The Best Online Events to Attend Without Leaving Your Home
The Best Online Events to Attend Without Leaving Your Home
Collection by Eventbrite
Being an avid event-goer isn’t something you have to give up while staying at home. You can still learn new skills, participate in group activities, or get some exercise without ever stepping foot outside. We've rounded up the best virtual events that you can join from anywhere, as long as there's Wi-Fi.
The Best Online Events to Attend Without Leaving Your Home
The Best Online Events to Attend Without Leaving Your Home
The Best Online Events to Attend Without Leaving Your Home
The Best Online Events to Attend Without Leaving Your Home
Collection by Eventbrite
Being an avid event-goer isn’t something you have to give up while staying at home. You can still learn new skills, participate in group activities, or get some exercise without ever stepping foot outside. We've rounded up the best virtual events that you can join from anywhere, as long as there's Wi-Fi.
Being an avid event-goer isn’t something you have to give up while staying at home. You can still learn new skills, participate in group activities, or get some exercise without ever stepping foot outside. We've rounded up the best virtual events that you can join from anywhere, as long as there's Wi-Fi.

Invite Harry the skunk, Lucy the raccoon, or another Woodland Park Zoo animals to join your next video call. Boost morale during a team meeting, invite an extra friend to your hangout, or schedule a personal meeting with a critter and a member of the Seattle-based zoo's staff.

London-based drag susperstar Dolly Trolley will get your blood pumping with a campy aerobics workout and your abs sore from laughing.

In this interactive class, L.A.’s Ice and Alchemy owner and cocktail creator will lead a virtual cocktail deep dive. Explore flavor combinations, spirit pairings, and the techniques to execute an amazing drink every time.

Get ready to warm your heart in this event combining story time with a virtual pet visit. Because dogs and cats also love being read to, and loving being visited over Zoom by kids everywhere.

This piano recital focuses on the works by Debussy and Brahms, while supporting an important cause: Mind Charity and mental health awareness.

Explore the wellness wheel's components of wellness and balance, and get encouragement toward developing a healthier and more meaningful life (even now), in these events funded in part by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Indulge in a restful and restorative meditation sessionled by a women-owned brand intent on uncovering the best version of you.

Food historian Adrian Miller sits down for a chat about his new book, which explores that African American roots of contemporary barbecue and includes more than 20 recipes that you can test on your grill or smoker.

Grab a cocktail and some canvases for this virtual art workshop, in which participants explore self-expression through a creation of their choice.

Financial planning coach and mentor, Danielle Tucker, hosts financial literacy workshops that will help students understand their current financial situation and future financial needs while helping them to make informed financial decisions moving forward.

This three-week class led by a textile artist will teach you to plan, start, and harvest a "dye garden," or a garden made specifically for creating natural textile dyes. Tie-dye anyone?

Enjoy a Qigong-infused online yoga class via Zoom that will induce the relaxation response in your body, strengthen your immune system, and improve your physical and emotional health during these stressful times.

Bring Michelin Star dining to your table at home with this insider-led webinar by Chef Tova Sterling, who has replicated dishes from over 25 of NYC's best restaurants.

Atlas Obscura hosts a weekly trivia night, so gather your teammates and compete for a secret prize that will be mailed right to your home.

Experience an astrology meditation, followed by a ceremonial blessing with crystal singing bowls, all accompanied by soundscapes, nature sounds, and vocals. Get ready to be taken on an inner journey.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, this festival for teens explores yoga, mindfulness, and creativity for wellbeing. There's lots of talks, workshops and info sessions where you'll learn to care for your mind, body, and heart in a fun way.

Support your local community with this project, which rounds up feminine products and words of encouragement for Chicago women in need.

While we (sadly) still can't hop a flight to Paris to see the Lourve in person, this is the next best thing: A Parisian guide will take you on a virtual exploration of the museum and answer all your questions.

