10 CE "The Joy of Grief Massage" Class for Massage Therapists

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Elemental Healing Charlotte

5200 Park Road


Charlotte, NC 28209

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Join us on Saturday August 5, 2017: 9 am to 3 pm (with a one hour lunch break) & Sunday August 6, 2017: 9 am to 3 pm (with a one hour lunch break).

A small group of licensed massage therapists (registration is capped at 10 massage therapists) will meet to learn about Grief Massage at Elemental Healing in Charlotte.

Learn from the creator of Safe and Gentle Grief Massage℠, Aimee Joy Taylor, who also led two Massage Therapy Foundation funded Community Service Projects, developed The Joy of Grief Massage course, and founded The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. This class offers warm, personalized attention and a safe, nurturing atmosphere for learning and growth.

About the Class:

In times of deep sorrow, massage therapists can be uniquely empowered to offer comfort and create grounding, nourishing, physical retreats for heart-broken and grieving clients.

This class was created to guide licensed massage therapists in providing gentle massage to newly bereaved clients. We will discuss helpful ways to be present and show genuine compassion and care to massage clients who are dealing with a fresh loss, and are making their way through their first year of grieving.

We will discuss:

-developing empathy for the experience of grieving

-how the physical body may respond to grieving

-how grieving may influence the nervous system

-special considerations for intake and appointment scheduling

-the massage therapy scope of practice, emotional release, and making referrals when necessary

-helpful ideas for letting go of the need to "fix" sorrow and creating a safe space for clients.

-self-care and boundaries

-training in a simple and calming Grief Massage sequence in which clients remain clothed

-gaining experience with Grief Massage and creating a program that nourishes you and your clients

Please note that this modality is not currently mainstream and may not be an immediate income-generator for your practice - but we will discuss ideas for promoting Grief Massage and will also cover helpful ways to gain experience through volunteering.

If you feel called to work with grieving massage clients, this class is a good place to start. This is an opportunity to be a leader with your massage practice, and to develop an offering for an underserved population.


It's easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed in the face of great suffering. We may feel inadequate or ill-equipped to "fix" the pain we see both in the world at large, and in the faces of those near us.

But, what if the impulse to "fix" the pain of others is actually part of the problem?

What if it was okay to show up as a massage therapist without answers? What if we could acknowledge our powerlessness in the face of mystery and suffering, and show up anyway?

What if we, as massage therapists, could learn to ground ourselves to this beautiful Earth, take deep breaths of courageous empathy, and create beautiful compassionate spaces where suffering souls could simply find gentle comfort for their physical bodies?

What if steadfastness, empathy and gentle massage in a safe and sacred environment were contribution enough?

What if we could train our hands and our hearts to let go of the need to "fix" suffering? What would that ability bring to this world?

This class is appropriate for all massage therapists who want to offer massage to grieving clients -- whether you have previous experience with loss or not, this class will take you by the hand and walk you down the path toward offering Grief Massage.

The five modules, or "stepping stones" that we will focus on along the Grief Massage path are:

Step One: Grief, the Body & the Nervous System

Step Two: Grief Massage Intake and Protocols

Step Three: The Grief Massage Sequence

Step Four: Emotional Release & Scope of Practice

Step Five: Developing Grief Massage Programs


Continuing Education:

This LIVE class is approved by the NCBTMB for 10 CE. You must attend all class sessions in their entirety to receive a 10 CE certificate at the end of the 2 day workshop.

It is the responsibility of each student to check with their individual state board/licensing body to ensure that the CE from these classes will be accepted toward licensure renewal. The instructor makes no guarantee that the CE offered in this class will be accepted. New York students: This NCBTMB approved course is NOT sponsored in New York by the NCBTMB and will not be accepted toward license renewal (to the best of our knowledge).

Registration Policy:

You register for this class by paying tuition and completing registration on the Eventbrite website AND by then contacting the instructor, Aimee Joy Taylor, by email at aimeetaylor@griefmassage.org. Please inform the instructor ASAP if any special accomodations are needed.

By registering for this class series and paying the tuition, you agree to be fully responsible for attending each day of the class (in full) and you agree to arrive on time. Further, by registering for this class, you affirm that you are a licensed massage therapist and hold an active massage therapy license.

Registration Deadline:

The deadline to register for this class is two weeks prior to the class start date. Registration will close on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

Payment and Fee Information:

The tuition for this 2 day class (10 CE total) is $329.00. Tuition is due at the time of Registration. You register by enrolling and paying on the Eventbrite website and then emailing the instructor at aimeetaylor@griefmassage.org. If you need special accomodations for the class, please let the instructor know immediately upon registration.

Payment of tuition is due in full at the time of registration and no refunds will be offered for any reason except in the event of an emergency which causes the instructor to reschedule or cancel class. In the rare event of an emergency, the instructor will offer to reschedule the class and/or offer a refund if a makeup class cannot be scheduled.

Cancellation Policy:

Class will only be cancelled in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency that requires the instructor to cancel class, every effort will be made to reschedule the class. If the cancelled class cannot be rescheduled, the class tuition will be refunded.

Refund Policy:

Refunds will not be offered, except in the rare event of an emergency that requires the instructor to cancel the class. If a class session is cancelled, every effort will first be made to reschedule.

Provider Information

This event is presented by The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. and the instructor is Aimee Joy Taylor. Aimee Joy Taylor is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. NCBTMB Approved Provider #521.

Aimee holds a BA in Psychology (minor in Public Health) and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007. As a licensed massage therapist (NC LMBT #7632) she has provided massage to many grieving clients over the past 9+ years, has led Grief Massage projects in her community, and is the founder of The Institute for Grief Massage Inc.

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Date and Time


Elemental Healing Charlotte

5200 Park Road


Charlotte, NC 28209

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