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2017 Human Resource Forum Series

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All workshops are free to attend. Location, topic and dates vary. Please choose a date and topic that you are intereseted in attending. If you have any questions please contact Jenny De La Mora at

February 23, 2017

City of San Bernardino Economic Dvlp. Board Room 3rd – 201 N. “E” St., San Bernardino, CA 92401

Crucial Conversations in the Workplace

Workplace conflict haunts organizations every day – it leads to lost productivity, diminished morale and decreased performance. It has a negative effect on your organization’s bottom line through increased employee absenteeism, decreased job performance and poor customer service. Most employees do not know they are responsible for resolving their own conflicts. This workshop will teach leaders how to master skills to successfully resolve conflict situations and avoid future ones.

March 9, 2017

Ontario Chamber of Commerce - 3200 Inland Empire Blvd., Suite 130, Ontario, Ca 92395

Wage and Hour

California’s Minimum wage increased this year. Join CEA for a one hour update to make sure you meet all of the new Federal and California wage and hour laws. Many cities have higher minimum wage requirements than our State requirement. Make sure you are paying your employees properly and classifying them accurately. We will review the current laws and updates applicable to:

  • Alternative workweeks

  • Tools and equipment, uniforms, and work-related losses

  • Vacation, PTO, holidays, and sick leave

  • Travel time, make-up time, meal and rest periods

  • Rules for hourly, salary, and piece-rate pay

  • Bonuses, profit-sharing plans, and tips

  • Overtime and double-time wages

April 27, 2017

Ontario Chamber of Commerce - 3200 Inland Empire Blvd., Suite 130, Ontario, Ca 92395

Employee Handbooks: Sink or Swim

Your Employee Handbook Will help you Sink or Swim. An employee handbook is one of the most important communication tools between your company and your employees. Not only does it set forth your expectations for your employees, it also describes what they can expect from you and ensures your business complies with state and federal employment laws. Attend this presentation to learn about:

  • The Benefits and Risks of an Employee Handbook

  • Essential Provisions

  • Policies Required by State and Federal Law

  • Recommended Policies such as Social Media

  • What NOT to put in an Employee Handbook

May 11, 2017

High Desert America’s Job Center of California - 17310 Bea r Valley Road Suite 109, Victorville, Ca 92395

Top HR Hotline Questions

Thousands of employers have called the HR Hotline for assistance with real life employment situations that could easily land an employer in court. This presentation reviews those calls and explains the top 10 ways employers can stay out of court. Geared around preventative measures business owners and managers can easily put into place to help them “Stay Out of Court” this fast paced seminar is engaging and interactive. Topics to be covered include:

Establishing hiring ground rules

Understanding CA Leave Laws

Ensuring exempt employees are really exempt

Breaks and Lunches

Protected Classes

Harassment Avoidance

June 8, 2017

City of San Bernardino Economic Dvlp. Board Room 3rd – 201 N. “E” St., San Bernardino, CA 92401

California Leave Law

Managing a request from an employee for a leave of absence can be overwhelming. Are they covered under State or Federal Law, or both? Is it a pregnancy leave request? What if they need more time after an approved FLMA or CFRA leave?

There are over 25 leave laws that can apply to employees in CA and if you are not compliant, severe penalties, wrongful termination claims and ill will from your employees can be a heavy burden on your business. This training will go into detail so that you can learn which leave laws apply to your company and stay up to date on:

Eligible employees and employee obligations

Pay and Benefits during leave

What to do when an employee requests time off

Pregnancy Leave Laws

Interaction of PDL/FMLA/CFRA

California’s FEHA and reasonable accommodation

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