14 Days to a Flat Belly Book Launch Party

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9471 Dillard Rd

Wilton, CA 95693

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I just sent my book to the editor and as I am taking care of all the extra things that happen before book launch time, January 30th, I was thinking, "Wow this is big! I am releasing my second book and this needs to be a BIG BASH celebration..."

So let's do it!

This celebration is for people who have participated in the Flat Belly plan prelaunch, future Flat Belly participants, and others who love to be part of a celebration.

Here are some results from past Flat Belly participants


"Prior to starting this, my energy was depleted. My sleep was poor and I'd wake up frequently with night sweats. My body ached constantly. My digestive health was so bad that I had to carry extra clothes with me in case diarrhea hit and a bathroom wasn't close by. I chalked it up to stress and irritable bowel syndrome. Almost every time I ate, I'd bloat and have abdominal pain, so I'd eat bland crackers and drink a diet soda to attempt alleviate it. Sugar and sweets were my "crack"...quick energy boosters. It was a vicious cycle. My upper arms had a constant acne like rash that wouldn't go away. My tongue and throat were frequently itchy. I was scared I'd feel deprived if I gave up sugar, flour, dairy, artificial sweeteners, etc. I knew something had to change. My clothes didn't fit and I was ashamed of my appearance. I met Rhonda at a mutual friend's event and was drawn to her. What she said made sense. I decided to support her and give it a go. I went "all in" cold turkey 8 days ago. I feel like a new person. No cravings. Actually full and satisfied from real whole foods. No coffee or soda. No diarrhea, abdominal pain, or bloating. Sleep is restful. Energy is consistently high. I don't ache. If feeling this good means not killing myself with sugar and processed foods, I'm ok with it. Arm rash gone! No muffin top. Mindset shifted completely. Down 5# and several inches. Clothes look nice and not as lumpy." ~Dusti Garside Branecki, Entrepeneur, Park Lane Jewelry


"Only at "Day 5" and I am getting results! I have been very good, eating veggies, but I did eat dessert last night ! I loved it though. yum. Back to veggies today, on Day 5. It’s getting easier. Easier as in I’m not thinking about food all the time. I love that I woke up today not feeling bad about eating pie last night. Because I’m feeling like I can maybe incorporate this 14-day-plan long term. Last night, I felt my size 8 pants getting a little baggie. I think I’ve gone down 1/2 a size since I started, and I never got hungry. " ~Deborah Thomas, Wrangler for Industrial Light & Magic


"I am on day 5 of the flat belly plan and am loving the more vegetables and whole foods and eating in a balanced way. I feel less bloat and less stress, less sugar cravings. My mind is starting to feel less scattered. I look forward to completion and feeling lighter and free of self sabotage and mind games. Rhonda was able to see thru the chaotic thoughts running thru my mind and help me prioritize, clarify and take action. She comes from the heart and listens to you with a kind, warm no judgment way and helps you to feel comfortable. Her program is more than just eating right and exercise. Rhonda has helped me to identify my blockers that are holding me back from making my passion with my oils a serious business, rather than a hobby. By helping me turn my inner negative voice into a positive peaceful energy with yoga and meditation. With her guidance I am feeling better equipped with tools to work with. Even when I have an off day and get off track, I know I can get right back to what works!" I recommend Rhonda to anyone who is looking for guidance in all areas of life." ~Barbara Wackman, Entrepreneur, Vibrant Scents

Are you ready for a celebration virtually or in-person at my five acre ranch? I am ready to launch my 2nd book releasing, "14 Days to a Flat Belly: A Guide to Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You!". You can come and be at my private studio all day and enjoy all the special fun or choose your time by checking the schedule below.

Special times that I thinK you will enjoy is the Flat Belly FITT Yoga workout in my private studio and the Champagne Celebration.

Here are the details:

  • 9AM Discussion with a Flat Belly Lifestyle participant [Facebook LIVE]

  • 11AM [Workout in priviate studio] Flat Belly FITT Yoga

  • 1PM Discussion with a Flat Belly Lifestyle participant Deborah Thomas for her results and how this has affected her work day. [Facebook LIVE]

  • 4PM Discussion with a Flat Belly Lifestyle participant Dusti Garside Branecki [Facebook LIVE]

  • 6PM [PARTY] Champagne toast and Celebration to Flat Belly Launch


YES... I am launching my 2nd book, "14 Days to a Flat Belly - A Guide to Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You!"

I am super excited about it and to dive into the strategies before my actual book launch of the 14 days to a flat belly so if you are looking to be in one of my chapters sharing your experience, you will also get your website and name of business published, then grab time with me and let's talk and see if this is the right fit for you.

Go to this link:

If you have any questions please contact me through my e-mail:

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Date and Time


9471 Dillard Rd

Wilton, CA 95693

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