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Eventbrite has many models that refer to each other, and often you’ll want to fetch related data along with the primary model you’re querying - for example, you’ll want to fetch an organizer along with each event you get back.

The way of doing this in the Eventbrite API is called ‘expansions’: you can specify a list of relationships to additionally fetch with every call.

The available expansions are based on the type of object you’re being returned; each of the return formats lists available expansions, as you can see in the event and attendee documentation, for example.

To ask for an expansion, just pass a comma-separated list of expansion names as the expand querystring argument in your URL.

For example, to fetch all my own events with organizers and venues expanded:


Note that each expansion you specify will slow down your API request slightly, so try to use as few as possible to ensure faster response times.

Nested expansions

Sometimes you might want to expand the attributes of an object that has itself been returned by an expansion. For example, you may have a list of orders and want to retrieve the event for each of those orders and the venue for each of those events:


Expansions can be nested in this way up to four levels deep.