Give yourself the gift of creative self-expression with this online class, which explores art therapy by way of painting, sculpting, coloring, and drawing.

Writer, director, and actor John Waters sits down for a candid conversation with the owner of The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art, & Natural History.

Do you know how to make your own herbal syrups? Find out how at this workshop, where you'll then learn to make an elderberry Champagne cocktail with a sugared rim—gin or vodka optional.

Some of the best Black comics in the Bay Area will grace your screen and make you forget all about the dumpster fire that is 2020 — at least for an hour or so.

So long, Etsy: Create your own trendy woven wallhangings on the cheap at this happy hour craft class. Pick up your own supplies, or order a kit from CraftJam before the class.

Tune into this virtual workshop to master the beloved Portuguese pastry: Pastéis de Nata.

Carb enthusiasts will enjoy this workshop, in which they'll learn how to make their own pasta from scratch — start to finish.

Learn to cook with plant-based foods in this live course, where you'll receive a vegan recipe and tips on technique. Just check off the provided grocery list in advance so you can follow along at home.

If you've never seen Michelangelo's jaw-dropping ceiling in person, here's the next best thing. Join a professional Vatican guide as they walk through the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter's Basilica. It's like a trip to Italy without leaving your home.

This "Ratatouille"-themed hands-on cooking class for kids will be lots of fun. Learn to make delicious dishes from the movie: potato leek soup, French crepes, and a charcuterie board. Wear a chef’s hat, too!

Hip-hop legend Grandmaster Caz had to cancel his 60th birthday party last year — but he's back for 61, this time in Virtual Reality with fellow rap idol Big Daddy Kane and lots more.

Using the ingredients you already is key to becoming a nimble home cook. In her book, "Ready, Set, Cook," writer Dawn Perry shares her expert tips and tricks for mastering your pantry.

Wrap up the weekend by eating well and doing well: Award-winning pastry chef Leigh Omilinsky guides participants in how to make the ultimate banana cream pie in this hands-on workshop, which benefits Clearbook, an organization dedicated to those with disabilities.

Creating a safe, lively, and welcoming space for LGBTQ AAPI people, this monthly gathering starts with a short mindfulness exercise and then shares stories, struggles, laughter, and tears.

Spring is a time for new life, so get your home ready for a new houseplant (or five) this season with a workshop on basic plant care to turn your thumb just a little greener.

Cooking with wine can enhance a dish, whether you’re making a slow cooked meat sauce, stew, or risotto. Join Chef John of Black Star Farms as he shows you how to make a scrumptious wine-scented Mushroom Bourguignon with Celeriac Potato Mash.

Join Chrissy Teigen's adorable mom, Pepper, for a discussion of her new book, "The Pepper Thai Cookbook", complete with 80 stir-fried, saucy, sweet, and tangy Thai-style recipes.

The One Earth Film Festival presents a special screening of this documentary following teenage activist Greta Thunberg as she travels around the world pleading for climate change action.

Climate policy advocates Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac discuss their optimistic view of the chances of subverting climate change, arguing that a 2030 deadline for action presents a chance for the world to unite around a common goal.

Join two of the most internationally renowned food writers and cooking show hosts, Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten, in a lively conversation to mark the publication of Lawson's highly anticipated new cookbook.

Learn how to grow and maintain your own vegetable garden with this virtual lesson, led by green thumb ace Cindy Villasenor.

Two revered scholars of hip-hop history come together to discuss the new young adult adaptation of their American Book Award-winning story of rap, from its epic roots to its many permutations as a pop culture juggernaut today.

Tasty vegetarian salads boast more than great greens. Tune in as a chef demonstrates how to make a flavorful quinoa and vegetable salad; black bean, tofu and miso salad; and potato broccoli salad.

From the indie rockstar of Japanese Breakfast fame, Politics and Prose presents Michelle Zauner's powerful memoir in a conversation moderated by Karen Chee.

