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10th Annual Expo Icrontic

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Icrontic HQ Detroit 4304 Avery St Detroit, MI 48208

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What is Icrontic? Sophisticated gamers. We have epic video game tournaments, and then have a tea party. We'll play board games all night, and never turn down a costume party. We talk smack, and then hug it out afterward.

The Expo Icrontic is our annual gathering of members from around the globe for one glorious weekend in Detroit. Join us whether it's your tenth trip or your first - you'll be just as welcomed, and it will become your favorite week of the year too.


Bring your gaming PC or laptop and connect it to the network for LAN gaming. Organized tournaments every night, and plenty of casual matchups at all hours.

We will have a dedicated board game room and at least one board game tournament, TBA. This year will also feature the second appearance of CB's custom-made giant Settlers of Catan board.

Food Tour

A centerpiece of the Expo since its inception is touring the culinary scene of Detroit every day. We go out as a group to restaurants on Thursday and Sunday, and have catered meals Friday and Saturday evenings. Food tour is an additional expense beyond your ticket. Please bring at least $20 cash per day you wish to participate.


Previous years have included home brewing demos, beer and wine tastings, movie viewings, fitness workshops, 5K runs, and more. Our 2013 hobbyist events are TBA, but they'll be great as always.

Duct Tape Engineering Challenge

Don't sleep in Saturday! Our 10th annual duct tape chellenge kicks off at noon as always. We break into teams of 3-5 to attempt the challenge (build a boat? an axeled car? a weight-bearing bridge? who knows!) and bask in the glory of sticky victory.


In the past we've played golf, attended a Tigers baseball game, played laser tag, taken a bike tour of Detroit, and visited local shops. This year will include golfing, bowling, and a bike tour.


Earn raffle tickets thru participation in events and winning challenges all week, then pick which glorious swag prizes you want to nab thru our popular Chinese Auction at the end of the event.


After two great years in a Warren cafe, we return to home base this year. The 2013 Expo will be held in our 4000-sq foot Queen Anne home and carriage house in the Woodbridge neighborhood in Detroit. We'll make use of every inch of it to accomodate all these activities.


Feeling informal and still young at heart? Bring your sleeping bag and crash in our spacious, hardwood-floored, high-ceiling attic hostel-style. Need some privacy and your own shower? We have a group rate at the historic Corktown Inn, which is a mere 1.6 miles straight down a main road from ICHQ.

Start & End

The official start is Thurday at 3pm, but events begin Wednesday evening. The official end is Saturday at midnight. Stay for part of Sunday if you can! We'll organize a brunch, and appreciate help cleaning up.

If you wat to arrive before Wednesday or stay after Sunday, ask Lincoln or Brian. Pro tip: We prefer early company to having company after Monday.

Rules & Preparations

After signing up, you'll be granted access to a special category on the Icrontic forum containing rules, what to bring, what to do when you arrive, signups,polls, tips, and the schedule (as soon as it's finalized). Feel free to start discussions there to ask questions!


This year we are simplifying things by offering one flat rate, no addons, no subscriber discount. The ticket cost represents what we've estimated to be an equal share of the expenses incurred to organize and host this event. If the cost is prohibitive for you, please contact Brian or Lincoln. We want everyone to be able to attend.

For Friends, Not Profit

This is not a commercial or for-profit event; in fact, we inevitably lose money on it. Your ticket purchase defrays the cost of a t-shirt, swanky attendee badge, and other swag you can take home. It also covers the cost of venue infrastructure, airport rides, tables & chairs, consumables, software, portable johns, and inevitable repairs.

This is a private event for members and their friends in our home and as such we reserve the right to deny admission to anyone. Be awesome, lend a hand, and we will love to have you as our guest.

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