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Our wellbeing wanders in Nature, (be it deep within a woodland or along our beaches and seashores) , offer a real chance to slow down, ignite our senses and connect with our natural environments and our own true nature.

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Organizer of Nature & Forest Bathing | Wellbeing Wanders
A certified Nature & Forest Therapy guide, Shinrin-Yoku Practitioner and Natural Mindfulness Guide.Join one of our guided Forest Therapy / Natural Mindfulness walks and Nature Immersion Retreats to experience a connection to nature, a connection to your true self and a connection to others / your communtiy. A mindfulness coach, Red Thread and Holding Space facilitator and Tree Sister Grove Tender Connection and community is more important than ever. Join our dandelion grove for both in person and virtual circles.  Life Coach - Retreat and Circle Guide - Mindfulness Teacher - Reiki Master - EFT TrainerFor Connection, Confidence,  Self esteem,  Authenticity and Courage