Self-Care: Virtual Wellness, Yoga, & Fitness Events
Self-Care: Virtual Wellness, Yoga, & Fitness Events
Collection by Eventbrite
Relax, recuperate, or break a sweat with this Collection of online wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. Eventbrite’s experts have found soothing guided meditations, stress management workshops, and yoga classes where you can find your flow with a group virtually.
Self-Care: Virtual Wellness, Yoga, & Fitness Events
Self-Care: Virtual Wellness, Yoga, & Fitness Events
Self-Care: Virtual Wellness, Yoga, & Fitness Events
Self-Care: Virtual Wellness, Yoga, & Fitness Events
Collection by Eventbrite
Relax, recuperate, or break a sweat with this Collection of online wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. Eventbrite’s experts have found soothing guided meditations, stress management workshops, and yoga classes where you can find your flow with a group virtually.
Relax, recuperate, or break a sweat with this Collection of online wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. Eventbrite’s experts have found soothing guided meditations, stress management workshops, and yoga classes where you can find your flow with a group virtually.

Love astrology but not sure how it actually all works? This workshop will show you how to find a birth chart, understand astrological signs, learn about the roles that planets play in birth charts, and understand the difference between sun, moon, and rising signs.

Prioritize your own strength in body, mind, and spirit during this online yoga class series, which is all about empowerment through breath and movement.

Do you sometimes feel you're becoming one with your phone instead of yourself? This Kundalini Yoga class (featuring energy work, breath work and poses) works as a counter-movement to technology overload. Come and get balanced.

Hump day doesn't have to be so hard! Wake up and jump right into an early-morning dance party with a live DJ during this weekly event, which provides a supportive community, a soundtrack for your cardio routine, and some sunrise fun.

There are many ways to begin healing emotional and physical distress, and a regular pilates is one of them. With guidance from an experienced instructor, you'll learn how to strengthen and tone the body while also relaxing the mind.

Check in with yourself during a weekly meditation session that explores a specific chakra, or energy center. You'll learn how to channel your own energy, and how to feel more in-tune with yourself and the world around you.

If you like your yoga class to be spiritual (not just a workout) these classes are for you. You'll be lead in chanting, breathwork, meditation, yoga poses, and have time for contemplation. Connect with your deeper self and the world around you through this practice.

Community, and yoga, heals. Log on for a vigorous, playful, challenging and spiritual yoga class. Close your eyes and you're in your favorite vibrant studio!

Heard of Qigong? This mind-body practice involves movement, breathwork, and mental focus. Start this session with a breathing exercise before you get into movements that give attention to posture, alignment, and breath.

Move your body for 45 minutes when you tune in to this cardio dance class, where you can enjoy killer beats and rhythmic movement with an online community.

People have been writing poetry for thousands of years. Here's your chance to try your hand at it (literally) and study a handful of modern and contemporary poets.

Being a teen is tough, but mindfulness can help. Tweens or teens can explore breathwork and a guided meditation during this class, which focuses on techniques for calming the body and mind.

This one's for the mommas-to-be! Nourish your body, mind, and spirit while preparing for your little one's arrival in this online yoga class. You'll practice gentle stretches and controlled breathing that give a massaging effect to muscles, nerves, and deeper internal organs.

Zumba is still going strong. Can you keep up? You can try when you join this class that mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves to help you burn calories while you dance.

Meditate, move through blocks and shift your energy with visualization and energy work — all online.

Wish you had a regular meditation community to check-in with for support and company? This magical circle meets online the first Wednesday or each month. Meditate with others, virtually!

Want to meditate but just can't seem to do it on your own? This event series is the answer, allowing you to log on and meditate with others, accompanied by instruction. Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome!

This workshop will teach you all about EFT — "emotional freedom technique" — and it's self-acupressure methodology, which involves tapping on specific points on your body to calm your nerves and find balance between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Want some help with your moves without having to show them off in public? Join a class with instruction from dance teacher, who teaches jazz and ballet technique blended with yoga and cardio — all in the comfort of your living room.

A great opportunity to learn astanga yoga — a vigorous, healing posture and breathwork sequence — step by step. Challenge your body and find stillness of mind.

Move, breathe, get strong and calm in this dynamic online yoga class that's well-rounded for the body and mind.

