2017-2018 FIRST LEGO League Event Selection [Alamo - Texas]

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FIRST LEGO League Event Selection

Alamo Region Texas FIRST LEGO League teams can select the one (1) Qualifier Tournament they wish to attend.

**EVENT SIGNUPS open in November. Teams who have paid will receive this link to sign up for an event.

IF YOUR TEAM HAS ALREADY BEEN ASSIGNED TO AN EVENT: You do NOT need to sign up using this form. Your team will automatically be included on the event list. If you wish to attend a different event than the one to which you were assigned, contact Megan Clark at megan@firstintexas.org ASAP, BEFORE signing up for a different event.

TO SIGN UP MORE THAN ONE TEAM FOR AN EVENT: Select the number of teams you'd like to sign up under "Quantity," then enter each team number separately when prompted for attendee information. You may sign up a maximum of FIVE (5) TEAMS at once.

Please make sure you check the LOCATION for each event to ensure your team can travel - we have a number of Qualifiers on the schedule that are located outside of the San Antonio Metro Area.


**Important Reminder: Event Fees are NOT REFUNDED for no-show teams!**


Example: your team number is "1234."
What to enter in the Team Number field: 1234

What NOT to enter in the Team Number field: FLL1234, #1234, 1234 Awesome Lego Team, etc., or any temporary team numbers (begin with 2017xxxxx).


Q: There aren't any dates where all of our team members will be able to attend. What do we do?

A: Choose the date on which the majority of your team members will be able to attend. You are not required to have ALL of your team members at an event; however, ALL team members PRESENT at an event MUST participate in ALL Judging Sessions and Robot Game Rounds in order for the team to be eligible for awards.

Q: Why are some teams assigned to an event, and others are not?

A: Many school-based teams in San Antonio are restricted in their range of travel for events. In order to make sure that all teams are able to attend an event, we have assigned certain teams located outside the San Antonio metro area to events also located outside the San Antonio metro area to ensure enough space remains for teams limited to travel within San Antonio city limits. Additionally, school districts who host enough events to accommodate all teams within that district are given the option to assign all or some of their teams to the event they host.

Q: We had a conflict arise and are now unable to attend our original event date selection. Can we switch events?

A: Since Qualifiers fill to capacity very quickly, there usually isn't extra space available to switch dates. We cannot guarantee that an alternative space will be available. Please make every effort to attend your selected date.

Q: Why are most events limited to 24 teams?

A: The number of teams at an event affects all of the event logistics: the match and judging schedule, the number of judges and referees required, the space needed for Team Pits, the number of competition fields required. Adding just one more team to a 24-team event requires considerable additional time added to Judging and Robot Games, which extends the length of an event.

Q: Our team is not prepared to attend an event, and we have decided not to come. What do we do?

A: Firstly, we encourage ALL TEAMS to attend an event, regardless of how prepared the team feels. It is a great learning experience to observe the event flow and meet other teams. Even if the team does not have presentations prepared for Judging, the team can use their assigned Judging session to speak with the Judges about their ideas and experiences. Plus, events are a lot of fun! 2nd-year teams are much better prepared after attending an event.

However, if the team absolutely cannot attend, notify Megan at megan@firstintexas.org IMMEDIATELY so that the spot can be opened to another team, and/or the schedule can be adjusted.

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