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2017 Chicago Pride Parade - March With Us!

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Line Up: On N. Broadway, Entry #49, 4520 N Broadway St, just North of W Sunny Side Ave (address is an estimate)

4520 N Broadway St

Chicago, IL

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Last update: Monday, June 19 at 10:45 am

The LEAGUE at AT&T Chicago Chapter will be marching in the one of the largest pride parades in the world, the 2017 Chicago Pride Parade! We will have a float, music, beads to handout, and marchers.

  • We are looking for AT&T employees to march with us in the parade
  • Guests of AT&T employees are permitted
  • Event day action items are listed below
  • If you our participant calls, you can read the highlights below

Defining Our Communities

Hundreds of thousand of people take part in this event to celebrate our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, culture, and pride! All pride events in part are acts of solidarity to galvanize and define who we are, what truly makes our community, and to claim our place in the world.

Pride events are also in dedication, remembrance, and to honor victims of AIDS and anti-LGBT violence.

WE are a community of allies: We all are allies that hopefully lift up and support individual people in our LGBTQA family. The Pride Parade event is just one such day. Our hope is that each of you, with intension, will use this day to strengthen your efforts to create richer connections that lead to stronger partnerships, better communities, and greater success of LGBTQA people and our future supporters.

Recent Events

Recent events have made the 2017 Pride Month festivities even more significant for many people seeking to reaffirm and define our LGBT community through our own actions and pride. Perhaps more then in recent years this is also a day to define who we are as Americans in this great nation. We hope this event will provide each of you a way to stand with others and to also make that a part of your life.

Action Items:

  1. Please RSVP by claiming a free ticket to this event.The ticket widget at the top of this page can be used to get tickets. We also use this information to order t-shirts and coordinate snacks.
  2. Please obtain RSVP tickets for your guests. They can be added during the ticket request process by updating to quantity of tickets field in the form.
  3. If you have an AT&T Live Proud t-shirt from last year, please consider indicating that you don't need a new one this year on your ticket request.
  4. Emails containing participation details will be forwarded to people who have tickets.
  5. Participant orientation calls will be held on Thursday, June 15th at 12:00PM - 12:30PM and Wednesday, June 21st at 12:00PM - 12:30PM. Call bridge information will be emailed to ticket holders.
  6. SURVEY - Your feedback is important to us, we hope you will complete the short survey for this event.
    (opens on event day)

Donations to LEAGUE at AT&T Chicago Chapter:

Donations are appreciated, a link to submit donations is availabe through the ticket's page. Please consider making a donation to support LEAGUE programs and initiatives. LEAGUE at AT&T Chicago is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether a contribution is deductible.

Float Line-up Location - Float Entry #49

  • Our line-up location is listed at the top of this page
  • We are float entry #49
  • The WILSON CTA Red Line L stop is very close to the line up locations, click here for additional public transite options
  • A line up location with a few pictures will be updated on the Facebook page for the LEAGUE at AT&T Chicago Chapter
  • A more specific line up spot will be available after the parade line up is published, 1 week prior to the parade
  • The map location is an estimate
  • Parade Route Map (bottom of page opened by this link)


  • 10:30 am Float setup
  • 11:30 am Marchers arrive
  • 12:00 pm Parade starts
  • 12:30 pm Event rules and marching instructions (all participants must attend)
  • Our marching start time - we have no estimate
  • NOTE: We try to minimize the wait time between when marchers arrive and our marching start time.

Event Details:

If you missed our participant calls:

  • Consider using public transportation to get to the float line-up location, parking will be limited in that area on parade day
  • Make a plan to get back to your car from the end of the parade route
  • Weather: it will be hot, consider bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and wear walking shoes
  • There will be 4 monitors identified on the event day
  • Please follow the AT&T code of business conduct as we represent our ERG and AT&T
  • For safety reasons please don't climb onto the float after the parade as started
  • We have a limited supply of beads, we will spread out the spots we pass them out
  • We will take turns passing out beads so everyone who wants to can have a turn
  • Please consider helping with taking the float apart at the end of the parade

City of Chicago parade rules to note:

  • No items may be thrown to parade participants or those watching the parade, specifically the bead necklaces
  • Alcohol consumption is not allowed by parade participants or those watching the parade, police will be giving tickets

Additional Information:

  • Event Contact: Brad Brezinski
  • Event Day Contacts (text preferred or call): Brad Brezinski 312-860-8728

We are repsenting LEAGUE at AT&T and AT&T - Thank you!:

  • Thank you for joining us in solidarity to celebrate the LGBTQA community, LIVE PROUD, and BE BOLD and galvanize who we are together
  • We are also representing LEAGUE at AT&T and AT&T, please take care that the things we say and do during the event represents us well
  • All ERG sponsored events or meetings are an extension of the work place weather they occure in a company office or any other public location
  • All AT&T Code of Businesss Conduct and AT&T workplace expectations apply to this event

City Parade Route Rule to make the day great:

  • DEMONSTRATORS’ RIGHTS: According to the City of Chicago, demonstrators (protestors) are allowed to be in parade assembly areas, and on the sidewalks of parade routes, as long as they are not blocking the proceedings, taking the place of a registered entry in the curb lanes of the assembly/staging area, or breaking city, county, state and federal laws.

    NOTE: Parade participants, spectators, monitors or marshals are NOT allowed to stop or remove them. Only police have the right to remove them.
  • PARADE DISTRIBUTION PROCEDURE: Participants can give away samples by hand, one at a time to spectators at the barricades as they proceed down the actual parade route. Distribution is not allowed in the assembly/staging area at any time before or during the parade.
  • STEP-OFF PROCEDURES: At step-off, entries will proceed down the street in numerical order, feeding alternately from each side of the street. By using this method, both sides of the street will move down the route uniformly. (Marshals will be on hand to assist.) Be ready to step off when it’s your turn.
  • PAUSING: Occasionally parade processions stop because of traffic issues. However, parade participants or vehicles are NOT allowed to stop of their own accord. Stopping in the procession to dance, perform, or for any other reason, is NOT permitted.
  • SPACING: All entries must follow preceding entries within 40 feet to eliminate any gaps.
  • CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES (Alcohol & Drugs): City ordinances and other laws PROHIBIT the public use of alcohol and drugs by parade participants. In addition, alcohol is not permitted at any time, anywhere along the parade route or assembly/staging area and disbanding area.
  • WATER GUNS: High powered water rifles, “super soakers” or squirt guns that could cause injuries are NOT allowed, nor is tossing water or other liquids.
  • ANIMALS: Animals are NOT allowed in the parade (for health and safety reasons).
  • FIREWORKS: Fireworks, firecrackers or pyrotechnic acts of any kind are NOT allowed.
  • FIREARMS: Real firearms are NOT allowed.
  • TRASH: Each entry is required to have their own trash bags for depositing garbage from their entry. Garbage can also be placed in cans along the street.
  • RAIN OR SHINE: The parade takes place rain or shine (except in severe circumstances such as earthquakes, tornados, lightning storms, etc.)

Date and Time


Line Up: On N. Broadway, Entry #49, 4520 N Broadway St, just North of W Sunny Side Ave (address is an estimate)

4520 N Broadway St

Chicago, IL

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