Maximize your creativity during this virtual hang, where a non-judgmental group of people gathers to kick back, have fun, and improvise. A leader will guide you through exercises built to stir curiosity and quick thinking, reinforcing the group's motto: "You Can't Do it Wrong."

Zero dance experience is required for this Zumba class — and you can easily drop in from home. If you ever wanted to try this workout, set to salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton beats — here's your chance.

If you have any trouble resting, this yoga nidra class can help you consciously relax your body and mind. Led by physician and a meditation teacher, this class offers guided relaxation that can help you feel more tranquil and present in daily life.

Learn more about autism during these monthly events, where a doctor explores the nuances of an autism diagnosis, including symptoms, behaviors, and ways to engage with loved ones with autism.

Moms need a timeout more than anyway, especially lately. Take an hour for yourself to rest your mind and recharge your spirit with this free meditation class.

Sitting out this class is actually a good thing. You will literally do these aerobics, dance, and strength and balance moves in a chair — from home — with people from all fitness levels welcome.

In this session based on principles of kinesiology, mindfulness, and self-love, learn to move your body while respecting its limitations as you work toward the goal of greater balance and stability.

Take some time out of your Friday night to relax and heal. This class brings together gentle poses, breathwork, meditation, and 20 minutes of reiki — and you can do it all in your apartment.

Join the sound-healing duo Dynasty Electrik for an online sound bath complete with gongs, chimes, theremin, and crystal singing bowls. Participants will also take part in an astrology meditation, in observance of the arrival of Leo season.

Make your Friday night about staying in and socializing at the same time, get some cardio, and shake off the stress of the week. This event brings the party to your home. Nothing raises endorphins like dance.

Hello yoga beginners! If you want to the stress relief of yoga and meditation but don't know where to start, this super welcoming (but still challenging) Saturday morning class will introduce you to warm-up stretches, prayer meditations, and breathing techniques.

Laughter Yoga is a mix of laughing and breathing exercises. It's not "yoga" in the traditional sense, so don't expect any downward dogs. Instead, you'll enjoy playful laughter exercises and deep breathing techniques.

Join BIPOC yogis in an online class that's just for you. This vinyasa session focuses on flowing from posture to posture, breath work, strength, flexibility and — most importantly — feeling at home in your skin.

Learn how to choose a crystal, set an intention with a crystal, and create a crystal grid during this class covering the basics of crystal magic as well as the history of crystal rituals in ancient civilizations.

Bring the carnival — and workout — into your home. This fun dance workout class is set to the rhythm of Afrobeats, Caribbean-SOCA, and Dancehall music.

Why work with one energy practitioner when you could work with a quintet of healers? This monthly workshop brings together five practitioners of different modalities, allowing participants to take part in a group healing session

Move, dance, feel free. Join this vibrant Los Angeles event live, via Zoom, and dance for bliss and happiness.

Bring a snack, and a smile, when you join this self-care series for Black and brown women and their family and friends. Topics include mindfulness, identity, and physical health care—with the opportunity to make your own toolkit.

Don't you wish you knew yoga as a kid? An instructor who teaches in New York City Public Schools leads this kid-friendly yoga class with a body-positive focus, so any body will feel welcome and successful.

If you're really in love with yoga, this 50-hour class for aspiring teachers offers a chance to learn about meditation, breath work, and philosophy. The course's teachers include YouTube personality Kino MacGregor and yoga expert Dr. M.S. Jayashree.

Have you tried QiGong? This practice of movement, energy, breath and visualization helps you drop stress and reset the nervous system. It's an awesome way to end the weekend or start the new week ahead.

Movement, even outwardly simple movement, is the key to maintaining mental and physical health. Basic Tai Chi skills can promote balance, calmness, and mental focus. Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Tai Chi in this twice-weekly class.

Are you missing hot yoga classes? Take one from home! This class includes the classic 26 poses plus two breathwork exercises, leaving you feeling challenged, strong, and relaxed.

Combining yoga, tai chi, reiki, and other wellness practices, movement provider Issa Rae helps participants move their bodies while finding flexibility, strength, and energy.

Every Sunday, join yogis from around the world for a one-hour flow class to start your week off with chill vibes and an open heart.

