with others to share ideas, resources, and questions. Floorplanner can be integrated within math, language arts, and project-based learning. Presenter: Leah Burke/Westlake City Schools. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook or laptop.

Forms: The Adventure Continues

Looking for a new way to engage and differentiate with students or teachers? Try creating Google Forms that allow students to engage in problem-solving or choose their own adventure to determine a learning path. Google Forms can also be used to track student progress in and out of the classroom A variety of ideas, templates, and tutorials will be shared with attendees that spark new ideas and interests. The goal is to leave the session able to use pre-created templates, and to develop skills to create new ones based on instructional needs. Presenter: Melissa Solema/Euclid City Schools. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook or Laptop.

Using Unit Pages to Support Differentiation

What is a Unit Page and how do you make one that is scaffolded and differentiated for students? In this hands-on session, learn how to structure a Unit Page into "levels" using Google Docs. The "levels" are scaffolded in a way that allows teachers to place students into them based on pre-assessment data. This strategy provides differentiated and personalized learning. Presenter: Val Stowell-Hart/Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District. Levels: Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook or laptop.

NewsDepth: Digital Literacy, Digital Media, and You

How do you engage your students with current events while making essential curricular connections? NewsDepth brings events from around the world into your classroom each week through a variety of media designed to encourage student engagement. Attendees will explore NewsDepth as an instructional resource designed to complement and enhance traditional classroom instruction, develop digital literacy, make curricular connections, and prepare students for college and career readiness. This session focuses on engagement with NewsDepth in ways that facilitate discussion and development of instructional opportunities that connect students with current events, 21st Century Learning, Digital Literacy, and Ohio’s Learning Standards. Presenter: Christopher Crawford/ideastream Education. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, Chromebook, or laptop.

Breakout Session #2 - choose one

Google CS First and Scratch "Game Design"

Learn to use the free Google CS First website and Scratch to encourage coding as an in-class project, enrichment program, or an after school club. Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Teachers will receive sample materials and set-up access to CS First clubs and Scratch. This material is geared to grades 5-8. No previous programming experience is necessary. Participate in some programming and coding activities. Presenter: Kim Moore/Wickliffe City School District. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook, laptop.

Versatility has a Name: It's Google Drawings!

Yes, you CAN draw! So much more than a simple drawing tool, Google Drawings is the definition of versatility! It can be transformed into anything from an interactive brochure to sketchnoting to a fixed template background. With the possibility of collaboration and unlimited creativity, it is a terrific project choice or learning tool for students. Participants will come away with ideas and resources that they can use tomorrow with their students. This is a resource for any grade level and any content area. Participates will create a sample drawing, integrate AutoDraw, and link a drawing on a shared Google doc. Presenter: Nancy Kevern/Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook or laptop.

Seesaw's Google Integration: A Match Made in Learning Heaven

Love using Google apps, including Google Classroom, but find the communication with parents to be cumbersome? Here is a solution for you: Seesaw's new "Add File" option allows you and your students to add files from Google Drive into the Seesaw Class app. All parents need to view the files in your students' digital learning portfolios is the free Seesaw Parent app. This is a hands-on session which will guide you through the work-flow process of using the Seesaw app and will be useful to any educator in need of an easy tool that allows students to show their learning while supporting parent involvement. Experience uploading a file with Seesaw, making notations, and adding the finished product to a Seesaw portfolio. Discuss ways to use the app to provide feedback, demonstrate mastery, communicate with parents, etc. Presenter: Jennifer Bengele/Huron City Schools. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, Chromebook, or laptop.

Making and Taking Lit Trips (and more) with the new Google Earth

The new version of Google Earth runs in your browser, making this awesome tool available for Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs. In this session, learn how to find and run Google Lit Trips with the new Google Earth. Lit Trips plot locations from a novel on Google Earth to create a 3D geographic tour of the story. At each location the Lit Trip can also include annotations, web links, images, videos, activities, and more, all related to that part of the story. This is a great way to put students in the story, helping them see where the events took place, and bring the story to life. Also see how you and your students can create your own Lit Trips (or other mapped stories and tours) using Google's Tour Builder. Download a Lit Trip, use it, AND create your own short tour using Google's Tour BuilderPresenter: Eric Curts/SPARCC. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: Intermediate. BYOD: Chromebook or Laptop.

