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Google Group

Our Google Group will be your primary source of support when working with our API. When posting questions to the group please inlcude the following information:

  • The endpoint you are calling. Include the entire path and be sure to redact your OAuth token as the group is a public page. Someone from Eventbrite may contact you and ask you to send your token via email, this is safe.
  • The response you expected from the call you made.
  • The response you got. Include the error message if you received one. If your response was missing data, please include the id of the object you were expecting to see but did not.
  • The steps you have already taken to debug the issue.
  • The overall goal you are trying to accomplish with your integration. This will give the community to an opportunity to suggest the best way to integrate with the API in the case that your current usage isn’t as efficient as it could be.


While the google group is the best place to get support, you can also tweet us @eventbriteapi .

Email Developer Support

Most support requests will receive a response within 48 hours. However, during busy times, the response time may be longer. If you have a question that is not directly related to building with our API’s, please reach out to the general support team .