10th Annual IMES Spelling Bee

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Increase Miller Elementary School

186 New York 138

Goldens Bridge, NY 10526

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Welcome to the 10th Annual IMES Spelling Bee! You've taken the first step towards participating in this fun competition on WED., MAR. 27 at 6pm.

WHO: Any 3rd, 4th or 5th grade student


TIME: 5:45pm check-in, 6pm start!

WHERE: IMES cafeteria

PRIZES: Trophies for each grade winner

FREE EVENT – must pre-register online
BEFORE MON., MAR. 25 midnite
No walk-ups allowed
Food & drinks available

Here are the rules:


  • All participants need to check-in at the front entrance of IMES at 5:45pm. We will begin promptly at 6pm.

  • Once the competition begins, late-comers will NOT be permitted to participate.

  • Participants will be given a name card to wear as ID for the event.

  • Water bottles are permitted on stage, but must be left by your chair


  • Spellers will compete by grade only.

  • Words will be presented from a randomized list of the study words provided by grade.

  • We will begin with a practice round so each speller has an opportunity to experience the format. No speller will be eliminated during the practice, even if the word is spelled incorrectly.

  • When it is your turn, you will stand at the microphone, facing the Presenter (not the audience). There will be stage coordinators—parent volunteers-- to help.

  • The Presenter will say each student's word. You may ask to have it used in a sentence. Our spelling format is...

  1. SAY the word

  2. SPELL the word

  3. SAY the word

    Example... “Winter, W-I-N-T-E-R, Winter”

  • Make sure to speak loudly and slowly. Annuciatiate clearly for the judges.

  • Once you begin to spell the word, you MUST ask to begin again if you think you have made a mistake.

  • You may NOT begin again once you say the word for the second time.

  • If you spell the word correctly, the Presenter will say, “Thank you, that is correct.” If you spell the word incorrectly, the Presenter will say, “I'm sorry, that is not correct,” and will spell the word correctly.

  • After spelling your word, return to your seat. After each round, student's who have missed their word will exit the stage. You are encouraged to stay and cheer on your classmates.

  • The Presenter and Judges will make the final decision on all spellings.


    The Bee continues until only one speller in a round spells a word correctly. That student is declared the winner!

  • If NONE of the spellers in a round spells a word correctly, all spellers in that round will remain for another round. The Bee continues (as above) until a winner is declared.

  • If there are two consecutive rounds where no one is eliminated for incorrect spelling, the Presenter may use grade-level challenge words. If a challenge word list is depleted, the Presenter may use non-challenge words from the next grade level. The Bee will continue (as above) until a winner is declared.

  • A round shall include words from the same difficulty category (based on the word lists provided). If the remaining word list could run out during a round, the Presenter may move to the next word category. The list sequence is...1) Grade-level words followed by 2) grade-level challenge words, then 3) non-challenge words from the next grade level. Judges will make this decision at the beginning of the round based on the number of Spellers remaining vs. words remaining.

Remember to have fun! There will be one winner for each grade, but all participants should be proud of their effort. Please contact Adam Kern at if you have any questions. THANK YOU and good luck to all our participants!

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Date and Time


Increase Miller Elementary School

186 New York 138

Goldens Bridge, NY 10526

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