11-day Ohio-to-Erie Trail Smart-guided Selfie Tour - OTET'S BEST Experience

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11-day Ohio-to-Erie Trail Smart-guided Selfie Tour - OTET'S BEST Experience

This is the complete tour plan with all the bells and whistles of an everyday person's tour. More than making it from A to B, much more!

By CycleNuts

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Starts on Tuesday, March 14 · 12am EDT


11-day Ohio-to-Erie Trail Smart-guided Tour - A Complete OTET Experience Ohio River Trail Cincinnati, OH 45202

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11-day Ohio-to-Erie Trail Smart-guided Selfie Tour - OTET'S BEST Experience


CycleNuts Selfie Cycle Tours

CycleNuts Selfie Tours tie together fun, interesting, scenic, historic, tasty, and refreshing points of interest along a bikeway focused tour route where you ride at your pace and your pleasure. You are the tour boss. You pick the day, time, and pace of the tour.

With these smart-guided bikeway cycling adventures you bring the bike and smart phone, and ​CycleNuts provides the Smart Guide. The Smart Guide gives you voice and visual turn-by-turn instructions along an expertly designed and tested tour route.

Do the tour solo or bring along your crew. Easily stop anywhere along the way to visit attractions or refreshments and the Smart Guide will continue the route from wherever you are when you are ready to roll.

Ticket is for the CycleNuts Smart-guided tour route and itinerary plan.


All three options come with your ticket purchase:

1. All inside stays 2. All outside stays 3. Mix of inside and outside stays

  • Can you mix and match tour itineraries along the way? Yes, you can!
  • Can you do part of it one day, and the rest another day? Yes, you can!
  • Can you do it as many times as you want? Yes, you can!
  • Can you reverse the route with a few adjustments? Yes, you can!
  • Can you add stops or remove stops along the way? Yes, you can!

All three tours are included with day-by-day route itineraries that are quite interchangeable. That means, if you started with the Out-Route and decide you want to go All-In halfway through - yes, you can! Simply load the Smart-guide from the route you want on the day that you are at, and away you go! The Smart-guide also makes it easy to add or remove stops along the way using Google Maps technology.

1. All-In OTET Experience - Hotels, Airbnbs, and a Bed and Breakfast Stay - Estimated out of pocket expense $1829

This adventure has a convenient mix of comfortable stays at hotels and Airbnbs, and even a pampered stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast! Ride heavy or ride light, leave room in your luggage for shopping and souvenirs! Grocery stops are built into the routes leading to Airbnbs for those who would rather cook then dine out. E-bike friendly!

2. Out-Route OTET Experience - Bike-pack camping all the way - Estimated out of pocket expense $831

This adventure has an affordable mix of primitive and electric stays at private, state, community, and trailside campgrounds. Ride heavy or ride light - you will at least need a tent or bivy or a friend willing to share their camping rig. Grocery stops are built into the routes leading to campgrounds.

3. In-and-Out OTET Experience - Hotels, Airbnbs, a Bed and Breakfast, and Bike-pack camping - Estimated out of pocket expense $1527

This adventure has a balanced mix of electric stays at campgrounds, comfortable stays at hotels and Airbnbs, and even a pampered stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast! Ride heavy or ride light - you will at least need a tent or bivy or a friend willing to share for 2 of the camping stays. Grocery stops are built into the routes leading to campgrounds and Airbnbs for those who would rather cook than dine out.

Overnight stay accommodations, points of interest expenses, emergency services, meals, etcetera are not included with the ticket purchase.

Built with four travelers in mind, this tour plan is perfect for families, friends, and possibly strangers who are about to become friends. The total expense estimates may fluctuate depending on your ability to reserve the recommended stays; your option to stay at less or more expensive places; and the fluctuating prices of these stays. The sooner you make your reservations, the better, especially for the bed and breakfast and the Airbnbs.

This is the Ohio-to-Erie Trail (OTET) tour plan you have been looking for if you are new to cycling, a cycling pro, or anything in between, and you are a tourist at heart who loves to see and experience all there is to see at the speed of bike. And there is much to see and experience on this spectacular trail! You can take a canal boat ride on the Ohio and Erie Canal, a train ride on the Cuyahoga Valley National Scenic Railroad, explore ancient Native American earthworks, watch buffalo (bison) roam freely, experience the Amish community, visit numerous museums and points of interest, such as the boulder designating the center of Ohio and the non-descript Towpath Mounds.

The OTET passes through Ohio's three largest cities - Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland; through Ohio's only National Park - the Cuyahoga Valley National Park; through Holmes County - the nation's largest Amish community along rail-to-trail, towpath, quiet country roads, and community bikeways for the majority of its length. At its southern end you can dip your wheels in the Ohio River and at its northern end, Lake Erie. Along most of the way there are rivers, creeks, and canals, as well as forests, farmland, and wooded fields.

These tour plans are the answer to a regular person's bicycle tour dreams! It is not a race, an endurance feat, a frugal penny-pinching endeavor, nor a rushed no-frill disappointment. You will experience all that the OTET has to offer - and that is a lot! It is a beautiful cycling adventure rich in scenery, history, and humanity. The routes are Ebike friendly with nightly electrical stops (except for the Out-Route, which has intermittent electric stays). The average daily mileage is 34.