Work that Matters: An Example of Problem-Based Learning and Business Partnerships

Are your students doing work that matters? Are they building skills for the modern world through deeper learning? Project-Based Learning is a powerful teaching method that, if done well, can put students on a path that deepens their knowledge, builds skills that they will need in the future, and helps them connect to their community and the wider world. Come see how the Mayfield PBL is supporting opportunities for our staff and students to actively solve problem using critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Toxic Popcorn and/or other collaborative problem-solving opportunities will be explored. Presenter: Corey Rice/Mayfield City School District. Levels: High School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, Android Tablet, Smart Phone, Chromebook, or Laptop.

Green Screening: Any Content, Any Topic, and Any Age!

Learn how to utilize green screen technology to help your students take their projects to the next level! By using an inexpensive iPad app, Do Ink, students are able to record videos - and by adding one photo in the background - make it seem like they are in space, at the beach, or in Ancient Rome. Green Screening can be done with any content area, is appropriate for any topic, and is easily accessible by all ages! Experience using an iPad (provided by presenter) to record a short video or skit in front of a screen. Then, use the app to "produce" a video by adding a photo. Presenter: Jenna Drozd/Orange City School District. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: Novice. BYOD: iPad.

Making It Happen: Creating a Makerspace for your School

This session will include helpful ideas and logistical information for planning, and establishing a successful school makerspace. Hands-on activities will allow participants to explore makerspace materials including Sphero Robotic Balls, littleBits, Makey Makey, Ozobots, and more. Student projects will be displayed and discussed. Presenter: Joan Battle/Strongsville City Schools. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: Novice. Intermediate. BYOD: iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, Chromebook, or laptop.

Goobric: Feedback and Fun for All!

This session will introduce the chrome extensions Doctopus and Goobric to novice or intermediate Google educators. The presentation will showcase different ways to use Goobric in an English and journalism room, but other content areas will be addressed. Please bring a digital or paper copy of a rubric you'd like to use in a digital setting for the hands-on activity that will be included. Presenter: Angela Jameson/Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: Novice. Intermediate. BYOD: iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, or Chromebook.

Breakout Session #3 - choose one

3D Design, Higher-level Thinking Skills, and Tinkering with Tinkercad

Want to bring out the budding engineer, scientist, or designer in your students? Tinkercad is a free and simple, online 3D design and printing app that allows users to design and construct 3D models. This presentation will provide ideas for how to use this popular classroom tool to construct lessons that require students to design solutions to authentic problems that encourage critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving. Set up a free account and create a simple design as part of the session. Presenter: Paul Burkart/Euclid City Schools. Levels: Middle School. High School. Expertise. Levels: All. BYOD: Chromebook or Laptop.

The Future of Learning: Self-Oriented Learning Environment (SOLE)

SOLE (Self-Oriented Learning Environment) is a method to collaboratively engage in knowledge acquisition and transfer using digital platforms. The SOLE pedagogy (which is applied within a single class period) enables our digital natives to approach learning with comfort and excitement, without constraints from an analog world. SOLE responds to the age-old call for all teaching and learning to be inquiry-based and relevant to the learner. It is extremely simple to implement in your existing classroom. All you need is a class of students, a few internet ready devices, and a big question (over 3000 available from the SOLE CLE site). This interactive session will prepare you to use SOLE in your learning environment immediately. You will leave the session connected to a network of resources designed to assist you as you implement SOLE. Presenter: Jeff McClellan/SOLE CLE. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, Android Tablet, Smart Phone, Chromebook, or Laptop.

Tour Building Brings it All Together!

