Stay Physically and Mentally Fit: Online Wellness and Fitness Events
Stay Physically and Mentally Fit: Online Wellness and Fitness Events
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If you’re finding daily life more stressful of late, or you're struggling to maintain a regular workout routine, you're not alone. Why not try building new workout and wellness routines online? Whether it's a guided meditation, yoga class, or virtual marathon you're after, with these online events, staying in good physical and mental shape is as easy as staying home.
Stay Physically and Mentally Fit: Online Wellness and Fitness Events
Stay Physically and Mentally Fit: Online Wellness and Fitness Events
Stay Physically and Mentally Fit: Online Wellness and Fitness Events
Stay Physically and Mentally Fit: Online Wellness and Fitness Events
Collection by Eventbrite
If you’re finding daily life more stressful of late, or you're struggling to maintain a regular workout routine, you're not alone. Why not try building new workout and wellness routines online? Whether it's a guided meditation, yoga class, or virtual marathon you're after, with these online events, staying in good physical and mental shape is as easy as staying home.
If you’re finding daily life more stressful of late, or you're struggling to maintain a regular workout routine, you're not alone. Why not try building new workout and wellness routines online? Whether it's a guided meditation, yoga class, or virtual marathon you're after, with these online events, staying in good physical and mental shape is as easy as staying home.

Have you accumulated a school of houseplants during quarantine? Digital collective SocietyX shares the basics of caring for plant babies of all kinds, expert tools of the trade, best practices, and more soil secrets in this online class.

Battle burnout through color, creativity, and joy. This 10 day art adventure will get you creating and seeing the beauty in the world with fresh eyes.

Sitting out this class is actually a good thing. You will literally do these aerobics, dance, and strength and balance moves in a chair — from home — with people from all fitness levels welcome.

Shake off the lockdown blues with a fun, ab-busting workout with your favorite childhood past time: hula hooping.

Spend an evening practicing the ancient form of Kundalini yoga, which adds mantras and meditation into the mix. At the end of the free class, a gong vibration will be played to cut through any energy blocks that have arisen throughout the practice.

Start your week off with an at-home yoga class every Monday that's suitable for all levels and different style. It ends with a tea session and a check-in to see how you're feeling.

Have you ever had eating difficulties? Learn about how to eat enough and with freedom in this session that discusses how to heal from these difficulties and overcome barriers to eating regularly.

They say Sanskrit — the language used in many yoga classes — has a healing power all its own. Learn about proper pronunciation and practice mantra and healing sounds to layer your home practice with meaning. Presented by the esteemed Mount Madonna Institute.

"Drop into this session for information on how to use poetry as a tool for healing and how to build a safe space for self-care. If you need more support, it's also okay to contact a mental health provider.

Jump on Facebook Live to flow through postures that willl help develop your flexibility, strength, and balance

Missing your ballet or pilates classes? Join this returning session focused on core strength, balance, and lower body strength; you'll use a chair, couch, wall or table as a barre.

A beautiful opportunity for pregnant women to receive guidance from the comfort of their homes. Classes will provide tools and practices that serve and support throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This class is open to moms-to-be and women hoping to conceive.

Give yourself some deep relaxation in this class that combines yin with restorative yoga. Zoom into this popular LA- based studio no matter where you are and receive some deep rest from home.

Heard of Qigong? This mind-body practice involves movement, breathwork, and mental focus. Start this session with a breathing exercise before you get into movements that give attention to posture, alignment, and breath.

Zero dance experience is required for this Zumba class — and you can easily drop in from home. If you ever wanted to try this workout, set to salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton beats — here's your chance.

Explore the wellness wheel's components of wellness and balance, and get encouragement toward developing a healthier and more meaningful life (even now), in these events funded in part by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Enjoy a Qigong-infused online yoga class via Zoom that will induce the relaxation response in your body, strengthen your immune system, and improve your physical and emotional health during these stressful times.

This yoga class is for everyone: all you need is a chair and an open mind! Focused on breathwork and movement, this workshop will boost your mood, improve strength, circulation and help you sleep.

Quarantine has shown us that we don't have to leave the house to get in a good workout. This class tailored specifially to runners will help you build strength and target key muscles.

