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Order is an object representing an order made against Eventbrite for one or more ticket classes.

The order object itself has the top-level financial and transactional information; the information for each attendee (i.e. each purchased ticket) is available as the order’s attendees.

Order objects are considered private and are only available to the event owner and the person who placed the order.


  • created datetime: When the attendee was created (order placed)
  • changed datetime: When the attendee was last changed
  • name string: The ticket buyer’s name. Use this in preference to first_name/last_name if possible for forward compatability with non-Western names.
  • first_name string: The ticket buyer’s first name
  • last_name string: The ticket buyer’s last name
  • email string: The ticket buyer’s email address
  • costs order-costs: Cost breakdown for this order
  • event_id string: The event id this order is against
  • time_remaining integer: The time remaining to complete this order (in seconds)


  • event from event_id event: The event this order is against
  • attendees attendee (list): Attendees on this order
  • refund_requests refund-request: Refund request on this order

Order Costs

Contains a breakdown of the order’s costs.

  • gross currency: The total amount the buyer was charged
  • eventbrite_fee currency: The portion of gross taken by Eventbrite as a management fee
  • payment_fee currency: The portion of gross taken by the payment processor
  • tax currency: The portion of gross allocated for tax (but passed onto the organizer)

Refund Request

Contains a refund request of the order.

  • from_email string: The email used to create the refund request
  • from_name string: The name used to create the refund request
  • status string: The actual status of the refund request
  • message string: The message associated with the refund request
  • reason string: The code of the refund request’s reason
  • last_message string: The last message associated with the last status of the refund request
  • last_reason string: The last code of the refund request’s reason
  • items list of refund-item: The items of the refund request

Refund Item

Contains a refund item.

  • event_id :format: event: The event of this item
  • order_id :format: order: The order of this item
  • item_type :format: ``: the item type order for full refund, attendee for partial refund an attendee or merchandise for partial refund a merchandise
  • quantity_requested :format: ``: The quatity requested for this item. If the item_type is order, quantity_requested is always 1. if the item_type is attendee or merchandise, then the quantity_requested shows how many items were requested.
  • amount_requested :format: currency: The total amount requested for this item.