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10 Tactics for Communicators to Engage Employees

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So the headlines tell us. One post points to research showing employees aren't interested in engagement. Others proclaim that stagnant engagement levels in the 30% range prove that low engagement is natural and just is what it is.

Move on, we are told.

It's true that if asked, "being more engaged" would not make a list of what employees would say they want from their jobs. The things that create engagement, however, most definitely would. As for chronically low engagement rates, they persist because organizations do the wrong things to try to raise their scores. In some companies, the score itself matters more than how engaged employees actually are, leading employees to simply check the highest ratings on engagement surveys to avoid incurring their bosses' wrath.

Engagement still matters -- companies with engaged employees continue to outperform their competitors -- and internal communicators are in a position to have a major impact on it. While you can read thousands of articles and posts on the web, this webinar will deliver real-world tactics you can employ immediately to lead employees to care about how their company performs and what they can do to help. After all, that's the very definition of engagement!

These are not the same old tired techniques you hear about when the "experts" reach into their standard toolkit. These techniques include adjustments to things you're already doing along with communications you have never considered. You'll also get advice on how to demonstrate to leaders that your efforts are working. And to top it off, you'll see how these tactics can fit into a broader communication strategy that produces business results that matter to leaders.

Shel Holtz has been helping companies align their communications with business results for 20 years and brings his experience in the real world to this one-hour webinar. Participants will also receive a "Communicate for Engagement" tip sheet as well as long-term access to the video replay of the webinar.

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