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Attendee is an object representing the details of one or more people coming to the event. Each order has one attendee per ticket sold (you can think of the Attendee as representing an individual ticket for all intents and purposes).

If the event is set to collect information for only the ticket purchaser (the default), all returned attendees will have the same information, apart from the barcodes and ticket_class_id.

Attendee objects are considered private and are only available to the event owner.


  • created datetime: When the attendee was created (order placed)
  • changed datetime: When the attendee was last changed
  • ticket_class_id string: The ticket_class that the attendee registered with
  • ticket_class_name string: The name of the ticket_class at the time of registration
  • profile attendee-profile: The attendee’s basic profile information
  • addresses attendee-addresses: The attendee’s basic profile information
  • answers attendee-answers: The attendee’s answers to any custom questions (optional)
  • barcodes attendee-barcodes: The attendee’s entry barcode information
  • team attendee-team: The attendee’s team information (optional)
  • affiliate attendee-affiliate: The attendee’s affiliate code (optional)
  • checked_in boolean: If the attendee is checked in
  • cancelled boolean: If the attendee is cancelled
  • refunded boolean: If the attendee is refunded
  • status string: The status of the attendee (scheduled to be deprecated)
  • event_id string: The event id that this attendee is attending
  • order_id string: The order id this attendee is part of
  • guestlist_id string: The guestlist id for this attendee. If this is null it means that this is not a guest.
  • invited_by string: The guest of for the guest. If this is null it means that this is not a guest.


  • event from event_id event: The event this attendee is attending
  • order from order_id order: The order this attendee is part of
  • promotional_code from promotional_code promotional_code: The promotional code applied to this attendee

Attendee Profile

Contains the attendee’s personal information

  • name string: The attendee’s name. Use this in preference to first_name/last_name/etc. if possible for forward compatability with non-Western names.
  • email string: The attendee’s email address
  • first_name string: The attendee’s first name
  • last_name string: The attendee’s last name
  • prefix string: The title or honoraria used in front of the name (Mr., Mrs., etc.) (optional)
  • suffix string: The suffix at the end of the name (e.g. Jr, Sr) (optional)
  • age integer: The attendee’s age (optional)
  • job_title string: The attendee’s job title (optional)
  • company string: The attendee’s company name (optional)
  • website string: The attendee’s website address (optional)
  • blog string: The attendee’s blog address (optional)
  • gender string: The attendee’s gender (currently one of “male” or “female”) (optional)
  • birth_date date: The attendee’s birth date (optional)
  • cell_phone string: The attendee’s cell/mobile phone number, as formatted by them (optional)

Attendee Addresses

Contains the attendee’s various different addresses. All are optional.

  • home address: The attendee’s home address
  • ship address: The attendee’s shipping address
  • work address: The attendee’s work address

Attendee Answers

A list of objects with answers to custom questions:

  • question_id string: The ID of the custom question
  • question string: The text of the custom question
  • type string: One of multiple_choice, or text
  • answer string: The attendee’s answer

Attendee Barcodes

A list of objects representing the barcodes for this order (usually only one per attendee):

  • barcode string: The barcode contents
  • status string: One of unused, used, or refunded
  • created datetime: When the attendee barcode was created
  • changed datetime: When the attendee barcode was changed

Attendee Team

Represents team information for the attendee if the event has teams configured.

  • id string: The team’s ID
  • name string: The team’s name
  • date_joined datetime: When the attendee joined the team
  • event_id string: The event the team is part of