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2017 Hmong Labor Day Festival Badminton Tournament

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Brown County Fairgrounds

1500 Fort Howard Avenue

De Pere, WI 54115

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Gift, Prizes, and Registration Fee Proposal

A Doubles - 1st - 500, 2nd - 250, 3rd - 100

B Doubles - 1st - 250, 2nd - 150, 3rd - 80

C Doubles - 1st - 150, 2nd - 100, 3rd - 60

D Doubles - 1st - 100, 2nd - 70, 3rd - 40

E Doubles - 1st - 80, 2nd - 50, 3rd - 30

MENS SINGLES - 1st - 250, 2nd - 100, 3rd - 50

WOMENS SINGLES - 1st - 250, 2nd - 100, 3rd - 50

Trophies will be given only to 1st prize winners in this event. 2nd and 3rd place will receive medals.

*Per the Hmong Labor Day Festival Board, events must have a minimum of 6 teams for brackets to occur

Registration Fees

*Note: If you pay the registration fee before the day of the tournament, you will receive a $10.00 discount on all of the events you participate in.

A level registration fee: $40.00. ($80.00 per team/$60.00 per team if registered before deadline)

B level registration fee: $30.00. ($60.00 per team/$40.00 per team if registered before deadline)

C level registration fee: $25.00. ($50.00 per team/$30.00 per team if registered before deadline)

D level registration fee: $20.00. ($40.00 per team/$20.00 per team if registered before deadline)

E level registration fee: $15.00. ($30.00 per team/$10.00 per team if registered before deadline)

Singles registration fee: $30.00. ($20.00 per player if registered before deadline)

EX #1: (A Team) Prepay registration from you, no prepay registration from partner, total cost for team registration will be $70.00.

EX #2: (B level doubles player) He/She prepays for singles and for himself/herself on a B team. The total cost will amount to $40.00 (20.00 + 20.00).

Basic Rules for This Badminton Tournament

- A badminton match consists of best of 3 games.

- With rally scoring, the team that wins the rally, wins the a point.

- The first team to reach 21 points wins the game. If teams are tied at 20 and 20, the first team to lead by 2 points, wins the game.

- If the score is tied at 29 and 29, the team that scores the 30th point, wins the game.

- After your match has been completed, the winning team will report the paperwork and scores to the desk.

-The tournament will provide feather and nylon shuttles to purchase for tournament use.

- All A flight matches will be played with feather shuttles. All B,C, D, and E flights can be played with feather or nylon shuttles depending upon what both teams decide. If there is a discrepancy between teams deciding on nylon or feather, feather shuttles will automatically be played through all games.

-This tournament is not a "drop-flight" tournament. Players will only participate in flights they registered for even if they lose their first match. This tournament will be in a double elimination format.

- There can only be a maximum of 2 players per team.

- Remember that this is a friendly tournament. There will be no line judges or services umpires until the semi-finals. Please be honest to opposing teams. If there are concerns and discrepancies among teams playing, we will try to find qualified people to perform umpiring tasks.

- All players must consent to a waiver in order to participate in the tournament.

Levels: A, B, C, D, and E

(Two A players = A team) (A+B = A team) (B+C = B team)

(Two B players = B team) (A+C = B team) (B+D = C team)

(Two C players = C team) (C+D = C team)

(Two D players = D team)

(Two E players = E team)

**Note: An individual can play in multiple brackets with a different level partner but there are limitations on how teams can be formed. (Example: A player + A player = A Bracket. A player + C player = B Bracket. A player + D player = C Bracket. No A or B level players can participate in the E bracket.)

- Please be honest about your badminton level when registering for this tournament. Let us make it fair for the older and/or newer badminton players.

A level player: Plays badminton often and enters in numerous competitive tournaments year round at National level.

B level player: Plays badminton often and competes in a few tournaments annually.

C level player: Plays badminton often as a recreational sport for exercise, but limited participation in tournaments due to age and/or lack of experience.

D level player: Enjoys badminton as a recreational sport, plays less than 10 times a year.

E level player: Beginner/brand new to the sport with less than two years of experience or hasn't played in 10 years plus.

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Date and Time


Brown County Fairgrounds

1500 Fort Howard Avenue

De Pere, WI 54115

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