This mixed level vinyasa yoga class is open to all levels. Instructor Marquita Rene will guide students on meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and sequenced asanas (poses). The class is free, and she’ll provide a list of organizations you can support to #flowforacause.

There's no question that mothers have been struggling hard through this pandemic, so this dedicated space encourages all the hardworking moms out there to take a pause and do a little self-care — without the kiddos.

Raise your vibration, i.e. get yourself feeling better, using just your breath! This class is weekly, free, and will teach you how to use a yoga breathing technique to lift depression and brain fog, which will get you feeling happier and more clear.

This weekly poetry therapy session will school you on both modern and contemporary poets, and allow you to explore your emotions with writing prompts during the session.

London-based drag superstar Dolly Trolley will get your blood pumping with a campy aerobics workout and your abs sore from laughing.

This total-body workout will get you on your feet, dancing and sweating to some of the best hip hop music from the last decade.

Reiki online? Really? Feel free to try this virtual alternative to the "laying on of hands," as this session seeks to help relax the body and quiet the mind.

In this wellness workshop series designed for women of color, all attendees are welcome to learn about topics centering the womb, food, and mood — with related discussions highlighting self-care, finding balance, and more.

We're intrigued by this sexy program that features exercises designed to boost confidence while "sculpting" your physique. Just note: No birthday suits allowed. Please and thank you.

Heal yourself through art! This three-week series gives you space to play, with guidance, using creative writing, visual art, and movement. You're sure to shift any stuck energy by the end of the month.

Relax by immersing yourself in meditation and mindfulness with a live, guided class by Meditation Breaks. You'll learn learn mindfulness teachings and techniques aimed at transforming your life.

Cancer survivors and caregivers can join this judgment-free session to practice breathing techniques, lower- and upper-body exercises, and more. Modifications are shown; cooldown includes light yoga.

Move stress out of your body (and mind) with this open-level circuit workout. Meeting each Tuesday, make a date with yourself to lift your spirits and get strong!

Indulge in a restful and restorative meditation sessionled by a women-owned brand intent on uncovering the best version of you.

Looking for a solid yoga class for home practice? You're in good hands with experienced teacher Monica Alanna leading weekly, accessible yoga classes to bring light into these dark times.

Join every Thursday evening for a free online group meditation and discussion. Through self-inquiry practices and group dialogue, you can touch into how your personal practice impacts the greater whole. Each session will be held via Zoom.

On behalf of Woman Within, Kristen Joy of Voluptuous Life is hosting a discussion to bring women together. Talk about authenticity and personal growth as a way to show love amongst other strong women.

These aren't the days of shaking hands at networking parties. In its place, this online event will help health professionals build camaraderie, discuss marketing ideas, and more, virtually.

If you or your kids are having trouble as students of all ages return to school online this fall, let experienced educator Brandielee Johnson walk you through some strategies that will keep your children focused when they can’t be in the physical classroom.

Stay fit while learning high-energy Bollywood dances every Wednesday with Prashant's virtual class for all ages and levels.

Meditate, learn about the current astrological landscape, and then sit or lie back for a healing sound bath. All streamed live from neo-hippie enclave, Venice, CA.

Bring the carnival — and workout — into your home. This fun dance workout class is set to the rhythm of Afrobeats, Caribbean-SOCA, and Dancehall music.

Want to get your stress under control and feel like your own friend again? This five-week series will teach you the basics of mindfulness meditation, taught by a meditation teacher who trained in monastic settings and in taught meditation in schools.

Get your heart pumping for 60 minutes with this HIIT group fitness class that will ensure you burn calories both during and after your workout.

Zoom into a free weekly sisterhood circle for women (and girls) of color. Find solace in community and explore topics from mindfulness to advocacy to creative expression.

The title says it all: these times are stressful. so give yourself the gift of true, nervous-system level relaxation. This class is open to all, accessible, and welcoming. Unroll your mat and find space inside.

Movement, even outwardly simple movement, is the key to maintaining mental and physical health. Basic Tai Chi skills can promote balance, calmness, and mental focus. Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Tai Chi in this twice-weekly class.

Embark on a day of self-care when you join this virtual wellness event featuring a sound bath and meditation, a women's talk (in Spanish), yoga, and more.

