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2017 BostonFIG Digital Showcase Submission

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Johnson Athletic Center

120 Vassar St.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA 02139

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Submit your game for consideration in the Digital Showcase!

We're looking for quality, independently-developed, digital games to exhibit at the Boston Festival of Indie Games in September 2017!

Please read the full submission guidelines on first!


Since there is no perfect criteria for what an “indie” game is, we will take submissions on a case-by-case basis and work with studios to determine what games make sense from a community standpoint.

  • Only unpublished games, or games that have been released after October 2016 can be submitted.

  • Games should be independently produced, though publisher funding/distribution is acceptable.

  • Games that were submitted to Boston FIG in any previous year are now eligible, but must demonstrate that they have undergone significant changes since the last submission. A brief gameplay video or screenshot(s) of the previous version must be provided for comparison.

  • Games are not produced by a major publisher-owned studio, list of publishers here.

  • Games should include at least one finished, playable level (or have its core system in place so that curators can accurately understand your game's ambitions, mechanics, and gameplay).

  • Game content and other materials are owned solely by the developer/designers or legal permission obtained to use any other copyrighted material.

  • Come ready to demo on your own hardware (or send someone who can) on September 23, 2017.

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your game, please contact

Entry Submission Details

Only complete entries that include both a video, playable build, and single category selection will be considered for the showcase.

Video Entry:

  • Includes at least 30 seconds of gameplay

  • 2-3 minutes MAXIMUM, uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo with link to watch

  • Tell us about your game, and WHY YOUR GAME FITS INTO THIS CATEGORY


  • Use this as an opportunity to introduce us to your game for the first time. We want to know your story, and want to be compelled to play your game, so lean into whatever encourages that while keeping your category in mind.

If your game cannot fit this format please contact

Build Entry:

  • Please provide a playable build, on as many platforms as you are comfortable with. This build should be easily accessible, either hosted on a server (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), or accessible via provided Steam/PSN/Xbox keys, web links, etc. We will not accept attachments via email. If you have a more complicated submission process that makes it difficult to download and install your game, or if you are using TestFlight, please contact with your completed Eventbrite submission receipt along with any relevant information pertaining to your request.

Category Selection:

  • You must choose a category upon submitting your game. Although, in a number of instances, a game may fit more than one category, we ask that you choose to submit to the one for which you believe your game is best suited. In order to allow for greater showcase inclusion and diversity, we are only allowing a game to compete in ONE category.

  • If a developer has multiple games, they are welcome to submit them each under a different submission entry if they so wish, even if they are being submitted to the same category. (IE. a developer wants to submit two separate games to the showcase, both for the same category. That is okay, as long as each game has its own submission entry. A developer has one game and they want to submit that game to two categories. That is NOT allowed, and the second entry will be ignored.)

Entry Categories

“Compelling Game Mechanics”

Many times while playing games, an experience comes along that seems to iterate on a pre-existing mechanic, creating a unique experience that breathes fresh life into a game genre. Others break the mold entirely with something revolutionary, marching forward to the beat of its own drum. The Compelling Game Mechanics category for the Boston Festival of Indie Games is searching for just that: a game that redefines and revolutionizes gameplay mechanics in such a way that creates a fun player experience and leaves the player coming back for more. If you feel your game has a unique gameplay experience this category is for you!

Examples of Games: World of Goo, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, Dishonored 2, The Room, Antichamber, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

“Innovation in Art and Narrative”

The category for Innovation in Art and Narrative seeks to recognize games and interactive experiences that push the boundaries of telling a story, building a world, and engaging players emotionally, through the creative use of art and narrative. We’re seeking submissions where the art, narrative, or other creative aspects of the game are integral to the experience, or are applied in a novel and interesting way. This is a category for games pushing the boundaries of art and narrative in games.

Examples of Games: Inside, Emily is Away, Kentucky Route Zero, Undertale, Small Radios Big Televisions

“Accessibility and Inclusion”

This category seeks games that have diversity at the center of their design philosophy. This can range anywhere from games that focus on underrepresented identities, cultures, or experiences, to games that more specifically deal with the loss of the player or player agent’s loss of mobility, cognitive, auditory, or sight faculties. We are looking for games that may simply include these elements, and/or are built around them as core mechanics.

For example, many games have a feature where impeded movement/blurred sight occurs after injury in order to invoke a penalty/disadvantage. While interesting, we are interested more in games that may drill down into that moment. For example, a game where the player must instead grapple with the sudden loss or partial loss of bodily function with little to no chance of recovery, or how the gameplay might change around this. As such, this is not a “disability simulation” or “diversity checkbox” category but rather an inspection of how game design can represent disability and/or diversity as either a subject of story and/or play.

In addition, we are looking for games that contain modes, settings, or customizability centered around inclusion for disabled players. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Color-blind, no-fail, high-contrast modes

  • Ability for the player to fully re-map the controls, play with mouse only, play with one hand, “one-button” control

  • The speed of the game can be adjusted, allowing players with slower reaction time more space to respond to challenges/enemies/etc

  • Not only cutscenes, but also in-game/ambient action is subtitled; examples include “[door opens]” or “[man screaming]”

  • Movable/Resizable UI

Examples of Games: Ds4yia, Blindside, Nevermind, Never Alone, Papers, Please, Zoombinis, Quandary, Device 6, HEARtREAD (last year's category winner!)

“Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay”

The Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay category is seeking out games that promote a shared experience with multiple people at its core. This includes both online and local multiplayer games. Local games include traditional turn based play by sharing a controller and simultaneous play by having multiple people play using the same controller or multiple controllers at once. We are looking for games that are enticing to bystanders encouraging those not playing to be a part of the experience. This can include the audience guiding the individual(s) playing, aiding the player(s) by sharing information, cheering for a close match, and anything else that can make a spectator feel invested in the game even if they aren’t the ones directly playing it. Games designed with live streaming in mind that compliment game streaming culture are highly encouraged.

Examples of Games: Towerfall, DayZ, Rocket League, Jackbox Party Pack

“Student Games”

The Student Games category is seeking games from student devs that utilize this opportunity as a learning developer to create something unique.

For example, this game may be an idea you have been passionate about wanting to explore for a long time, but have only now had the ability to make it. Maybe this game has been molded in interesting ways because of the strengths and interests of your team, the tools at hand, or time constraints. Maybe the subject matter is personal or of deep importance to you. Or maybe you chose to tackle something risky, strange, or unique to challenge established, entrenched perceptions of what a game is. Whatever the case may be, we want to see games that take risks, experiment, and think outside the box.

We don't expect these games to be polished to a mirror sheen or be bug-free, and expect to give a little more leeway to games submitted to this category in that regard. Instead, we're placing a higher importance on your creativity.

This category is only open to students, at the graduate level or below.

Examples of Games: YOUR GAMES!


By submitting to BostonFIG, you agree to the above stated process and that failure to comply with it can lead to your game being rejected from submission without refund. You also understand that if your game is not accepted into the BostonFIG showcase, your entry fee will not be refunded.

You agree that BostonFIG will not be held responsible for any damages incurred through participation in the showcase and submission process including, but not limited to: audience, media, and judges’ reactions to your game; rejection from the showcase; failure to receive a Figgie; and feedback given by other constituents.

You agree that all game content and other materials are owned solely by you and fellow developers and designers. You agree that you have appropriate permissions from all developers and designers to enter your game into the showcase. You also agree that BostonFIG will not be held liable for any legal disputes that arise from your participation in the showcase and submission process.

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Date and Time


Johnson Athletic Center

120 Vassar St.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA 02139

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