Tour Builder is a free website using Google Earth which allows users to create interactive tours around the world. Participants will create their own Tour Builder project based upon their particular area of interest. Students in grades 3-12 are capable of creating individual Tour Builder projects. If device access is limited, students in Grades K-12 would enjoy providing input to create a classroom Tour Builder project. Participants will add links, photos, videos, and text to locations on a map. The opportunities for integrating Tour Builder into the classroom are endless. How to use Tour Builder in your classroom: in Language Arts, track the settings and events of a story, write progressive stories (students take turns adding events to the story); in Science, follow the life of an inventor; in Social Studies, plot and investigate historical and current events, create a personal timeline plotting places of interest, locate geographical landforms and natural disasters. Attendees will leave with directions for future reference. Presenter: Kim Krock/Olmsted Falls City Schools. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: Intermediate. BYOD: iPad or Chromebook.

Read&Write: Boost Reading & Writing Confidence

Read&Write helps students read, write, and express themselves with confidence! Documents, files, and webpages instantly become more accessible while students are discreetly supported. Read&Write's literacy features are perfect for all, especially: students with learning disabilities; English Language Learners; or a child that just needs a little extra support with reading and writing. Text prediction, picture dictionaries, text-to-speech, and summary highlighters are just a few of the many benefits participants will learn to help transform everyday literacy lessons into simpler, quicker, and more accurate tasks. This session will be led by a middle school special education teacher who will offer strategies to use with Read&Write for Google Chrome to transform instruction. Through hands-on learning, you will engage with digital content and leave with a sense of confidence to immediately use in your classroom and share in your district! A free premium subscription is available to educators. During the session, attendees will use an online article to practice using features. Presenter: Janele Kauffman/North Royalton City Schools. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. Expertise Levels: Novice. Intermediate. BYOD: Chromebook or laptop.

Flippity: Google Sheets on Hot Wheels!

Do you want to increase student engagement in your class? Are you continuously searching for new tools to catch their attention and check their understanding? Flippity is a free Google sheet add-on that could be your answer to make learning more fun! It is quick and easy and possibilities are endless! Flippity is a series of web apps that can do multiple things. This add-on is helpful to both students and the teachers. Students can show their understanding of the concept in a fun way, and teachers can use the templates for creating certificates or badges or making groups. Ten things that you can do with Flippity: flashcards, game show Hangman, spelling word manager, random name picker, mix and match, badge tracker, progress indicator, certificate maker, mad libs, and much more. This interactive session will inspire and energize! Presenter: Nidhi Gupta/Constellation Schools. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, Android Tablet, Chromebook, or Laptop.

Creating and Editing Videos with a Chromebook Using Adobe Spark

Chromebooks can turn students into masterful digital storytellers. Whether you teach a specific grade or subject area, explore how to better immerse students by engaging them to create, collaborate and build capacity with video technology on a Chromebook. Receive step-by-step instruction on the entire video production process. Gain an understanding of how to shoot videos with a webcam, phone or tablet. Learn cloud-based video editing with Adobe Spark Video. you will be provided with resources that will help you replicate information from this session in your classroom! Presenter: Eric Siler/ideastream Education. Levels: Intermediate. Middle School. High School. Expertise Levels: Novice. BYOD: iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, or Chromebook.

PBS LearningMedia: A Searchable Multimedia Database Providing Instructional Assets to Support Instruction

Expand your digital toolkit and discover how PBS LearningMedia and its FREE standards-aligned resources can be integrated into your classroom instruction. Participants will learn how to search for and filter resources specific to their classroom, and then create "playlists" of these resources that they can share with their colleagues or students. PBS LearningMedia is THE destination for high-quality, trusted digital content and solutions that inspire students and transform learning. Developed in partnership with the WGBH Educational Foundation and supported by public media stations nationwide, PBS LearningMedia engages educators and learners at all levels. Leave with your very own PBSLearningMedia account! Presenter: Denise Hallman/ideastream Education. Levels: All. Expertise Levels: All. BYOD: iPad, laptop, Chromebook.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM

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