Calamity Chang and Thirsty Girl Productions bring you The New York Asian Burlesque Extravaganza virtual show. Featured performers include Frankie Fictitious (San Francisco), Damian Dragon (NYC), and Flower Bomb (Korea).

Join Anthropologie for a free wreath-making class, using living plants instead of cut flowers.

Learn to make a no-waste chocolate zucchini bread using the entire veggie, from stem to end. Top it off with homemade whipped butter and you have yourself the best Earth Day breakfast ever.

Broadway's leading ladies have been capturing the hearts of audiences for over a century. From technological advances to cultural changes, see how the vocal techniques of lead theatrical divas have changed over the years.

Have a funky Earth Day and connect to deep Indigenous soul, as New Orleans brass/Mardi Gras Indian band Cha Wa — known for its "grand gumbo of intoxicating rhythms" — puts on colorful show to celebrate its new album, "My People."

Activists Kate Aronoff and Jane Fonda discuss what it will take to face the existential threat of climate change head-on and finally find a viable solution.

Join a star-studded roster of authors, artists and activists for the 2nd annual National Antiracist Book Festival. Celebrate voice, and learn to lift up your own. Click through to see the full lineup.

Meal prepping won't go far if you don't know how to properly store your food. Let this nutritionist show you the way and reveal mistakes to avoid.

It's time to conduct a spring cleaning on your wardrobe with this workshop geared to help you keep the things you love and say goodbye to the clothes that no longer serve you.

Black culture has a long-standing place in art. Here, award-winning choreographer Camille A. Brown — who's worked on Broadway shows, the Metropolitan Opera's "Porgy & Bess," and even Netflix's "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" — sits down for a moderated conversation.

Join educator Steven Wakabayashi for an evening of guided meditation, reflection on mindfulness and self-compassion, and readings to create a sacred space for Asian-American healing and openness.

Overcome your fear and step into your creative power with this fun and inspiring workshop for writers of all abilities. This live 60-minute virtual session will be full of tried and tested techniques to get writing.

Food waste is estimated at between 30 to 40 percent of the US food supply, the US Department of Agriculture reports. Clearly, there is room for improvement — and the 25 lauded speakers at this event have some ideas.

Clothing company TOAST developed a service that will help you repair their clothing over time. Join a panel of writers, visible menders, designers, and textile researchers for a discussion on mending and repair through the lenses of sustainability and culture.

This workshop will examine the controversial topic of privilege. What does it mean to have white privilege? How do you recognize it? How can one move past white guilt? Participants will discuss the fundamentals of identity, power and privilege.

How did Thomas Edison's early experimental films influence MTV? Sight and sound combine at this deep dive into the history of music videos.

Step Up 2021 is a virtual conference designed for participants to gain deeper understanding and new perspectives about racial equity and social justice. Participants will leave with innovative tools on how to address systemic racism.

Experience a real-time feeding session with two-toed sloths at this animal encounter, hosted by Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

Burlesque is one of America's oldest forms of theater. Experience its evolution from the 1800s until today through photos, video, and fun facts, led by burlesque pioneer Angie Pontani.

How did Brooklyn become the world's sugar and coffee capital of the 20th century, and why were the two industries considered rivals? Learn how the Coffee and Sugar Kings of New York turned the city into today's global financial powerhouse.

Video game journalist Jason Schreier chats with IGN editor-in-chief Tina Amini about his latest book, "Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry," exploring how game studios fall apart and what happens next.

Noisy Canadian rockers Metz perform a live set from Lee's Palace in Toronto, broadcasting their pummeling rhythms and cacophonous riffs directly to your living room — you might want to warn the neighbors.

Americana duo Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams; Emmy-winning kid-friendly rockers the Shazzbots; and Appalachian outfit the Wayfarers are among the acts performing virtually during this annual festival devoted to roots music.

Enjoy special readings of Octavia E. Butler's works, including November's rendition of "Wild Seed."