12 Hours of Summit Suffering 2017

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Refund Policy

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Half a day to slay! This August 26th, from 9 am to 9 pm, we’re hosting our 12 Hours of Summit Suffering competition at all FOUR of our locations (Carrollton, Dallas, Grapevine & Denton)! You’ll get 12 hours to climb as many routes and boulders as you can, and at the end party to your heart’s content at our after-party. If you and your teammate outclimb everyone else, you’ll get FREE ENTRY INTO THE 24 HOURS OF HORSESHOE HELL COMPETITION in September. Don’t know what that is? Go here! Sound like a good time? Course it does! Cuz you’re a bad a$$ and this doesn’t scare you!

The deadline has passed to GUARANTEE your shirt size - still input your desired shirt size but keep in mind it may not be still available since shirts have already been ordered. Please, NO REFUNDS from this point!

Ok, here are the deets:

Find a teammate! You need a partner in crime to suffer with. You and your partner can be different genders, different difficulty categories, hell, y’all can even be different species. (That being said … don’t sign up with your dog because their lack of thumbs means they can’t belay). 18+ to compete! Sign up is $80 per TEAM, and that gets you an awesome custom t-shirt, a swag bag, entry into the competition, access to our after-party with food and beer, and entry to our huge raffle. Come up with a fun team name: we give out prizes to the best team name, and creativity / weirdness are a plus. We know y’all are clever - show us your wittiness! Added bonus if you and your partner dress up - we also give out prizes for best costume, and plus we just love watching y’all dress up all ridiculous and then the regret of having to climb like that for 12 hours straight.

Next step is to sign up! Pick the difficulty category with the hardest grade you have ever sent.

Beginner: 5.6 - 5.9 OR VB - V2 (White, Green and Yellow)

Intermediate: 5.10a - 5.11a OR V2 - V4 (Red and Blue)

Advanced: 5.11b - 5.12a OR V5 - V8 (Orange and Purple)

Elite: 5.12b and up OR V8+ (Pink and Black)

Remember: this is the hardest grade you’ve ever sent — NOT how hard you plan on climbing during the competition. You can be in Elite and climb 5.9s to your heart’s content. You probably won’t win … but hey, you do you! That being said, don’t be a sandbagger and put yourself in a category lower than you climb.

Also - you must pick a gym to start the competition at! We don’t want all 200 competitors starting at the same gym and causing a human stampede (this isn’t Black Friday at Best Buy). So we have 25 team spots at each gym - sign up quick to get your first choice in starting gym! Once we start you at a gym, we can’t switch you over so please be sure of where you are signing up. We will have everyone’s swag bag at the location they signed up for, so we can’t get you your stuff if you’re not there to pick it up! If you are not from the DFW area, please go to our website here to find the addresses of all of our locations, as well as fill out a waiver ahead of time, so you don't have to do one on the day of the event.

Alright, you’re all signed up, now time to start training! We score you on how many sends you make throughout the duration of the comp. We’ll have both routes and boulder problems on the scorecards - you can complete each route or problem up to FOUR times for points! Taller routes and problems are worth more points, so shorter gyms are worth less!

Want even more points?? Travel to at least three of our gyms and get a huge point bonus! We’ll also have 12HSS-specific abs and yoga classes going throughout the day - attend one of these classes and get a point boost. Attend BOTH and get a HUGE point boost! The class schedules will be posted on your scorecards when you pick them up, so make sure to strategize. Or not! Wing it and see how that goes!

Check in will start at 8 am on the day of the competition. PLEASE be on time - we will have a brief rules meeting at 8:50 am, just before the competition starts, and it’s important NOT TO MISS THIS. Please be courteous and attend this on time.

After the climbing ends at 9 pm, get your butt over to Summit Grapevine for the after-party! We’ll have dinner for all the competitors, free beer, awards, and a huge raffle! 21+ to drink.

So, what’s at stake? The best-performing team (in either the Advanced or Elite category) will get entry into the highlight of every climber’s year, the 24HHH. This competition is very exclusive … so winning that is a VERY. BIG. DEAL.

Email Caillin at caillin@summitgyms.com if you have any questions! Register quick - once we sell out, that’s it! If you end up missing out you can add yourself to our reserve list and we’ll contact you if a spot opens up.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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