Every week in April, Brooklyn-based occult bookstore Catland hosts this virtual meetup for mystics, spiritualists, witches, and practitioners who self-identify as Asian. The 20 minute meditation will be followed by a discussion.

Get up early on Sunday morning and join Tina Templeman for an hourlong beginner's yoga class that will help you center yourself for the week ahead.

Learn to cook with plant-based foods in this live course, where you'll receive a vegan recipe and tips on technique. Just check off the provided grocery list in advance so you can follow along at home.

Give yourself a time out during this intense time. This workshop combines sound healing, meditation and also an energetic "cord-cutting" ceremony to help you let go of what doesn't serve you.

It's natural to crave calm. Discover how song, meditation, and a practice called Tao Calligraphy can help support inner peace.

Nurture all of you, with a mini-yoga class followed by a painting lesson. Get your creative juices flowing, all welcome!

Take care of yourself using some practical magic. This series, hosted by a popular witchcraft store, explores taking care of the body with intuition, tools of DIY massage and an understanding of trauma and self-care. You'll learn to care for yourself as the magical being you are.

Give yourself a dose of magic! These weekly classes explore a variety of traditions, including tarot, crystal healing, energy work, and meditation. Infuse yourself with good energy and revive your search for magic in the world.

This event title took our attention. Learn so-called "effortless" techniques to help manage stress and increase your energy levels as we continue to cope with everyday pressures.

Add creativity practice to your self-care routine. Learn all about how mindfulness and creativity work together to make people happier, healthier and more at ease, then roll up your sleeves and try some exercises.

Explore and express yourself in this online generative writing workshop for both beginners and experienced writers alike. Center yourself with your pen and find an outlet for your heart during trying times.

Celebrate Mother Earth and your own part in it, in this soothing Earth Day yoga class. You'll leave feeling more connected and free.

Calling all yoga fans. This event brings together esteemed experienced yoga teachers Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Kino MacGregor, and more for discussion and practice on the traditional ashtanga-style of yoga.

Learn about the healing properties of crystals, your energetic anatomy, and get your yoga on in this packed workshop for the modern mystic.

Team up with the energy of April's full moon for major relaxation of body and mind. You'll be guided through restorative yoga to reset the nervous system, and will receive distance reiki to rebalance yourself as we blossom further into spring.

Explore various elements of mindfulness every Monday and Friday from the comfort of your home! Learn techniques for self-compassion, navigating uncertainty, and managing anxiety as a way to help with your overall well-being.

Self-care can be helpful … if we actually do it. Here's a chance to engage in light mindful movement and meditation and reflection — as well as a discussion of ways to incorporate mindfulness beyond this session.

Kick off the new year with 16 days of mini-courses on the philosophical element of yoga. Learn more about what this ancient text says about leading a very modern 2021 life.

Learn about your brain and how it works in this series, with the goal of creating an authentic way of living. On the agenda? Details on relaxation techniques, the neuroscience of stress, meditation, and more.

We're living in solitary times, at times. Connect with other women and encourage your own passion for life in this monthly event that supports development and joy.

Meditate, move through blocks and shift your energy with visualization and energy work — all online.

Learn more about Ethiopian food and its good-for-you properties in this weekday workshop.

Join others the first Wednesday of each month to sooth the spirit with color, express and integrate feelings with form, and enjoy art making for wellness.

Knee and hip pain are never fun. If you have either, learn to do corrective exercises while seated at your computer and tips that may help reduce discomfort. As always, if you have questions, talk to your health care provider.

Feeling tight after a year of pandemic living? Is working from home turning you into a hunch-back? This gentle yoga class is all about counteracting the stress and strain of seated work.

Yoga Behind Bars explores questions at the intersection of race, justice, and yoga twice a month. These discussions will answer such questions as: How can you bring race and justice awareness to a yoga practice? And what words or phrases are exclusionary and should be avoided?

Learn how stress can affect you physically, cognitively, and spiritually before you get tips on how to build resiliency and practice self-care.

Join legendary yoga teacher Shiva Rea for an expressive, joyful yoga flow class followed by a healing soundbath. Part of the gift of Zoom classes is practicing with experienced, creative teachers, so don't miss this one!

Take just 15 minutes a day to spend with yourself and destress, declutter your mind, and reconnect with your inner self.