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-fuoco- Rope Bottoming Weekend Intensive

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House DeGiotto

21603 Manitou Falls Lane

Katy, TX 77449

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The KnottyAcroCats and House deGiotto are proud to present a Rope Bottoming weekend intensive by the world famous circus and rope bondage artist, -fuoco-!!

DAY 1 - Body Aware Bottoming

Your Body In Rope (flexibility/strength)

Tops and bottoms are quick to say that body awareness is a highly desirable quality in a rope bottom. But what is body awareness? How do we cultivate body awareness as a skill? And how does it inform our rope bottoming? This day will be a day of getting in touch with our bodies to better understand how they work in rope. The day will include of a discussion on what it means to be a "body aware bottom" followed by a number of exercises designed to help you evaluate and cultivate your own body awareness. There will also be a great deal of instruction on how to stretch and strengthen the parts of our bodies we use most as rope bottoms: shoulders, back, and hips. We'll move, stretch, maybe sweat, and will definitely feel real good at the end of the day.

All levels of strength & flexibility welcome. Bottoms and Riggers are welcome.

A Study in Inversions

In this class, we will focus on different hip harnesses and futomomos. We will discuss how to decide which harnesses to use, how to attach to those harnesses, and how that will affect the shape of your suspension. Bottoms and tops will be encouraged to test out various harnesses and attachment points to discover what works best for them.

This class assumes students have knowledge of/experience in: futomomo, a hip harness, and locked-off suspension lines.

DAY 2 - Responsible Rope Bottoming

Being a Responsible Rope Bottom

This is a day of hands on bottoming education. The first part of the day will consist of a discussion on what it means to be responsible for yourself in your scenes. Is injury in rope inevitable? What actions can you take to mitigate injury, and what decisions do you make that make you more susceptible to injury? We'll examine how to evaluate a rigger's skill and how to navigate rope scenes accordingly to mitigate risk.

Guided Bottoming Lab

The second part of the day is bottoming lab time. Cause lab time isn't just for riggers! This day is about creating time and space for bottoms to explore their likes, dislikes, and limits. Fuoco will suggest and demonstrate a suspension sequence designed to cover some of the more challenging aspects of bottoming, and will discuss how she and others manage different sorts of positional stress and pain. Bottoms will be able to try the sequence in a safe, controlled environment. Bring carabiners and a rigger for this one.

To participate in the hands on portion of bottoming lab time, bottoms should attend with riggers capable of tying a suspension worthy TK and futomomo. These harnesses will not be covered in class. Bottoms who don't have a rigger to attend with or who wish to just observe are still welcome to attend.

A Note for ROPE TOPS:

This is going to be an extraordinary workshop for you as well. This is your opportunity to learn about body mechanics in rope from a true expert in her field. Also, this is also your chance to support the bottoms who have made your education possible up to now. You'll want to stick around for the whole weekend, and your skills will be needed after the lunch break each day. So, step up to the plate and get ready to learn something completely new to you.

What to Bring...

(8-10) 8 meter to 30’ ropes; hemp or Jute is recommended

(5-6) weight rated climbing carabiners

safety shears


Water bottle and personal food and snacks.

Comfortable clothes you can move freely in

Pen and paper for notes

Suspension ring (optional)

A barrier between you and the floor such as a yoga mat or a blanket (optional)

About -fuoco-

Fuoco began her rope journey as a bottom in Phoenix four years ago. Since then she had the good fortune to spend a year in London, where she gained exposure to the broader European rope scene and had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented bottoms and riggers. Since moving back to the US, she has presented at cons around the country sharing her love of rope. She is switchy in rope and a vocal advocate for rope bottoms.

When she’s not doing rope, fuoco is a full time circus student, and she is constantly training to build strength and flexibility. Her dedicated study of the mechanics of the body makes her especially interested in developing more comprehensive education for bottoms informed by these practices. She enjoys using rope as another aerial apparatus and loves high energy, dynamic suspension bondage.

Website: http://ropesonfuoco.com/

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House DeGiotto

21603 Manitou Falls Lane

Katy, TX 77449

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