10th Annual Indianapolis Model Audition

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Indianapolis, IN

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Photo taken by AC Photography during the 9th Annual Chicago Fashion Show. Designer Leandro Mulet.

Dear Model,

This is your 1st step to confirm your participation in the Official Model Audition for the 10th Annual Chicago International Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity. This is the biggest show of the year with over 750 audience members and countless media outlets from news, bloggers, fashion magazines, and more covering this event. Simply register your name and email address on the ticket link. The ticket is free and confirms your spot in the audition. The audition date/information is below along with the fashion show date/information. (Please note: parents or model chaperones are more than welcome to accompany the model they are supporting. Therefore, parents/chaperones do not need to register for a ticket (only fashion show models do). You simply show up with the model. Only models need to register. If there are siblings or family members that each want to audition, then, each person must register under their individual name even if the same email address is used.)

Indianapolis Audition Information

Sunday, Sept 29 at 2pm CST
We will hand out model paperwork, take your measurements, ask you to walk, interview you very briefly, and take your photograph.

Indy Location: TBA
Wardrobe: walk in with high heels on or dress shoes for men (age appropriate heels for girls ages 14 and under), wearing all black, and tight fitted clothing. We prefer black shoes. Please wear tight fitted clothes and figure flattering outfits. Please arrive full makeup on and hair nice so you can look your best in the photo we take of you.

Other Audition Dates
There will be only ONE Chicago Audition October 6th and only ONE Indianapolis audition on September 29th. Models that audition in person will be given first priority and booked with designers first. We will only hold one month of virtual auditions (from Sept 1st through 30th) for models that know they can not attend the Chicago or Indy auditions. It will be harder for Virtual Models to make it into the show since spots will be limited. Virtual Models will be notified after October 15th since we will prioritize models that auditioned in person. *Please note you only need to attend ONE audition and we recommend attending either the Chicago or Indy audition for your best chances of getting into the show.

When you audition we will ask for six things:
1. To see your runway walk.
2. To take your photo (after we take your meausurements).
3. To interview you asking why you support Live Out Loud Chairty for anti bullying, core character development, and suicide prevention.
4. LIKE OUR FAN PAGE on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liveoutloudcharity/ Leave a positive comment under one of our recent posts and continue to share/like/comment under our fashion show posts, especially if you are selected as a model in the show. We appreciate your support.
5. Check out our website to learn more about the charity to best prepare you for the in person interview: www.worldwideleadershipacademy.org and www.liveoutloudcharity.org
6.Save our text messages for future reference in case you make it in the fashion show. We will text you ALL fashion show model information from the ticket link to rehearsal dates, model bag essentials so you are prepared for your fittings and big day, news articles, charity info, expectations, locations, and more. Different team members will text our official models so be sure to save all lolc members names' once they contact you. We have a 24 hour rule... if you do not respond within 24 hours to our teams' text messages we will assume you are no longer in the show and delete you from the event. Be sure to be diligent in your responses. Remember rehearsals (model practices) are mandatory.


We do ask models to truly advocate for our cause. Therefore, we select models that have been touched by anti bullying, low self esteem, depression, and/or suicide. We ask those models to sell three tickets to our event to not just raise funds but to also raise awareness for our cause. We need models to be true activists for our cause and bring people from their community to hear our message. This event is about educating the audience members on the signs of depression, how to save lives through suicide intervention steps given during the show, and where to go for help. Our event actually saves lives through the education we provide to audience members and to models. Models play a crucial role not just as volunteers gaining an experience of a lifetime but also as real advocates in their community that work hard to bring family, friends, coworkers, collegues, and acquaintances to the show to save lives. Our shows are top of the line, professional, offer local, national, and some lolc events offer international exposure. As models you are walking for Live Out Loud Charity while gaining real, qualified experience in the industry with photos to build your portfolio, connections that can help to launch your career, and an opportunity to get you to the next level. If models want to take this a step further we invite them to our Model Boot Camp one day prior to our event.

