Mental Health for Artists


Axis is proud to present ‘Mental Health for Artists’, a new online season of events for January 2022 promoting wellbeing for creative practitioners and offering hands-on advice for creating healthy boundaries—in our practice and our lives.

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Organizer of Mental Health for Artists
An independent charity, we are committed to providing a platform to support [artists] and profile what they do. Through a determination to create the space [artists] need, our programme comprises a range of activities: Reflecting the [artists’] voice is integral to emerging developments in contemporary art, across assorted contexts. We present new aspects and forms of artistic expression to local, national and international audiences. Supporting [artists]: insurance, networks, space, opportunities, R&D awards, profiling, advice, mentoring - enabling [artists] to be [artists]. [Artists] blur the boundaries and we adapt and change with their evolution, seeking to provide the best support we can.