1628 Ltd. Fall Exhibition - Deeply Rooted, Deeply Held

1628 Ltd. Fall Exhibition - Deeply Rooted, Deeply Held

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1628 Ltd. | Coworking Meets Hospitality

11 Garfield Place

Cincinnati, OH 45202

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1628 Ltd's Fall Art Exhibition, Deeply Rooted, Deeply Held: An Exploration of the Natural World

About this event

Join us for the opening of Deeply Rooted, Deeply Held: an Exploration of the Natural World on Thursday, August 25th, 6- 8 pm.

Nature can be many different things. It is the environment around us, the ecosystem sustaining us, and the instincts woven into our very being. Nature can help create a culture, a cuisine, a religion; but in its fullness, it is also full of contradictions. It creates in the same breath that it breaks down. It inspires awe as it does fear. It is the deepest ocean in the same way it is the farthest star. Our relationship with it is similarly complex. It is key to our survival, yet we destroy it. It fosters our wellbeing, yet we isolate ourselves from it. It is untamable, yet we still try to contain it. Somehow all of these things can be true.

And somehow, the art created in its name can address all of these things. From the Hudson River School capturing the sublime beauty of untouched America, to the Land Artists creating ever-changing works from mud, stone, and grass, nature has been the subject and the tools of artists since the dawn of time. Whether realistic or heavily stylized, representational or abstract, artists have always been attracted to depicting nature and their own personal or cultural relationship with it.

Deeply Rooted, Deeply Held speaks to the continuation of this millennia long dance between artists and the world they find themselves in. It explores our extraordinary planet and our connection to it - the emotions it inspires, the comfort (or danger) it brings - and urges us to appreciate and protect it, to closely hold what has been rooted within us for so long.

Deeply Rooted, Deeply Held features 27 primarily local and regional artists: Allie Burton, Janine Crum, Derek Dammann, Gary Dangel, Brad Davis, Doug Davis, Mary Anne Donovan, Anita Douthat, Kat Rakel-Ferguson, Kathleen Francis, Devan Horton, Esra Kanisicak, Margeaux Lim, Brandi Long, Claire Long, Romain Mayambi, Alaina Mercer, Susan Milinkovich, Sara Mulhauser, Samantha Niewierowski, Priya Rama, Rob Robbins, Maxwell Redder, Abby Shaner, Christopher Taulbee, Jordan West, and Joy Zitko.


Each session will last one hour and will have a maximum of 60 entrants per session with ample space to social distance. 1628 is committed to making our gallery a place where visitors can come and feel safe, comfortable, and healthy.

  • Social distancing guidelines to prioritize the safety of our guests are as follows:
  • We will be limiting the number of guests allowed into the gallery to 60 at one time to allow for proper distancing.
  • All patrons should maintain a six-foot distance from those not in your party.
  • Patrons are encouraged to wear a mask, though this is optional
  • Sanitation stations will be provided for guests to sanitize their hands if they choose.
  • Anyone feeling unwell should postpone their visit for another time
  • The pieces in the exhibition will be numbered to promote a steady flow of guests throughout the facility.
  • The exhibition will remain up until the end of August in order to encourage guests to come after the opening day.
  • This exhibition will also be available virtually online through the 1628 Ltd. website.

Multiple artworks in this show are for sale. If you would like to purchase artwork during or after the opening event, please contact: Sarah Cushing, 1628 Ltd. Art Curator at art@1628ltd.com.

About 1628 Ltd.

1628 Ltd., a coworking space located in downtown Cincinnati’s central business district, offers communal coworking, office leases, and private event and meeting spaces for the modern professional. The refined workspace environment combines the thoughtfully designed setting of a boutique hotel with a highly effective office. 1628 members have access to concierge services, professional networks, and a number of other amenities that enable productivity. At 1628, where you work should work for you. Visit www.1628ltd.com to learn more.

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