Day 1: To dip or not to dip your tire in the Ohio River

Day 2: Is the castle really haunted?

Day 3: Just what is under all of that dirt?

Day 4: Buffalo? Here? That's weird.

Day 5: It's kind of a big city. Ok. Let's keep moving along.

Day 6: Who put that boulder right there at the center of the state?

Day 7: Why are bridges covered, anyway?

Day 8: What is a Victorian mansion doing in the heart of Amish country?

Day 9: Country roads, take me home... or at least to the next stay.

Day 10: The boat. The train. The trail. Decisions, decisions.

Day 11: To dip or to swim or both in Lake Erie - the end.

Tour notes:

  • The tour plans are priced for quadruple accommodation stays (for example: 2 double beds in one room, 2 tents on one site).
  • Accommodating for less than four does not significantly alter the total tour price, but for more than four does significantly increase the total price. Four seems to be the medium best value - you and three of your favorite biking peeps.
  • The inside stays are chosen as lowest price with zero bed bug complaints on Google reviews (at the time of this writing).
  • The camping stays are chosen as lowest price with electric (at the time of this writing).
  • The entertainment/refreshment stops, and overnight stays are only suggestions, not recommendations, unless otherwise stated.
  • Expense estimates do not include food, drinks, or souvenirs.
  • Tour plans are completely self-supported - no SAG or rescue vehicle provided.
  • There are 17 (at least) attractions/points of interest included along the way (optional, of course).

Total tour plan expenses include lodging based on quadruple occupancy, pickup truck rental at the start and end, museum/attraction expenses. Plans do not include food, beverages, or souvenirs. Self-supported tour - no sag or rescue services provided. You can whittle down the total tour expense substantially by substituting less expensive overnight stays. The overnight stays chosen by CycleNuts are only pleasant-experience suggestions spaced out at a very comfortable distance for both those new to cycle touring and cycle touring pros.

HERE'S THE PLAN: You bring the bike and smart phone. CycleNuts provides the smart-tour guide. Via email you receive an expertly designed and tested tour route. Simply click on the emailed link and follow the expertly designed Selfie Tour route using your smart phone as your personal smart-tour guide for the Voice and Map guided turn-by-turn instructions.

  1. From your location simply click on link 1 provided by CycleNuts (using your cell phone) and follow the Google Maps directions to the starting spot;
  2. Unload your bike (if you transported it to the starting spot), or if you rode your bike to the starting spot then you are good to go;
  3. and then click on link 2 provided by CycleNuts and begin the tour (for more complex tours there may also be a link 3 or 4 to click on along the way as well as additional instructions).

WHERE TO RENT A BIKE: No reasonable options but to bring your own for this tour.


GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! - take note that the tour starting and ending times on the ticket are only a general guideline to give you an idea of how much time the tour may take at the minimum. Your time in the saddle, on the trail, and starting times are your call - it is your tour.

Got questions? - Get answers! – http://CycleNuts.link FAQS

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About the organizer

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In a nutshell - CycleNuts is an alternative cycle touring experience where seeing and socializing take emphasis over speed and (ugh!) sweat. Join along on bikeway touring adventures to destinations near and far as we strive for the

Goal: to create bikeway touring opportunities for cyclists of all types to enjoy together

Mission: to encourage casual cyclists and cyclists interested in casual cycling to tour together

Vision: a united cycling community that tours together on bikeway adventures for the holistic benefit of all

What to expect - Casual social cycle touring where exercise is optional, everybody finishes together, and nobody is dropped, abandoned, or left to fend for their self (unless they wish to be).

Expect a slow pace under 11 mph average with CycleNuts’ 50% downhill guarantee. Sweating is optional. Pictures, merriment, and other tourist activities heartily encouraged. Allow ample time for the nature of CycleNuts tours including

Trail-side breaks

Eating and drinking

Picture taking and posing

Pacing with the slowest riders

Looking at cool stuff along the way

And other sorts of tourist activities – as well as unforeseen detours, breakdowns, and delays of various sorts.

Helmets are not mandatory - CycleNuts tours give preference to bikeways - bicycle trails and protected bicycle lanes. Routes may include dedicated bicycle lanes on streets, bicycle ‘friendly’ streets, and of necessity, regular streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and unpaved trails. Darkness may be experienced on evening or early morning rides. Lights in good working order at all times on CycleNuts tours are a great idea – to be seen and to see!

SAG-free - CycleNuts tours, including travel and over-night accommodations, are self-supported with the slightest of guidance. SAG is not provided. Carpools and caravans are individual choices. Emergency road support – if necessary – may be a creative, collective group effort or you may need to fend for yourself. Be prepared with options.

Recommended Gear - A cycle (uni, bi, tri, tandem, E, recumbent, or cycle/trailer rig). Protective gear of your choice. ID. Front and rear lighting. Communication device. Spare tube. Patch kit. Air pump. Wrench kit. Cycle lock. Water. Energy bar. Funds for refreshment breaks and emergencies. Sun screen. Pest repellent.

Recommended Preparation – Pre-check (before you load that bike for transport to the starting spot) brakes, tire pressure, lights, and rideability. Consider what you are wearing on tour and what you may need for changing weather conditions.

​Yes – CycleNuts will offer cycling events in all four seasons – what else could be expected from CycleNuts?

Got questions? Get Answers! CycleNuts FAQs