View how our charity makes a difference through fashion CLICK HERE.
View our suicide prevention video CLICK HERE
View our anti bullying video. CLICK HERE.

There is one mandatory rehearsal held November 3rd, 2019 in Chicago at the downtown hotel Palmer House. We want everyone prepared for our professional fashion show. You only need to attend ONE rehearsal on November 3rd (which lasts for 6 hours plus a lunch break) and one mandatory rehearsal (plus fittings) on Nov 30th (the day before the fashion show). To help the charity we do charge a very small $20 model fee to help our non profit cover the costs of the: facility, lunch/food, and coaching for the 5 hour November training. We bring in different coaches so our models are prepared and confident the day of the show. This training is life changing. View VIDEO HERE. Tickets will be due and turned in at the Nov 3rd rehearsal. Models can bring payment or purchase online that day or prior to that day.

As mentioned above there is also a short mandatory rehearsal on November 30 in Chicago at the Palmer House (no fee required and no lunch provided by lolc) along with model fittings the day before the show. If you book several designers you could be at fittings throughout the entire day. Therefore, we recommend ALL MODELS participating in the show to BLOCK the entire Saturday. We recommend you come into the show hotel (or a hotel nearby) Friday night on November 29th so you are ready for November 30th rehearsal/fittings and December 1st fashion show. *Please note some designers will require other dates for fittings so you must attend those should you be selected as a model in our event.

Saturday, November 30, 2019 (this applies to every single model in the show and is MANDATORY)
*Call times depends on designer(s). Location: Palmer House downtown Chicago ( 35 mins near airport).
Plan on the time frame being from 12noon to 9pm to have different call times if you are with more than one designer plus there is a model practice. We will also hold Model Boot Camp earlier this day with a start time of about 8am or 9am. Reserve the entire day because fittings can take a few hours. You need to practice walking in the garment, work with your designer, sometimes try on multiple garments until they find the perfect one, and more. Also, if you are walking for more than one designer you may have more than one call time. Please be on time for all of our events. We are very strict with our schedule. You will have time to sit and rest, take breaks in between fittings (if you have more than one designer), leave and come back (if there are gaps in between fitting times), and time to drink water/eat snacks. Pack a lunch and snacks. It is a long and awesome day full of networking possibilities with multiple designers and industry professionals. Be quiet, stay focused, and make sure to be polite while also thanking your designer(s) and producer(s)/staff of LOLC.

We recommend models to read this article to know what they should bring in their model bag. READ HERE.
*This article has also been published in Europe and Asia. It is written by Sherrie Gearheart (www.sherriegearheart.com)

Ms. Sherrie Gearheart or one of her core team members will give all fashion show updates and inform models of their designer(s), fitting call time(s), or if they have made it in the show via TEXT MESSAGE. If you do not have text messaging on your phone please state this at the audition and email us at info@liveoutloudcharity.org
Also, Sherrie posts fashion show updates and asks models to add her on facebook so they can share the posts and help spread awareness of the show and charity. www.facebook.com/sherrie.gearheart

Contact Person/Producer: Sherrie Gearheart
Text is the best way to communicate: 815 914 8602
You may call/leave a voicemail or email info@liveoutloudcharity.org

When you audition, you may be chosen to walk in our 10th Annual International Chicago Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Chairty. Show information is below:

December 1st, 2019
Model call time 12noon (this call time is tentative and could be earlier)
Palmer House
17 E. Monroe St.
Chicago, IL
Ticket link for futher details: TBA.

Please note that everyone involved in this event is volunteering their time, talents, and passions. We thank you for your tremendous support. Learn more about our cause today www.liveoutloudcharity.org or www.worldwideleadershipacademy.org

Interested in our Model Boot Camps? See the 2019 schedule below (each date is unique and offers something different): go to www.sherriegearheart.eventbrite.com to see the MBC LIVE links and register today!

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Indianapolis, IN

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