Prepare for the work week with sound and chakra healer Cecilia Cortes, who leads a virtual meditation soundtracked by singing Tibetan bowls. Just put on some headphones, light a candle, get comfortable, and enjoy the soothing journey.

Coinciding with the arrival of the penultimate full moon of the summer, this guided sound healing, intention setting, and meditation session gives you an opportunity to relax and bask in lunar energy.

Channel the energy of the moon and stars in your writing by taking part in this virtual workshop. Part women's circle, part meditation session, part writing group, this gathering encourages participants to create and recenter.

Adults are the only people who can benefit from meditation. This online class for kids provides fun guided meditations for kids, helping them manage stress and anxiety through sessions that can leave them feeling happier and calmer.

Want to learn about Tarot while connecting to your intuition? Each week you'll focus on a new card and will explore your own relationship with this mystical divination practice.

Are you can empath that finds yourself feeding off the energy around you? This event seeks to help you get centered without closing yourself off, combining meditation, breathwork, and reiki. Sensitive folks of all stripes are welcome to join and get relaxed.

Join a series of impactful kriyas (movement and breath exercises) then relax and release to the sound of healing gongs. Consider this a tune-up for your energetic body.

Practice a yoga style that's mixes the traditional with modern and offers sun salutations, breathwork, and restorative stretching---leaving you both energized and relaxed.

Join the meditation community at Brown University for a weekly Monday session that focuses on the principles of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and helps develop a regular practice.

Drop into this session for information on how to use poetry as a tool for healing and how to build a safe space for self-care. If you need more support, it's also okay to contact a mental health provider.

Representation matters, and so does good literature. Join this book club for disabled folks, which meets on the second Monday of each month to discuss books that feature disabled representation.

Join this hour-long pilates mat class with instructor Lisa Kleiman to tone your muscles and improve your posture through a series of exercises that are easy to learn.

Explore various elements of mindfulness every Monday and Friday from the comfort of your home! Learn techniques for self-compassion, navigating uncertainty, and managing anxiety as a way to help with your overall well-being.

Doodling isn't just for bored school kids — it can also be a calming activity for adults. Come play on the page as part of this small class and learn new tools for stress-relief and mental health as you create some scribbles.

Make this your regular thing: drop in on Tuesdays and meditate with renowned teacher Deborah Eden Tull. Deepen your practice and connect with others who are looking to live life better, from the heart.

Take this opportunity to learn from Tracee Stanley, an experienced practitioner of yoga nidra, which focuses on relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit. You probably won't sweat, but you may find a deeper connection with yourself.

Need some deep rest but having a hard time getting it? (Hands up, everyone.) This guided yoga nidra meditation only requires you to lie down and listen as you rest your body, mind, and spirit.

Attend this class to squeeze in your cardio to the beat of a hip-hop and R&B soundtrack in the comfort of your own home — and learn some club-appropriate dance skills along the way!

Goodnight sweet world. If you're having trouble sleeping (who isn't) this class will help you unwind the natural way with breathwork and meditation. A true game-changing event.

Attention Runners! This online barre class will get your core strong and body toned, thanks to the New York Road Runner's Club.

London-based drag superstar Dolly Trolley will get your blood pumping with a campy aerobics workout and your abs sore from laughing.

Consider yourself a bit of a witch? Come through. This class combines yoga with energy work, astrological tips and personal empowerment. All welcome!

Join a yoga class designed to work out your energy as much as your body. This class combines softer yoga postures with energy work to help you be your best self

They say that joy stems from perspective, and that perspective stems from gratitude. Reflect on the things you value with this workshop, which guides attendees through gratitude-centered journaling prompts.

Dealing with anxiety? Get into some deep healing and learn to love your inner child! This work combines meditation, mindfulness and other tools to help us befriend ourselves.

Join this joyful and gentle yoga flow created specifically for Black bodies. Spend time in a supportive community and engage in mindful movement as you stretch, breathe, and flow.

Settle in for 90 minutes of guided meditation and visualization during this online workshop, which helps attendees challenge their doubts and tap into the hopes, goals, and dreams they've been building.

Learn about emotional freedom technique (a.k.a. EFT) during this free weekly class, which unpacks how to harness the form of self-acupressure, exploring how it can help with both physical pain and emotional stress.

Join writer and tarot reader Dr. Ruth Charnock to learn more about how tarot connects to feminism, specifically through the work of artist Pamela Colman Smith — the woman who provided the artwork for the most well-known (and commonly adapated) tarot card deck.

If you're feeling a lot of heaviness lately, you're not alone. This event is all about using meditation and reiki for an energy reset, for yourself, loved ones, and the planet we call home.

Gather with a group of like-minded folks for a discussion of a different topic during each session of this storytelling (and listening!) group. Participants can join a community that embraces the healing power of sharing personal stories.

What's the story your spirit wants to tell? In this monthly online gathering, get inspired and learn craft techniques for writing your authentic story.

If you identify as Asian American and are in search of a safe space, this monthly session offers a chance to participate in guided meditation, reflect on mindfulness, and engage in discussions about anything that's on your mind.

Don't leave financial health out of your self-care regimen. Learn new business and finance skills from a host of experts during this monthly series of talks, with new topics covered every month.

Can a regular face yoga practice reduce wrinkles, jaw pain and help you relax? You can see for yourself during this 45-minute class, which will have you contort your face while exploring breath practice, neck and shoulder exercises, and acupressure points.

Free your mind by moving your body during this monthly virtual dance party devoted to self expression. Women and femmes can log on and practice "ecstatic dance" in a supportive, non-judgemental space.

If you're dealing with trauma but "regular" drop-in yoga classes aren't helping, give this one a try. By utilizing yoga therapy techniques to balance the nervous system, you may finally find the relief you need — and the tools to help you move forward.

Learn what's really going on inside your body when you feel anxious — and then learn a bunch of mindfulness and art therapy tools that might help you feel better. This interactive workshop focuses on building skills that help you when you need it the most.

Discuss maternal mental health and do a bit of coloring while you chat at this multicultural mixer.

In this free webinar, licensed social worker Jaymi Dormaier discusses the challenges of caregiving, along with tips for how to set healthy boundaries while addressing your own emotional and physical needs.

Lie back and receive healing via sound. Trained in India, Zee specializes in sound healing combined with meditation for overall wellness.

Align your beauty and skin-care routine with the seasonal shift and watch magic happen. This workshop led by a certified clinical herbalist is full of tips for taking care of your skin, hair, and nutrition as fall arrives.

Black Muslim women can gain access to heart-centered practices and "teachings rooted in a rich Islamic spiritual heritage" at these gatherings that include Qur'an recitation, breathing exercises, and time to share and hold space for others in attendance.

Bring some spirituality into your Halloween celebrations with this webinar honoring those who have passed. With the guidance of working witch and author Pam Grossman, you'll learn how to strengthen your connection to your ancestors, whether biological or chosen.

Join this second annual online conference that focuses on mental health and wellness for Black women and girls. Speakers and panels will discuss the effects of trauma, motherhoods, and sexual violence, providing safe spaces for reflection and healing.

Get the energy right in your home to manifest what you want in life. This workshop teaches the basics, and provides ways to check-in monthly with your space to keep energy flowing for health, wealth, and happiness.

Investigate how food impacts your state of mind, explore the mental benefits of food, and revamp your relationship to your meals. This free event covers how food can effect the nervous system and your mental health — and what you can eat to support a healthier lifestyle.

Offered monthly, this class offers up a nourishing yoga class built on the belief that practicing with others is part of the key to healing.

Learn how to harness the energy of the elements, your ancestors and your inner guide to break free of the fear of what others think.

Turn your most difficult times into something beautiful through this poetry class. Award-winning author Vironika Wilde guided attendees through the process of writing something from a place of personal resonance — no experience necessary.

Are you a Black woman who is trying to improve your health and heal your body? This global group gathers to discuss a variety of topics and lifestyle changes, including hormonal health, fibroid elimination, yogic practice, gut health, and more.

Join an art therapist for an introductory workshop that shows you how to channel the process of creation into a habit that helps your overall wellness. Just bring along some art-making materials of your choice and prepare to express yourself.

This class for women uses words to channel healing, comprised of creative writing exercises, prompts, and gentle embodiment practices like yoga. This guided experience is designed to help you contemplate your past and write your own healing path forward.